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Aloe Vera

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Some studies the manifestation of disease related to the amount of toxins accumulated in the body. When a patient develops once the disease is likely to return it to develop again throughout his life. However the genetic component is not exclusive, often an outbreak of psoriasis has a Polygenic origin, is also associated with stress, and usually appears as a reaction to an excess of toxins in our body. Also, the use of some medications, bacterial or viral infections, poor nutrition, depression, low levels of defenses or prolonged exposure to cold, are also associated with outbreaks of psoriasis. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED? Psoriasis is a chronic disease and is necessary to learn to live with it. Treatments against psoriasis can eliminate injuries and cause a great improvement, but there is a treatment that produces a definitive cure.

Mild cases are treated with medicines topical as antibiotics, corticoids, lubricants, lotions however all these palliative drugs or preventive do not always have the desired effect, and on many occasions, such as cortisone, you have multiple contraindications. When a person has only a few plaques, psoriasis responds well to treatment. Also emollient used one or two times a day to lubricate the skin keep it hydrated, as well as ointments creams that contain salicylic acid, or ultraviolet light which in certain cases can help eliminate psoriasis. WHAT BRINGS THE PROCESSING OF ALOE VERA? The ingestion of aloe vera drunk provides much of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for good nutrition and therefore for the good health of the organism. It also acts in the renal system diluting toxins and facilitating their elimination. I.e. attacks the disease from its origin. Other components of aloe vera that has been proven effective against psoriasis is acid acetylsalicylic, who managed in the form of cream in addition to power the same penetration, moisturizes the skin and has an emollient effect.

In the early 1990s Dr. Syed conducted a double blind study in Saudi Arabia (inspection should be conducted a similar test in another group to avoid ta action of called placebo effects) which clearly demonstrated the qualities of Aloe Vera to control psoriasis. The study lasted four months, with a follow-up of 12 months more, the result was 83.3% that applied a cream of aloe were cured, while placebo cured only 6.6%. This and other studies have shown that aloe vera acts as regenerative cell in the skin of our body, and that the application of creams rich in aloe vera gives results that, in the majority of cases, mitigate the outbreak of psoriasis, (especially in the early days, when the scales are few), relieve symptoms, and with the constant implementationeliminate them. SOME issues that should be know the psoriasis is not a contagious disease. Injuries can worsen in winter, after scrapes, infections, sunburn and some medicines. The first thing is to maintain the hydration of the skin and prevent burns, using protective sun creams. Exposure to direct sunlight helps the majority of patients, but they must expose cautiously, since excessive exposure can worsen them.



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The dog is an animal of growth much faster than the child. Some dogs like pinscher come to the world with 200 g, it will weigh 2 kg to 8 months and a pastor of 400 g at birth weigh from 20 to 25 kg before the year. While a child weighs at birth about 3 kg and a year weighs 10 kg. Dogs become adults more or less at 8 months, so until this age is must strive you means that bones and muscles are well formed. Two essential elements are the minerals and proteins. Minerals are essentially calcium and phosphorus. The bread contains almost nothing; portion of phosphorus increases if given wheat bread, but still are not satisfied more than a small breed puppy needs. Rice and pastas contain very little and even less meat. Unique foods that possess mineral are milk (1.25 g of calcium and 800 g of phosphorus per litre) and bones (10 to 20% of their weight). In regards to the bones, should not be too hard and they must not have splinters that it can swallow without being seen. We must exclude rabbit, lamb bones and all the bones from ribs and chicken, with the exception of the carapace. Also, the dogs needed some vitamins, especially the A and D, but these do not produce adequate effects if the necessary mineral elements are not sufficient; They help their fixation in the bones, but they do nothing when there are no elements that fix. Vitamins A and D are found in the liver and egg yolk and vitamin A, in the raw carrots. Failing it can manage through medications, but, given its concentration, it must be careful not to overuse. Excess of vitamins does not improve anything, and it may even be cause of rickets. It must not exceed the dose of three to ten drops per day of commercial preparations principals. There is a vitamin C, which is indispensable for a good development of the skeletal system of the dog. Found in vegetables raw or, better still, on the juice of orange or lemon that will join the pasta once a week. If these care They are not done well can occur that a puppy eat their droppings, because they have no bones, bite the most diverse objects or eat the grass in the garden. Proteins constitute the second element; they are that help the puppy to develop your muscles and organs and develop parallel their soft tissues. In bread, pasta and rice there are very few proteins; oat grits is much higher, especially if it is cooked or if swells with hot water the two sources most important proteins are also (40 g per liter) milk and meat (20 to 30 g g p100). The meat should not be too fat. The best ones are those of beef or lamb; pork, much more fat, is of less value and, therefore, undesirable. It can be a piece of second quality meat, more or less tasty or more or less tender, the meat always has the same nutritional value. If you do not want to complicate preparing the meal, there are food preparations for your pet with all the necessary nutritional value, however, it is good to occasionally gratify to your dogs with something different.


Scabies In Our Pets

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Scabies is caused by an excessive population of mites. There are a number of different species of this type of parasitic mite, and they usually live in the follicles of the hair of our pets. These mites are almost always transmitted from mother to young in the first weeks of life, and generally live in harmony in your pet without causing any problems. However, when occurs something like malnutrition, an immune system weakened, or voltage intense, interrupts this natural balance and these mites can reproduce quickly and become out of control. Because the mites that cause scabies live in dogs hair follicles, hair loss is usually the first noticed symptom.

Hair loss typically begins with the main, often beginning around the eyes and muzzle area. Other symptoms include the crunchy, red skin that may appear moist in appearance, and in some cases, the affected areas can become sensitive and chopping and can even crack and ooze. Scabies can be mild to very serious and if it is treated, can actually be fatal. In serious cases, hair loss can extend through all areas of the body, lymph nodes may swell, the skin can become inflamed and painful and secondary infections can happen quickly. Some dogs may develop symptoms such as a fever, lethargy and loss of appetite. One of the things that need to be mentioned is that scabies is not caused by unsanitary conditions or contamination of the environment. It is not contagious because most pets already have mites.

Scabies is caused by a poor immune system and is most common in dogs with underdeveloped immune systems or older pets with suppressed immune systems. Corticosteroids or other immuno-suppression drugs have also been implicated as a possible cause for the scabies as well as other types of disease caused by mites. Diagnosis of scabies if you suspect that your pet may have scabies, so a veterinary examination is necessary.