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Chinese Food

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It is necessary to allocate the beginning of the pancreas corresponding to gastric juice – the acid or alkaline. After all, for different kinds of food required a different composition. Food of animal origin is digested by acid gastric juice, and vegetable food needs to digest alkaline juice. This is followed by a swallowing motion, after which begins the automatic reduction esophagus to move food into the stomach. We do not adjust your mind, but that does not mean that the process of moving has no control over our brains. After receipt of food in the stomach, begins its digestion, which lasts about and a half hours. During this time the stomach mixes the food thoroughly mass abundantly wet their digestive juices and absorbs the primary nutrients required for the functionality of the whole organism. For all these processes are also closely monitoring the brain and maintains an active dialogue, monitoring and directing all of the stomach.

After graduating from primary digestion stomach is passed to command the movement of food in the masses duodenum. It seems to be working over the stomach, but no! Necessary to clean and wash the walls of the stomach, remove the build-up to the villi stomach foods to avoid clogging and blockage in the future, quality absorption of nutrients. Now imagine that the tight neck muscles squeezed nerves and failed to pass a command to, say, cleaning the walls of the stomach. Well, the man ate a mouth rinse and brushed my teeth, which helped him to avoid tooth decay. And if you do not brush your stomach will start the same problems as with the unpeeled mouth and even worse. Build-food mass will not allow the stomach, in the next meal, put the nutritional matter what part of the body, leading to a lack of supply of any of the organs. In turn, the body does not fully comply with the necessary work that will lead to failures in health. As a rule, official and Traditional medicine considers that the treatment of indigestion need medical treatment, therefore, the intake of foreign chemical elements, the extra load on the liver and kidneys, etc. And do not easier to conduct normal course of the Chinese point or vacuum massage your neck?



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Badami name-calling a lot of really useful potions, to rubbish. How do they differ from drugs? Under current law – dietary supplements are not subject to mandatory clinical trials as medications. Produced only gets them a certificate of quality Rosstrandarta. This certificate is not in any way does not confirm beneficial properties of dietary supplements, only the security, as well as food. Not for nothing have the BUDS another name for 'dietary supplements'. Turnover and quality of dietary supplements are not as strictly controlled as a medicine.

And that is why dietary supplements can be sold not only in pharmacies, but also with trays of different shops of life, health shops. Engaged in their sale Anyone can – whether it's a mechanic or a marketer by training. So, initially regarded as dietary supplements or medication to an alternative, not knowing the results of clinical studies, no experience of large-scale applications is stupid and WRONG. Often, manufacturers and sellers of dietary supplements used by ignorance of the townsfolk and cram them for good money to customers, giving product ineffective or has not so high as promising therapeutic effect of advertising. Anti-Monopoly Service has repeatedly A decision on the fraud against consumers. The list obmanok hit and overseas Herbalife, and the domestic red root, whose producers have promised victory on many issues, including impotence and prostatitis.

The real effect is not consistent with promises. And yet, without nutritional supplements to modern man is almost not enough. Firstly, our products often do not have really nutrients because it is mostly or semi-finished or they are produced industrially using all sorts of chemicals and can hardly be called healthy eating.


Calcium Alone

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Who does not dream of stable bone even in old age. But the stability and flexibility of the bone structure can be measured by advanced age. Osteoporosis, a pathological excessive reduction of bone mass, can lead to an increased susceptibility to fractures. Osteoporosis, also known as bone loss can be caused by hormonal changes, poor diets, alcohol addiction, but also by excessive consumption of cola drinks and nicotine. Up to 30% of all women after the menopause suffer from a hormone-induced decrease in bone strength and thus at increased risk for a fracture. In men, accumulations of the disease from the 70th Year of life. The frequently occurring fractures heal, but just as quickly, as in young people. In addition to regular exercise, such as specific strength training is to help strengthen the bones especially critical of a balanced and vitamin-rich diet.

Especially calcium rich dairy products like cheese and yogurt, but alsoVitamin K-containing vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, to provide for strengthening the bones helpful nutrients and vitamins. In addition to fruit juices is also a prudent or vegetable juice of the aloe vera to improve the nutrient supply. calcium for bone stability is of crucial importance. But without an adequate supply of the body with vitamin D and K is the building block of bone can not be incorporated into the bone structure. A sufficient exposure to sunlight is important. Because the sunlight promotes Vitamin D production in the skin. Most of these bone strengthening agents are not sufficient enough in the food. Therefore, people should take with bone problems to strengthen bones also on nutritional supplement. The flexibility and stability of the bone can be obtained with this additional supply of nutrients to old age-ing.