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Town Hall

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Here a special offers Romance during a Wellnesswochenendes. It has culture in the Franconian forest in his short vacation in Germany in the Franconian forest the ability to overlook the green expanses of the Franconian forest from a look-out Tower. For example, the 32 metre Birnbaumer Tower in steinwiesen beautiful views over the heights of the Franconian forest the Fichtelgebirge mountains, the Thuringian forest to the main Valley. For lovers of culture and history, but also a visit of the Humboldt-Haus by Alexander Humboldt in bad Steben is recommended. Here, you can discover the history and the life of the scientist, which bears his name to roads, schools and hospitals up to the present day. But the Town Hall in bad Steben and the granulator in Stadtsteinach let discover the culture lovers much during a short trip.

Also, the Franconian forest is the history and culture lovers will find also many castles and chateaus. Here, visitors can take a journey into the past and shoot photos for a nice reminder. Especially inviting the oldest building in the Franconian forest – the fortified church in bad Steben is for photos. Also complete several museums, such as for example the textile Museum in Helmbrechts, the cultural offerings of a short trip to the Franconian forest. To forget wellness, during a short trip for a wonderful relaxation and everyday life so that numerous wellness hotels, which can offer everything down to foot reflex massage, the guest of facial and body treatment with seaweed baths are located in the Franconian forest. Contact information is here: Jim Hackett. But also the spa town bad Steben offers numerous opportunities for relaxation. Its waters the lawn source, the source of the temple and the Max-Marien-source are well known and let the effectiveness is felt.

In addition to this but also the thermal bath of Lohengrin should listed Spa during a Wellnessurlaubes relaxation. Contact: Ariane Struck cableway 10 47829 Krefeld Tel.: 02065 4999116 fax.: 02065 94230 is one of the largest operators and Consolidators for romantic and wellness holidays in Germany. Under the motto cheap short holiday “the visitors from around the world over 10,000 packages in over 800 hotels can select. The offer focuses in German-speaking countries. Romantic and wellness holidays are tailored to the guest’s wishes and are available via the website, via travel agents and direct sales. Experienced travel consultants are customers daily from 9 22 02065 hotline 4999116 or by E-Mail at as a guide to available. A steady quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 2001.


Rest In Feodosia

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In a stuffy, and noisy metropolis clock shows 16.59. Another minute – and here it is, the long-awaited vacation. Clutching suitcases, you're in the same day, rushing to the station and jump into the first train that would whisk you to the most beautiful corner of the Earth – in the Crimea. After a rather long journey by train you get into one of the most interesting places in the Crimea – in Feodosia, in the small resort town where he lived and worked Aivazovsky, where many tourists come thanks to pure free beaches, fresh air and wonderful nature. You barely pushed out of the train with immense suitcases in each hand, and the seventh largest suitcase, got your child, because you have to my wife has three suitcases per person. At 10 cm near the car to you immediately set upon by taxi drivers with the exclamation: "Rest in Feodosia! Rest in Koktebel! Rest in Ordzhonikidze! "The most stubborn cabbie still manages to jostle you, do not understand anything in his car and starts to go all around Theodosia and the adjacent areas. Starting with Maritime and Onshore, where does not want to start with children and at the same time asking that kind of money that must be the soul to sell or fed only by solar energy, to have enough money for the entire vacation, he is moving closer and closer to the resort center of most of Feodosia. Here the choice is given a whole bunch of apartments in the standard hot five-storey, where no air conditioning, no water.

After two hours of travel in a taxi nerves are not kept, and the taxi driver snaps the whole family: "dumped us urgently outside of the four-storey building with balconies and green … like what? Over there! " Is the end of this trip to the crumbling and gryukayuschey on each hummock car? Driver honestly took their money for such a fun and rewarding trip to Feodosiya, and you are again with seven suitcases at three, with the largest size suitcase again went to your child. Giving yourself honestly do not pay more than $ 50 for a room, you, exhausted and worn out, call in at the gate of a "guest house" Vega ". Interestingly, the a "Vega" and what is eaten? You meet a nice young man and begins to show rooms, where everything is done on the highest level: furniture, TV, air conditioning. And the prices are not too biting, from $ 10, money is still on board and entertainment. Of course, the beach is quite close, as well as restaurants, cafes and discos. Yes, and nutritional problems were not at all: in the hotel all inclusive. And best of all, it was possible to avoid all the misadventures of a taxi driver and number to order directly on the site. Again returning to the cramped and stuffy room, we have long been recalled positive emotions from a vacation, the beach near the hotel, happy and carefree days, but for the next year will have to forget about the rest and immersed himself in a lot of work in a noisy and hot city.


Organic Holiday With Gourmet Raw Food In The Algarve

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Culinary spring spa – one of the best travel times healthy feast on Portugal dream coast to spend a beautiful vacation in Portugal in the Algarve, is the spring. At this time, the nature renews itself. A perfect time to renew even their own bodies. This hiking and relaxation holiday purifies the body as by solely by the F raw enjoyment food of the bio-zertifizeriten vital food maker pus Vitalissimo Norbert Wilms. The pleasure-F R ohkost travel impresses with its uniqueness.

Holiday, relax and enjoyable feast without guilt. That distinguishes this special holiday offer, which from the 2nd March 23 for one, two or three weeks in the Algarve can be booked. The trip is suitable for singles as well as couples and families. Individual excursions are possible as well as community activities. The bernando meal times is a common dinner table available, where usually a brisk and fields exchanged among the participants.

The Nutrition expertes Norbert Wilms stands with his wealth of experience to respond to questions. Accommodations are tastefully decorated non-smoking studios and apartments in a beautiful and very well-kept tropical Park available. The secluded complex has ancient trees, some bearing fruits, such as oranges, etc.. The facility houses a sauna and a Roman fountain of source, the waters of which feeds the pool. The place is an ideal starting point for individual leisure activities such as boat trips to caves, diving, coastal or mountain hikes, mountain biking, surfing in the Atlantic, bird watching, horseback riding, golf, tennis u.v.m bicycles and car rental can be booked easily from the lobby. The sandy beach is located just a few steps from the hotel. 2011 Newly renovated apartments are all Nichraucherappartements and feature a well-equipped kitchen with fridge-freezer, etc. and in the winter time stove, coffee machine with Underfloor heating. The living room is also equipped with televisions. In addition is possible from the apartment to the Internet via Wi-Fi to go. There is a fireplace in most apartments. All bathrooms are equipped with bath and/or shower. The larger apartments have two bathrooms next to the bedroom. Also terraces and roof terraces are connected to all apartments, whose basic features include sufficient deck chairs with pads. More information and booking under: press release from: GermanyGoesRaw Heike Michaelsen D – 21680 Stade GermanyGoesRaw is an independent information portal for the vital food and healthy nutrition. All vital food events held in Germany, fairs, workshops, communities and vital trips and camps, restaurants and inns will be announced on this platform. Also lists sources for vital food books and living food products.


Web Dudder

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What to consider before a trip with hepatitis A or even jaundice is not to be trifled with. If you are planning a trip abroad, find out in advance whether there is a risk of hepatitis infection, and take appropriate action. Hepatitis A is caused by the hepatitis A virus and leads to an acute, severe inflammation of the liver. To become infected with the pathogen contaminated water or foods such as for example seafood, as well as through close person contact with sufferers. Hepatitis A is a typical motion sickness, it extends to little in Germany, but even more frequently during your stay in risk areas.

Vaccination is the best protection against a hepatitis A. inform you early on in, whether your destination is to a hepatitis risk area, and let yourself vaccinated six weeks prior to departure many statutory health insurance funds take over already the cost. Typical hepatitis risk areas are Southeast Asia, Russia, in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Africa, Central and South America. Most best include immediately the vaccination against hepatitis B, the more dangerous variant of the disease: while hepatitis A is curable, B virus can be no longer banished the hepatitis from the organism. Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood and other body fluids, and occurs in the high-risk areas of China, Southeast Asia, middle and Middle East, Turkey and in parts of Africa. Generally you should consult telescope about any disease risks before each, to take appropriate precautions. As the disease caused by parasites among malaria one of the most deadly tropical diseases worldwide.

It is transmitted through mosquito bites and occurs mainly in sub-Saharan Africa during the rainy season. A vaccine against malaria there is no date yet, you can protect themselves by taking prevention (chemoprophylaxis) or carrying (stand-by therapy) of malaria drugs. Safest protection: inform themselves about the risks of malaria and travel not hazardous Areas during the rainy season. Experienced tour operators can inform you about all these and other risks and give you valuable information on prophylaxis and prevention of diseases from abroad so that your vacation is not a bad end. About Dr. Dudder travel Dr. Dudder travel is around 30 years market leader in high-quality individual tours to Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, and Africa.



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There has been so much confusion about the topic of good carbs and bad carbs in recent years wanted to help clarify this confusion for you and put you in a path clearer to fat loss life success and eating healthier. First and foremost, although I am not a believer low of carb (I certainly don’t think that diets very low in carbohydrate are healthy), think that the main reasons that the vast majority of people struggling to lose weight never is that they are refined, processed carbohydrates and envelope-consumindo as pasta, are breads, breads, cereals, rice, rolls, sodas, juices, sweets, biscuits, etc. It is very hard to lose weight if it is envelope-consumindo any of these types of refined processed carbohydrates (even if working out very hard). In addition to causing swings big sugar level in the blood and waves of insulin that stimulate direct storage of fat, eating too many carbohydrates also increase your longs and overall appetite. Even sources of carbohydrate that most people think are healthy are actually calories only excess that contains no really significant nutritional food density and many types of breads and cereals claim to be whole wheat by marketing ready although in reality, the first ingredient in them is refined flour, that just prick your blood sugar level and creates a surge of insulin.

After years of eating excess processed carbohydrates, it becomes harder and harder for insulin to do this work and is still handling all this level of sugar in the blood, and insulin resistance and eventual type 2 diabetes can occur in many people. My opinion on this is that most people who struggle to lose weight would get much better results by following these types of patterns: 1. reduce general grain-based foods in your diet (pasta, cereal, crackers, rice, etc) and focus more than his diet in the range, in meat from grass – fed and eggs free healthy, in raw dairy from grass – fed, and in many whole vegetables.



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What to take on vacation? The first impulse – to pack in luggage anything that stands on the dresser and a shelf in the bathroom, jars and bottles. Try to approach this issue rationally and prudently, and to purchase you need to leave money. First of all you need maximum protection from the sun. Nice tan all want. This is not a problem if reliably protect the skin.

Here are some tips: Take care of yourself before leaving the house or hotel, brushing the skin argan oil, primarily because it is 100% natural oil obtained by cold pressing, without colors, flavors or preservatives. Argan oil moisturizes the skin, protects it from dryness and irritation, improves the cells of the dermis, promotes cell renewal, it is recommended on the beach under the hot sun. Calendula emulsion also ensures perfect protection against harmful effects of sunlight. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin with sun-dried, after which the skin becomes silky and soft. Many people think that sunscreens prevent tanning. This is a mistake: in fact it is good defense gives you a smooth and lasting tan. After exposure to the sun, take a shower and then apply to the entire body cream with Argan argan oil, almond oil, vitamin E, which soothes, softens and smooths skin, prevents premature aging.

If you are still burned, try to begin to take a cool bath – it mute the pain and relieve the itching. In the water you can add a cup of 5 percent vinegar or baking soda and a quarter cup of starch. After bath, apply Calendula emulsion adding a 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Lavender oil soothes the pain of burns and promotes healing. Personally, for the face using creams that moisturize, nourish and protect skin from harmful UV rays. And do not forget to take a snap-action serum. It can be used, for example, immediately upon arrival at the place that, after a tedious road, saturate the skin with nutrients, improve complexion and to smooth out wrinkles.