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Jaime Parejo

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Really involved a particularly complex and difficult the goals set at the outset by Jaime Parejo (create new training techniques and intervention complemented an impact positively as possible to optimize the levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration in the samples during the development of canine search operations for people buried (either outdoors or in confined spaces, including level of visibility null and living space reduced to the minimum feasible values for displacement) in order to increase the maximum possible level of speed and effectiveness in the search and performance by the dog olfactory whereas whether or not a particular process of investigation, carried out by applying or not, specifically college, in many cases the only really valuable, useful, essential and important, is to achieve success after achievement of research, to achieve the objectives, the answers to the problems and scientific objectives posed at first that the assumptions made are consistent and sufficiently contrasted ultimately rigorously verify that obtained results it achieved the purpose intended. It must be emphasized that the specific type of investigation he decided to face, it was quite sufficient to draft written descriptions and analysis continuous behavioral / s of the individual / s do not require any complex measurements or quantification of the behavioral aspects observed that required special level of expertise, such as for example in relation to sampling and recording rules or statistical techniques, although it would be essential, for example, that the investigator availability of a high dose of wit and intelligence. Its line of scientific research focused first on general canine behavior and later speaking on the elements and circumstances of study on search behavior and olfactory sensing, extracting data from the systematic manipulation of variables in experimental or exercise with dogs (although, as previously cited, resulting not be given at any time measurement procedures or statistical techniques). .