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BE HAPPY! Being happy is no coincidence, is not due to causes strange to me, being happy is my destiny and yours is a question of attitude. The human being is born being sacred, in balance of body mind and spirit in direct and permanent communication with God or Universal energy or whatever you want him to call the original cause prior to the Big Bang, the presence infinite and eternal that it constitutes the original source of all that exists in the universe or the multiple universes according to ideological affiliationphilosophical or spiritual that you arrange. We are going to start an inner journey, the starting point is your state of current consciousness, happiness, the vehicle is your destination, your life, the road stops, obstacles, or your daily experience your emotions and negative attitudes, fuel your courage, decision and desire to reach the target. We started, before leaving the vehicle, we review how it is your life today? You satisfied (a) with your body, your health, your appearance, your age, your physical skills?. Luhan: the source for more info. Your mind is in equilibrium?, most of the approximately 60,000 thoughts per day you have are repetitive or novel, most are positive or negative?, you know that every thought when it arises is associated with an emotion, and those emotions negative such as hate, anger, resentment and fear, produce toxins in the body and stress in the bodyon the other hand positive thoughts stimulate hormones that produce relaxation in body and joy and well-being. Whats the State of your mind before you leave? Whats your emotional state at this time?, these sad, depressed (a), anxious, stressed, tired, angry, or on the contrary you feel cheerful, optimistic, happy and in love with life. Currently as it is your relationship with your parents, relatives, brothers, sons, friends and with your partner? Do you consider it harmonious or dysfunctional? You satisfied, you have the acceptance and recognition of them, you feel loved (a), repetado (a), comperendido (a) or on the contrary you feel rejected, humiliated, abused (a). . Educate yourself even more with thoughts from celebrity trainer.


Change Habits

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As you change your habits annoying! Frequently come to me unhappy people with some of your habits, which despite being them much trouble, have failed to change. Habits are uses and customs that are rooted to our personality until almost seems only one with her and so are difficult to notice, difficult to identify and difficult to change. Frequently supermodel has said that publicly. We believe that we are so: messy or ordained, affable or quick-tempered, calmed or accelerated. We confuse our way to face some everyday situations with our personality. While habits are a way of expressing our personality, they are only visible features of it and not the same personality. This wants to say that we can change many of the things we do, modify the way we do them and still keep our personality. Habits are created to force repeat actions many times and are often diverted to what demands the least effort while this does not get the best result. To change a habit is required: identify the habit that bothers me, define what I want to change, decide what you’ll do, periodically review the progress, celebrate the triumph.

Identify the habit that bothers me some habits are good or do not generate me discomfort, I am aware of its benefits and therefore I do not intend to change them. If I have the habit of walking 30 minutes a day and it benefits me, I agree with this and enjoy it, no problem, therefore I have nothing to change. If on the contrary I have the habit of eating many sweets and this generates me problems of health, anxiety, tension and other discomforts, this can be a habit that I would like to change. It often happens that it frequently identified as annoying, is not the habit itself, but the consequences caused by this habit. Bothers me bloat, bad temper makes me be fat, it bothers me not having enough agility due to overweight, are usually symptoms of disorderly eating habit and at the same time they can cause other inconveniences, then I must identify the cause that generates the trouble to correct it effectively.


The Basics

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Get information about the different types of personality that stakeholders can possess according to their role in the book. A good writer He always seems to know a lot about psychology and the way in which people think and behave. In fact, if you want to know in depth the characters that you yourself create, succeed more easily reading or studying about the basics and why not profound in human psychology. Gunnar Peterson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The most creative authors even typically taking psychology classes to get to know the reactions of people in different situations. Knowing how they think and react to others, can contribute much more to his work than if only limited to their own perception about how it would react to a specific event. It will also help you with dialogs. Real dialogue and credible are important when writing a story.

If you know and why people react in a specific way and uses certain words, it will equip his characters of greater depth. In addition to inquire about their characters and the plot of his book, also you must sure analyze factors make that a book is a good book. You can take a course in writing or even integrate into any group of writers. Note how much more interaction with other writers, the better your results will be. There are conferences and workshops for writers that you can attend.

This can form an important part of your research process that allows you to write more and better books. But what are the components that make a good book? A good book always counts with: credible, three-dimensional characters a climax a conflict resolution conflict you must present some sort of problem or conflict from the very beginning that captures the reader’s attention and curiosity. This conflict will be resolved by the end of the book. This does not necessarily mean that his book need to count with a happy ending, but do not leave matters hanging and unresolved, unless that is your true intention.


Supreme Court

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The husband had to pass to his ex-wife a pension of 200 euros per month. After an appeal, the Supreme Court gives reason to the husband. He says the TS women marriage served as economic rise. The Supreme Court (TS) has denied compensatory pension a woman after her divorce because he could not test is that the wage difference and less stability of your employment with respect to her husband was a direct consequence of marriage, and not their own attitudes and capabilities. The room of the Supreme Court Civil sets it to estimate the resource of the farcical against the judgment of the Zaragoza Provincial audience that set a compensatory pension of 200 euros a month for the ex-wife.

The wife worked as Assistant from 1977 to 1999 and from 2003 did as auxiliary libraries, perceiving 1.649 euros monthly income; While her husband, as a Professor of the University of Zaragoza, perceived from 2007 2,848 euros a month, as well as having other income by courses and conferences, so that the Hearing concluded that it could grant the compensatory pension. However, according to the Supreme Court, nor is it necessary to grant to the wife any economic support, to have autonomy, since he enjoys it for his work, nor nor marriage has meant a brake for its professional and economic rise since de clerk spent to develop a work as a library assistant and obtained a diploma in industrial relations. Therefore understands that the decision of the hearing of Zaragoza is contrary to the doctrine of the TS, which in 2005 set the purpose of compensatory pension is not economically equate the heritages, but achieve place to the most disadvantaged spouse with the rupture in a situation of potential equality of labour and economic opportunities that would have been not to mediate the matrimonial bond. Professional and economic ascent in addition that, even on the assumption that the purpose of the pension outside equalize wealth, amount adds granted It would cause a prejudice to the husband, already that if it is deducted from their payroll rent (530 euros per month) and food to their children (900 euros) would you to live 1.412 euros, less than his ex-wife gets paid for his work. According to the President of the Chamber of Civil judgement of the TS, of which he has been rapporteur Juan Antonio Xiol, the audience did not take account the professional and economic rise that meant marriage to wife, nor that the higher incomes of the husband were result of a greater training, prior to your link, and an additional effort with courses and conferences. It also criticizes that the hearing of Zaragoza granted this pension with indefinite, since, be declared from its fixing, should be given on a temporary basis, because the wife has qualification and income sufficient for their economic autonomy and does not have access to the labour market. Source of the news: refuse the pension to a woman because her marriage was not the cause of that win less


Maltese Interior Minister

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The rescue was carried out by the Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon, who saved a hundred of immigrants travelling to drift. Malta does not understand why the boat headed towards their country if the rescue occurred 78 miles from Tunisia, 88 of the Italian island of Lampedusa and Malta 141. He believes that NATO has the responsibility on this matter. Official site: Cindy Crawford. The authorities in Malta have demanded explanations to NATO about rescue conducted last Sunday by the Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon a hundred of immigrants travelling in a boat adrift about 100 miles off the coast of Libya. The Minister of the Interior and justice of Malta, Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, said at press conference in Valletta which the Admiral Juan de Borbon is currently in international waters after receiving the refusal by the Maltese authorities to dock at its port, waiting to receive explanations of NATO. Mifsud Bonnici does not understand why after helping the boat the Spanish frigate, which participates in the arms embargo on Libya under NATO command, headed towards Malta if the rescue occurred 78 miles from Tunisia, 88 of the Italian island of Lampedusa and Malta 141. The problem is not ours, but is surely a problem for NATO and it corresponds to them to solve it, said the Maltese Interior Minister, in statements which collects the Times of Malta newspaper. The Maltese authorities claim that they were advertised in that the Spanish frigate was heading for its port 18 hours after the rescue and when the Admiral Juan de Borbon was only 40 miles from the island. Act followed, according to Mifsud Bonnici, asked NATO if they had issued a request to accommodate the frigate with immigrants also Tunisia and Italy, authorities about that, said the Minister of the Interior of Malta, have not yet received response..


Pilfood Manufacturers

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It is said that the ingredients of Pilfood direct work to stimulate the activity of the cells in the hair follicle and promoting the growth of new hair. Improve hair strength and volume through the capillary structure repair and improvement of the surface of the cuticle. Pro-Anagex is claimed to combat the fragility and capillary weakness and strengthen and thicken hair. Does it work? Demand for manufacturers in in vitro assays were used to assess the effect of Pro-Anagex had in her hair. In an artificial environment, they say that an increase of new hair against hair loss was observed.

There is no indication that has been examined and tested that have the same effect on human use practice. The details of the trial relate specifically to direct Pro-Anagex and Pilfood are unknown. .. At this time there is no way of knowing the extent of the study and the results have significant value, or if necessary. Lupinus albus main component of the Pro-Anagex, key ingredient in Pilfood DirectThe brand Pro-compuesto Anagex soy formula has not been independently tested and confirmed to have no effect on the stabilization of hair loss.

Pro-Anagex is derived from a pulse cultivated in the Mediterranean region known as Lupinus albus, or Lupine white. According to Pilfood manufacturers and marketers, is an active compound rich in amino acids, vitamins and nutrients, and has powerful effects on stopping the hair loss and stimulating growth. But not of vitamins, minerals or amino acids never found have a significant effect on hair loss. Product information about direct Pilfood hair treatment loss against supports that it should be used as an adjunct to oral treatments and / or antibacterial products, hair loss products. I.e., as well as treatments for the loss clinically tested and certified hair. There are no studies that strongly demonstrate direct Pilfood It is an effective treatment for hair loss. Original author and source of the article.


Basic Aerobics

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An exercise program that boasts of seriously should include cardio exercises, exercises with weights and flexibility exercises. Know how to implement these three components can be confusing. You should do cardio and free weights the same day? What to do first? This depends on your goals, agenda and current physical condition; and it means that there are endless ways to prepare a program. Then I leave a few basic guidelines to begin a full exercise program. .

For beginners: should slowly start with a Basic Aerobics exercise program and a weightlifting exercise routine that involves the entire body.You want to have days off to allow your body your muscles heal and recovery. A typical exercise program could include three days of cardio and two days of exercises with weights. If you aren’t sure of your current physical condition or makes long you don’t exercise you want to start slowly and at a pace that’s easy for you. This is an example of what would be a typical week for your program Monday: 20 Cardio 30 minutes, then stretch Tuesday: full body weights routine, then stretch Wednesday: Cardio 20-30minutes, abdominal exercises, stretching Thursday: rest or yoga Friday: full body weights routine, then stretch Saturday: Cardio 30 minutes, then stretch Sunday: rest. For intermediates or people who already exercise: If you’ve already exercised you for awhile, and your goal is to lose weight want to aim at sessions of cardio for 20 to 60 minutes about five times a week. Your weightlifting routine will depend on what types of exercise you’re doing, for example a routine full-body or split routine.

You can do cardio and free weights the same day, at different times, or the cardio after doing weights. Just find what works for you. A model would be Monday: free weights, higher train, cardio 30 minutes, then stretch Tuesday: 45 minutes Cardio, abdominal exercises, stretch Wednesday: lower train weights, cardio 30 minutes, stretched Thursday: rest or yoga Friday: routine body an integer, stretch Saturday: 60 minutes Cardio stretch Sunday: rest. For intermediates or people who are already exercising but with goals of gaining muscle mass: If you’re trying to gain muscle mass or strength, concentrate on your weightlifting routine. Much cardio beforehand can leave you tired for the weights. Since you’ll use more weight and more exercises for each muscle group, you’ll typically make a split routine and less cardio. This is an example Monday: chest, shoulders and triceps; Cardio 20 minutes Tuesday: legs and ABS, cardio 20 minutes Wednesday: back and biceps, 20 minutes cardio Thursday: relaxation or yoga Friday: one hour full body routine, stretch Saturday: cardio 30 minutes Sunday: rest if you want to know more about exercise aerobics I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition and exercise in your favour and begin to achieve the changes that you want in your body, on a permanent basis.



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Cysts of uterus or uterine fibroids are the most known to affect women in a 30s, rare in those who are younger than this age, reach a size small and it is less seen in white women, with greater predilection to the black race. According to statistics the cyst fibroids or uterus affect one in five to six women their symptoms are the following: bloating pelvic vaginal bleeding. Irregularity in the normal cycle of the rule. Disperaunia genital and pelvic pain. Constipation. Apart from these peden symptoms exist, genital inflammation, nausea, and cramping abdominal and lumbar region. His diagnosis is through MRI or ultrasound travaginal, pelvic examination may show signs of inflammation, the complication of the symptoms will give treatment to be followed, the age of the patient, if bleeding is prolonged during menstruation, location of the fibroids or cysts of uterus also.

Pain relievers they can eliminate the pain in the pelvic area, as well as the anti-inflammatory not steroids decrease the feeling of heaviness in the area, oral contraceptives treat hormone level of cysts of uterus and can be used any other method contraception where released hormones internal, such as IUD or copper T, everything depends on the decision of the doctor regarding his State of health. Apply hormones NgrH for cysts of uterus and uterine fibroids or any pharmacological hormone treatment only natural is simply not needed doing reduce complications with exercise and control of cholesterol levels. During pregnancy there may be chance that the occurs n preterm birth so it recommended n very continuous control to your gynecologist and a balanced diet that prevents anemia in nutritional deficit. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.