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Independent Mom

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There is no pregnancy alone Who is the independent mom once one of the internet forums, I opened the topic of ‘readiness’ of men to the news of the birth of a baby. There were many responses, they were different. And I took courage to bring these ideas into one article. In my opinion, the majority of men still are not ready for the news of the impending birth of a child. But for some men – it is ‘unexpected and pleasant’, for others – ‘unexpected and unpleasant’ and for the third – in general, anyway. If the behavior of the first category we men, pregnant and postpartum women, of course, and we by and large satisfied with the behavior of the second and third categories is surprisingly mixed with anger and resentment, because a woman’s maternal instinct and laid a woman wants to be ‘mom’ and we do not understand why men do not want to be as ‘dads’.

Of course, that reluctance to be a father, hidden or overt, is not a pleasant feeling. I do not deny that there are women who do not want to experience the joy of motherhood, unfortunately. And I do not deny the fact that not all women are seeing the positive pregnancy test, awesome happy. But there are among us, I hope the minority. Still, the instinct of motherhood is winning. Gunnar Petersons opinions are not widely known. So how about if you stayed alone with his ‘position’? We must, above all, know that you – not the first and, to a great Unfortunately, not the last. And do not think you – future / present a single mother.

You can call themselves simply different – an independent mother. Self-mother – a woman – has a (pending) child – regardless of moral and material (if possible) from the biological father – has the absolute right to take decisions on matters of education – the ability to give the child a family warmth, devoid of the influence of humiliation and guilt before anyone else. For unborn child, who was not born yet, so calm and poise are important moms, so it is important to hear yelling and swearing, so it is important not to worry along with her mother because of what she had to beg and grovel, so it is important not to become child who is not waiting. And the men who are able to ‘give’ the above sense, should be protected fence incredible height and digging a huge ditch that is not his way – though most likely a ‘bio-father’ and will try not to do it. Educate yourself with thoughts from Senator From Kentucky. Release of such a man to enjoy his freedom, which is so not like to share with the little creature. And do not expect that such a man ‘reeducate’, we must count themselves. You want a baby, and you expect it (or have waited!). So let your sadness of loneliness will be easy, and then turn into a huge smile! And your joy – the joy of my mother the very best baby – enough for two. And I want to finish the sentence of a response to the topic: “Pregnant, I’m not the only one!” Health and happiness to you and your baby!



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There are many people naively believe that hookah smoking – a nice harmless fun. Additional information is available at Senator From Kentucky. They come in handy this article, in which all the basic information gathered from various sources. For even more opinions, read materials from mark burnett. In short – a hookah is dangerous for your health! Harm from The harm of smoking hookah smoking hookah, is it not? And if the harm from smoking a hookah is, how big it is. Disputes on the topic "What is the harm from smoking the hookah," being on the Internet and other media for quite some long. Zealous advocates a healthy lifestyle concern is how strong the harm from smoking a hookah. There can not disturb them, and harm from smoking the hookah-smoking people around them.

Usually it is non-smoking relatives or close friends smoke a hookah lover. Hookah smokers themselves, of course, defend their point of view. They believe that the harm from smoking a hookah is minimal or absent altogether. However, as shown by the few studies on this topic, which recently carried out, the harm from smoking hookah is significant. The harm of smoking hookah smokers should get to think about. It is not only their health harms the smoker of hookah smoking, and health surrounding adults and children and do not necessarily non-smokers. Among smokers, there is an opinion, who hookah smoking is completely harmless pastime companionable, that the harm from smoking hookah contrived ubiquitous champions of healthy lifestyles. This is a misconception that tobacco smoke in hookahs is filtered water, and harm from smoking a hookah is practically reduced to zero compared with the damage from smoking cigarettes.



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Villages – can not sit still. I got up – no cost. It is easy – do not lezhitsya. And just hypnosis helps to relieve built-up tension. Moreover, not only during the session. Gunnar Peterson addresses the importance of the matter here. The fact that high-quality work hypnotherapist – it's not just an introduction to hypnosis patsientv and support during the trance (Report), allows you to create a comfortable state, so important for a dialogue with his unconscious.

It is also a psychological self-regulation skills (including self-hypnosis techniques obychenie). To a man, and after work with a therapist to cope with the stress, which can hardly be avoided in our alarm, dynamic life. Second, this work with the emotions that accompany anxiety disorders. We are talking about anger, fear and anger. Primarily – about fear.

Relaxation always causes a change in emotional state. Interrupts this vicious circle, in which anxiety and muscle tension increase fear, and fear, in turn, increases anxiety and muscle tension. Third, the fear always supported the program and fixed internal pictures and images, where motives are mixed with the former bad in a way of creepy future. In this respect, very anxious neurotic talent. In the video library to his memory is stored pohlesche gollivudovskih horror thrillers. Replacing these pictures to others, which are also stored in our memories, where we seek success and feel a sense of harmony in the contemplation of the wonderful scenery, experience the rush of vitality and energy, we lose the main component of anxiety, which supports an alarming scenario – high-quality, reusable repetitive, intrusive, disturbing video. Fourth, trance – this is a work with metaphors, and at different levels. Some metaphors support and structure the neurotic reality in which man lives with anxiety disorder. Others, who are in therapy, are able to design, build around a new, desired reality to which man is stronger than his problems. It is often Hypnotherapy is the shortest path leading to the achievement of the objectives of the course of psychotherapy. Anxious-hypochondriac people are often afraid of hypnosis. Because what I saw on television and read in the newspapers that man in a trance state is losing control of themselves that they can be manipulated. But it is not. The style of hypnosis Ericksonian allows a person to simultaneously carry out a dialogue with his own unconscious and to receive signals from the outside world in sufficient quantities, if necessary, to get out of a trance state. That is, the patient during psychotherapy and trance retains control over its own state, and over surrounding reality. According to therapists, the depth of hypnosis, it does not matter much. Usually, the person in the course of training skills of entering into a trance and follow vnutritransovoy work, chooses for itself the most suitable and comfortable level of hypnosis, which, in the future, and adheres to. Externally Ericksonian hypnosis sessions do not look like the ones we're used to seeing in movies: people on them do not fall into a deep trance do not fall asleep and do not speak monotone voices. Rather, it recalls a conversation the two relaxed, calm people. There are a number of techniques that help an anxious, tense person relax, enter into a hypnotic state. Moreover, to enjoy himself staying in a trance. And, most importantly, hypnotherapy helps you to cope with the problem, which leads a person to the office therapist.


Pregnancy Diagnosis

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Of course, that you're pregnant, you can see by the test in early diagnosis of pregnancy. But our own body can begin to signal to us about our new status much sooner than we can use test. It is very important in time to hear these signals and pay attention to the signs of pregnancy. First of all it is necessary to maintain the correct time to start living and thereby protect its future child from possible adverse effects. After just the first few weeks of pregnancy the fetus begins laying and forming systems and organs, and at this important time of receiving the mother of alcohol, drugs funds, as well as smoking, affects an extremely negative.

So maybe you're pregnant when: 1. Your next menstrual period does not come. Swarmed by offers, Tiffany Espensen is currently assessing future choices. This symptom, many women believe in the basic definition of a pregnancy, but determines it is not. Because menstrual irregularities may be due to hormonal disturbances in the body, vitamin deficiencies, stress. 2. Your breasts increase in size, changed (appears aversion to foods and dishes that had previously enjoyed), there was a reaction to certain smells.

5. You feel sick (especially in the mornings). Toxicosis usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there is an acute sense of smell, disgust on the type of food. 6. Your kidneys start to work very actively, which is manifested in the need for frequent dressing-room. Frequent urination due not only to increased metabolism, but also with the increasing pressure of growing uterus on the bladder of pregnant women. 7. Your mood becomes too unstable. You become difficult to control yourself, you're annoyed by trifles, often crying, falling into depression, fear of something, often can not explain why exactly. These signs of pregnancy – an undoubted opportunity to visit the gynecologist in the women's consultation pass all necessary tests and to entrust the management of her pregnancy specialist.


Women and Beauty

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As I admire women, for making as many things, take care of of children who had left its womb or that they had hugged for the heart of the world, establish rules in the homes, they look at for the husbands and still they obtain to dedicate part of its time to the work and the studies, as are warlike and a person that everything makes this, with love and devotion is clearly that she deserves to have comfort and prosperity, but without harmony and respect, the natural joy disappears. To work for the good of the other, brings the happiness. You may find that Senator From Kentucky can contribute to your knowledge. Who was benefited by this work emits energies of gratitude and joy, but it does not wait to receive a debtor or same a smile, this will be natural and with the time, the form to think and to act with utility the people overflows reciprocity facts and the doors of the happiness are its wait. To have a higher ideal for a bigger hope, creates superior social status, with gratitude, learns to be thankful everything, exactly when to cook, watches its thoughts, is cooking stops to benefit somebody? Or I face as something dull, without gratitude, care in the energy that places in that it makes, therefore, this will determine its happiness and the conquest of victories or defeats. It creates chances to face new experiences, participates of social meetings, the contact with other people assists the opening of the mind and to find new looks front to a society that dumb the all instant, after all the knowledge is base of the transformation of the happiness, therefore it searchs this information and it cultivates the force of the decision, so important for the modern woman. Limpid to look at it, we must leave the heart to be the source of our beauty, to have the joviality feeling, always makes to be young, the internal virtue will determine the beauty of the person, independent of the physical aspect, what it becomes the attractive person is the sincere position and feelings for backwards of the form. The nobility interior is transparent in the face and the interior elegance, as that placed a diamond it enters the fingers of a woman. If the heart is beautiful, without a doubt it will have beauty in the eyes and as resulted a world repleto of happiness. As the smile of the life of a woman is beautiful! Text based on the knowledge of Masaharu Taniguchi.


Adored Pet

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In many homes of our fellow countrymen with you today are true members of the family pets. Dogs and cats are in fact all the more "like men" and cultivated. They – our full-fledged family members, our children, who will continually need our support and protection. And, as usual, for the adorable family members will certainly have to choose only the best. Any tame animal is in according to their own owners completely, and his health, and mood are directly dependent on how effectively we are trying to find the optimal solution for them.

The first thing that you should pay particular attention – is to secure food for dogs. If, in respect of personal diet, we know perfectly well that it is wise to bring order to strengthen the immune system, grow your own hair and fingernails healthy. Same goes for you and our pets. And because we often do not use the natural types of food that a lot of worries on the selection of the best balance of nutrients, medicinal substances and vitamins, and ready-made food, which originally included all required for full health of our favorite items, then to such a selection will need to come with all the care. Buying food from the Happy Dog, Meow Mix, Royal Canin, you can be sure not only that these types of food are bound to be the taste of your animal's own nutritional characteristics, but in addition, and as such, that their recipe will make it possible to maintain full health of the body of your animal, who can always make you happier than a positive state of mind, dense fur and a great state of clove.

And, of course, an excellent digestive process. And by the way for different breeds of dogs and cats just the digestive system becomes weak point, and the types of food must be provided and prepared for such of our animals, whose digestive system will need to be thin supervision. In addition, feed Happy Dog and Royal Canin are different and the widest assortment of all kinds of flavors that will surely please even the most finicky pets, and along with their owners. Because it can not be nothing more pleasant, like to see how your pet is really rad. Selecting a sturdy species feed, then just need to find a place to actually find real products of selected companies. Often is – internet shops. That's where you can find everything you need for your pets – and conventional, and medicinal types of feed, and fillers for the cats, and vitamins and numerous others. And while you positively amaze prices, which separated from the parallel spending on the economic content of stores, the wages of employees and so on. Referring to an online store, you'll still be able to not think about how to transport the selected food and toiletries fillers: Delivery workers are also able to do an online store. Pick up for themselves and their pets the best quality!


Labrador Retriever

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Basic requirements for candidates: stable psyche, pedigree (as the court-terrier named Kuzma, Pribluda and dunce, has toured annually in our apartment in the winter), the average size, weight category – up to 35 kg, loyalty to the offspring. In casting were: Labrador Retriever, Dalmatian and female Malinois. Judging by the selection of candidates, we do not particularly know what they wanted. About existence of a Shar-Pei we somehow forgotten because of their rarity and the estimated high cost of the puppy. Living in a city apartment, busy at work, presence in the house of two poorly managed facilities in the form of children superimposed serious limitations in the choice of breed. Selected projects in all possessed undeniable advantages, in our opinion, one shortcoming – the need for long walks for the dogs should exercise. Not come to a consensus, we have been, postponed the acquisition of dogs to the best of times.

And then it broke "his majesty – Case." I learned about the existence of the kennel shar-pei "Shat Shyun and met with Olga Puginsky-Zvereva. As it turned out, the rumors about the rarity and high cost of mad dogs of this breed have been greatly exaggerated. After a two-way exchange of questions and answers I was made an invitation to visit the nursery. It remains only to go and choose the puppy. So what do we get the output? Shar-Pei – Dog imposing form, medium size, weighs about 25 kg of wool that does not require any maintenance, with a strong nervous system, absolutely fearless and imperturbable, very loving his family.


Child Behavior

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The problem of family relationship includes several very serious problems. There is a problem associated with the emergence of the family. How will the relations between husband and wife, will depend largely on what patterns of family life, young people saw in their families, and on what patterns of behavior they impose on intra-community, the media. Culture of behavior with the opposite sex young people learn in the first place in the family. Here they get their first experience of future husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. The parents bear a huge responsibility for the future of children, because their behavior they lay model for future family life.

If in the family was dominated by respect, courtesy, caring for children, respect for each other, it is precisely this model and reproduce in their own family or a young person girl. Another problem – it is a question of psychological culture, psychological literacy. When a classic saying: "To have children who lacked the intelligence?" Someone may well have children of his own mind and health. But if everyone can properly educate these children and give them a personal basis, which would work properly then throughout their lives? Why this should be considered? Because there are periods age sensory. For example, if I do, and you suddenly want to become a professional ballet or figure skating, any coach will say later, my dears, it's late. The great psychologist Lev Vygodskii said there are sensitive periods in human life, then there are times when it is particularly easy to possession of the information, skills and abilities in a particular area.



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In our life everything has a meaning, everything operates according to certain laws. Including the relationships between people. That sometimes zaglyanesh some communities, listen to people in everyday life, and see how many problems in humans occurs in relationships, how much conflict arises over trivial matters, how many mistakes lead to quarrels, family breakdown, misunderstanding, tragedy, depression. And if you get to the core of everything that happens, you realize that stumble on the little things in ordinary things, lacks basic knowledge and skills, people often simply can not understand what it differently, do not know the simple rules of communication. Looking through the stats on your site search queries, I am surprised (and shocked at the same time) that many young people do not know how to talk to girls like herself to them, and there is even a problem with how to meet a girl in a social network. It very seriously, and this is a consequence of the fact that no one at all is not engaged at the appropriate level in order to teach children to communicate – by parents that once, you do not know, school children a head clog encyclopedic knowledge and often completely unnecessary, and as a result children are not the most important thing yieldeth (communication, personal development and life values in orintirovaniyu and direction in life) and go in life as bare hand under the tanks. But here the most interesting.

After all, we consider ourselves the most intelligent, and do not like it when we are taught. Us, especially in adolescence, everything seems clear, we think that we do is always right, we are all clear and understandable, but just problems not become less. As one sage put it – 'Every man is wise in his own eyes. " Yes, we are always intelligent and wise in his own eyes, and think that everything is not properly received, and we do not understand. But why not turn to look themselves and do not grasp the essence of communication, relationships, general principles of life? As I said, we think we are right, but life often shows the opposite, when there are problems in the family, relationships, simply by living. Even statistics shows that second marriages are more sturdy than the first.

Why? Yes, perhaps all life posbivala arrogance and learn to appreciate the right things and do not stamp on rake and his, and others. Or maybe do not have to wait until the thunder clap, and stands in the beginning to learn the rules of communication, relationships, life? There is a feeling that people do not care, and begin to delve into it only when it is a lot of problems, mangled heap of firewood, and chtobdy somehow rectify the situation start looking for a way out. I remember as a child, we had one friend, and when he said: 'I obey their parents, they give advice, and they're good', we laughed at him, saying what a fool, senior listening. As a result, he is now a doctor and lives in Germany, and those who laughed at him, and live normal, dull life. And that is what I have it all – it might be worth not wait until the time comes serious and act on pre-emption – to learn and delve into yourself? SOULLIFE.INFO