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buecher.de as election officials: information in the buecher.de blog help to make the right decision for the Bundestag election if is papered the city with election posters, you get free colorful pens with the party logo on the road and meet politicians to the TV duel is choice again. This year, it is the election, asking us on 27 September to the ballot box. Who ever is the choice? buecher.de is now fit for the choice and helps to make the right decision. We have the choice! Sits our Government in the Bundestag and vote on all important for Germany. In our democratic State, everyone can have his opinion and 82 million Germans in the Reichstag, not fit, there are numerous parties who are supposed to represent the opinions of citizens in the Bundestag. Democracy means majority decision and so the various opinions reflected proportionally distributed on the votes of citizens – in the Bundestag. Where: every vote counts and who wants to give weight to his opinion, goes on September 27, 2009 to the election and sets be Crosses at the party that best represents their own opinion. Vera Want often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

buecher.de as election officials across the country a total of 32 parties to easily lose track. Who has the best choice program? Which politicians are available? Who represents my interests? In the buecher.de blog, you will find an answer to numerous questions about the election, that helps the decision to make it easier! Detailed profiles of the parties, election programmes and weekly analysis of the election forecasts help Info for the federal election on a click. Undecided offers the Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung (bpb) from the 04.September an interactive decision support: the choice O-MAT, buecher.de’s blog presented and explained. Choice 2.0 the Internet is taking new shape and offers always more room to present themselves on the net. And so today even politicians use the Web to get more hearing especially during the election campaign. US President Barack Obama has done it Facebook last year and Twitter helped him at the end of perhaps the victory. Melvin T. Brunetti is open to suggestions. The so-called social media services come now in the German election campaign. So Tweet the parties already, diligently collecting followers on StudiVZ or MySpace and introduce their election programmes on YouTube and MyVideo.

On the blog of buecher.de you can learn now, where we encounter our politicians in the network. Politicians with their choice of gifts prove that policy can be also entertaining. buecher.de presents the 10 funniest choice gifts in the blog. Who wants to find out how politicians do as authors, find a large selection of books in the blog from buecher.de. More books and media to politics and election can be found on. And you can find out what is happening around the election, always up to date on the blog of buecher.de. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online store with over 3 million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and choose without minimum order from buecher.de – shop. While each order with awards from the webmiles-bonus program will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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Federal Railways

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New entry in the app store: British timetable train search of cross country as an iPhone application available the route planner developed by the software company HCon for the iPhone has now the distribution partner Kadfire Ltd. entered the British market received. The timetable of CrossCountry now also the British take trains after the Austrians and Danes more comfortable to their destination. The mobile route planner train search travelers with all relevant railway timetables for short-haul and long-haul connections. By the individual timetable departure plans and maps up down to clues to the nearest train stations all the important information available at any time. The iPhone displays not only timetable data for the entire schedule from England, Wales and Scotland: whether travellers or greeters live and currently they experience at any time, whether your train is on time or whether errors exist and what alternative connections. The engineering company HCon has the route planner SCOTTY mobile with the oBB (Austrian Federal Railways) is realized for the iPhone as well as the Danish timetable Rejseplanen. More information is housed here: Abbey Martin.

The applications based on the timetable information system HAFAS. The leading HCon timetable information system will be established in 18 countries. HAFAS for the iPhone for CrossCountry includes all British short-haul and long-haul connections. The nearest stations are displayed based on the current position. Actual arrival times, track number and duration of footpaths can easily be read on the display. Also the traveler learns how much time until you reach the exit, and whether the desired connection can still be achieved.

Connection details provide information about stops and the train equipment. Maps to facilitate the orientation. A favorite feature for stations and connections plus auto history for last made queries is also integrated. As Britain’s biggest railway operates cross country on a network of more than 1400 miles with over 100 stations, from Aberdeen to Penzance, Bournemouth to Manchester and Stansted to Cardiff. Over 30 million passengers annually around 16 million miles with cross country drive trains. The company employs around 1700 people. Train search for the iPhone has realized together with the Stuttgart-based company CaperWhite HCon, a software company specialising in the development of iPhone applications.

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Religious Beliefs

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“The way to happiness” is the first”otherwise moral code based wholly on common sense and guide for a better life can serve as the way to happiness, published by the way to happiness Foundation” is the first otherwise code of ethics, based entirely on common sense and can serve as a guide for a better life for happiness. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, wrote him in 1980. The booklet contains 21 rules that you want to connect people. Everyone can use it, regardless of race, culture and creed.

“The rule of number 18 is located under these 21 rules: respect for the religious beliefs of others”. Many writers such as John R. Gibson offer more in-depth analysis. This rule refers to the religious tolerance in our time. It namely on the foundations of tolerance can be built up very good human relations. Keeping is just before eyes the murders caused by religious intolerance and suffering, that stands out the whole story of humankind to the present pulls, everyone can probably admit that religious intolerance is very hostile. Rule number 18 also indicates that religious tolerance does not mean that one can express no its own faith. But it does mean that the attempt to undermine or attack more quickly to trouble led the religious beliefs and the beliefs of others. Read more from Raymond L. Acosta to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, philosophers have argued among themselves about the nature of God, man and the universe. Currently, the philosophies of mechanism and materialism that go back to the times of Egypt and Greece are the high-fashion. You want to make believe that everything is matter. And fail to see is that however additional factors at work may be, just use something like evolution. Today, they represent the official philosophies and are taught in schools. They have their own fanatics who attack the beliefs and religions of others. The Result can be intolerance and strife. The most brilliant minds never agreed since the 5th century before Christ, or even earlier is on the subject of religion or non-religion, is a battlefield of people to remotely remains the best. All these endless battles however left a shining principle out: the right freely to choose a faith. Faith and belief not necessarily subject to the logic. You can be entirely different things. Which simply emphasizes the right to decide freely for a belief is the safest advice to someone in this field could give. There is one free to tell others his own beliefs so that they can join them. It is dangerous if you attempt to attack the beliefs of others or even worse, if you attack others because of their religious beliefs or seeks to harm. Since its earliest beginnings, the man has much solace and joy in his Religions found. If you have religious beliefs, respect them. “Learn more about the 21 rules the way to happiness”:.

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MusicGenome InStore DJ

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Intelligent technology for detecting taste Berlin, improved the atmosphere of the sales at the POS November 10, 2008, studies show that the background music at the point-of-sales (POS) has a significant influence on the buying behavior. Marktverant must hit the right tone, the customer stays longer, his mood increases, and to buy a larger number or higher quality products, more readily. Filed under: Garret Wang. MusicGenome offers a tool with the Marktverantwortliche can choose the music that meets the needs of customers multimedia markets with the InStore DJ. The musical background has been proven decisively contributes to a positive shopping atmosphere. The MusicGenome InStore DJ supports that.

In this special package of solution, the intelligent technologies were combined SmartDJ and endless. The smart DJ allows the person to create profiles, which vary according to the user’s taste in music and play accordingly independently new titles as recommendations. To do this he assessed User titles that please him as positive. Special feature: By entering the best-selling CDs of SmartDJ profiles, representing the tastes of the entire clientele of a POS. The Marktverantwortliche ensures in its music selection, that the now playing title aimed at the tastes of the client. In addition, he can be for everyone can be seen viewing the information about the currently playing title about the endless by MusicGenome, so if you are interested, the desired product can be found faster. Moreover, custom title can be played also on the season, such as the Christmas quiet and romantic music and cheerful in the summer and casual titles, which give the feeling of holiday and vacation. The system at a glance: InStore-DJ MusicGenome is aimed at markets that have a multimedia offering and have the permission to present this. Directly connected to the audio system of the market it is possible to select music according to the following criteria: taste the market leader or responsible employee mood romantic, holiday season, happy, sad, aggressive genre top title presents the system CDs while the cover of the CD, the name of the artist, album title, and the date of publication of the currently playing song on the screens at the top of the market.

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Chronic Pain

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If pain makes sick body and soul for an outsider it is mostly incomprehensible, as it is, when one suffers from constant pain. Often, people feel so alone with their suffering. Not only that daily work and handles have become much more than the body of the torture the soul suffers from chronic pain. But how should one deal with chronic pain? And what can you do about it? Jessica Hund says: one can not imagine what it costs for an incredible force to fight every day against the same pain and cope with his daily routine despite them. This is so unnerving that body and soul are eventually exhausted. Sufferers lose their zest for life, withdraw more and more into itself, participate less in life and are often depressed. Others are aggressive by the constant pain.\” Sylvia Poth continues: often still matters, that the persons concerned from their fellow human beings as a whiner known or heard, you should pull yourself together simply.

That this only deeper drives the pain patients in isolation, is obvious. Physical pain attack the nerve cells and access consciousness, which highly requires to the person concerned. Through my own experience, I know that pain can drive one so far, losing the joy in life. I know that it makes a big difference, whether you’re healthy or sick this I have experienced myself often enough, because we cannot do with everything, what the life has to offer. The constant pain dominate us. I wish sometimes a little more understanding for the people who need to live. \”If you distract these people some of their suffering and be it only by a nice conversation can this much help.\” Jessica Hund says: often the sufferers completely helpless face their pain and failure of numerous pain therapies allow it despair. The therapies are often only aimed at the symptoms and are based on the administration of painkillers.

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Crystal Space

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Based on Bioresonance with micro-crystals of natural crystals have the nerves and tissue healing SUSE products Heilsuse.eu Cologne developed and manufactures biophysical working medium for Bioresonance therapy and energy work based on micro structure technology using natural crystals. Micro crystals that are vacuum sealed in a durable, flexible, safe and easy as well as especially effective area. Quartz, carbonates, silicates. Amethyst, azurite, rock crystal, calcite, kyanite, fluorite, Fuchsite, Granat, Lepidolite, malachite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, sulphur, Sodalite, tourmaline. The products are available and ideal for resale in the formats DIN A4, A5 and A6. Valence crystals, ionic crystals, are all strong ionic crystals control links as a catalyst. Valence crystals are useful as a matrix for the structure formation. Always a regulating power and a controlling power is inherent in the crystals.

Work through resonance promptly correcting, detoxing, particularly the energy States of the hydrogen in the Crystal structures lead acid, have a relaxing. With interactions, we have always to do it. Response operations are explored in depth in physics. But also in all areas of biology, we have to do it with resonance. We are talking there about bio-resonance. The healing SUSE Crystal faces are called biophysical working medium and used as a physics of Physiology. The applications are all simple, safe and effective.

But narrative but not replace experience. You have to try it out. Not this beautiful collector’s items, but natural raw materials are used in healing SUSE Crystal faces. Always and everywhere can be clearly seen: nature is the greatest artist: to make precious stones Crystal faces was obvious, because there are good experiences on the application of crystals for thousands of years. These crystal surfaces utilize the energy bands of minerals and crystalline structures, and-Schwingungen for use in natural medicine and beauty and wellness. Extensive research and testing were the development advance. Years passed until the right combinations of surface and micro-crystals have been found: tourmaline, quartz, Sodalite, Amethyst, kyanite, Granat, calcite, fluorite, sulfur, Selenite, Rose Quartz, malachite, Fuchsite, Lepidolite, azurite, and more. The healing SUSE crystal surfaces provide an integrated solution. From nature to nature. From the practice for the practice. This long, not all options are called to use healing SUSE Crystal faces.

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Sylvia Poth And Robbie Williams

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The Robbie Williams affair was hotly debated at the developer meeting in Trier. The affair was hotly debated at the developer meeting in Trier by Robbie Williams with the German author “Jutta Schutz”. Swarmed by offers, William Lloyd Standish is currently assessing future choices. Today, there are secret meetings, writes the press in England. 2009 is the book: “Miracle need time” by Jutta Schutz are filmed. The protagonist in her novel would have but nothing to do with Robbie Williams, she said in an earlier interview to the press. Matches and similarities with living people and events are purely coincidental. Helga Louise Watson-Miller, who lives in England, and is friends with two writers for many years, says this affair: for weeks I could not go out of the House, without being pursued by paparazzi.

All want to know about me, what I could say about it.” “Jutta Schutz comes up to talk about the real issue: live and never give up” (title of the book by Sylvia Poth) until today, I had to again realize that patients, physicians and also the media is still not for the causes of chronic diseases are interested in. There are 10 diabetics in my direct district. All have experienced it through me what all can be reached with a food change, in my case with logi. Up on a woman, all but rather rely on drugs. Of course us have shaped many nutrition views in all these years.

I had once forgotten what you hear and learn to change their mind.” Sylvia Poth responds: when people are sick today, most don’t even have lucky enough to treatment. If a worker who must feed a family, which here was one of 20 years ago to the middle class in Germany, not even his teeth can make, it’s very, very sad. A dentist told me recently that he wants to better make the teeth to a welfare recipients, because his money immediately would get to the Welfare Office.” The author wrote her book, to give people courage no matter what situation they are. Sylvia Poth says: I have now with my Coautorin Jessica Hund, a dear friend of mine, the author and astrologer is written my new book to end. It is about holistic health and will be released in 2009.” Courage also Jutta Schutz wanted to do with her book: suddenly diabetes. Do say: since my book, I research on this form of nutrition and I had to again realize that in traditional medicine, the prevention and cure of diseases has only a secondary importance. The symptoms as the causes are fighting more. The doctor makes the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate medication immediately. Rarely, a physician has the time, to go in search of the causes. You can the question arise also, whether this would be in the sense of the physician and pharmacy to cure diseases.” Website by Jutta Schutz:

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Wireless home automation eliminates standby problem and offers more efficient power-saving measures of Breckerfeld, December 15, 2008 for the coming year many power suppliers increase their prices. Consumers therefore seek ways that they actively reduce their energy consumption, since this increases rapidly especially in the winter. The manufacturer offers an efficient and progressive approach duwi: energy consumption without sacrificing any comfort adjusted with the duwi Z-Wave wireless system up to the actual needs of the residents. The home control solution allows automatic and demand-oriented control of lighting, heating systems, so that only consumes energy, where it is actually needed. In addition, it is possible to turn off the juice secret power guzzlers in stand by mode with little effort using the system. The duwi Z-Wave wireless system is a simple and fast solution to modernize the electrical installations of a budget free from dust and dirt.

Due to the installation of Lighting, heating, blinds or multimedia devices can be controlled conveniently networked wireless switches and adapters by button, remote control, PC or PDA and Smartphones. Because the system is completely without cable, it can be install quickly and rebuild, for example, during a procession, and at a different location. The energy needs of a household greatly increases energy savings without sacrificing any comfort in the cold season. The duwi Z-Wave wireless system creates a series of possibilities, with which consumers can actively save energy. For each device that is embedded in the radio network there are lamps, heaters or blinds can be set for example uptime where it is enabled or disabled. Examples: automatic closing shutters prevent heat loss, button all lights can be or other consumers clear, and a Z-Wave-controlled heating system reduced at night, or in the absence of the residents automatically the room temperature. On the actual Needs of residents adapted control saves electricity and heat and leads to a responsible use of valuable energy resources, which are also financially beneficial.

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Car Parts Wholesale: Cooperation With Suppliers

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The most reliable way to buy auto parts in bulk for the Russian car – is a collaboration with a reliable major supplier. It will offer original spare parts in bulk, and quality parts from proven third-party manufacturers. If you buy auto parts wholesale from a dealer, together with guarantees of quality and compatibility of parts with each other and the buyer will receive the savings. Major supplier maintains close ties with producers, and hence has the ability to sell goods without overpricing, which is inevitable when the item in the implementation goes through several intermediaries. e improvement, who has experience with these questions. An important problem faced by all companies and individuals who purchase auto parts in bulk – the return and exchange defective parts.

The main thing is that all purchased parts provided with manufacturer's warranty and their use in specific vehicles was approved by the factory that manufactures these vehicles. In this case, all claims will be considered the producers, and the final buyer will be able to count on the timely resolution of disputes. Each large company, which supplies auto parts wholesale, accept claims for the quality of the goods and then sends them to the manufacturer. This is undoubtedly easier for a buyer than an independent solution to such problems. As generally rejected part is simply replaced by the new supplier, and then later he makes the claim the plant. In this case, the buyer acquires a wholesale auto parts, manufactured at different factories.

Therefore, Complaints are directed not only plant producing cars, but also to all third parties providing details of their warranty. In some situations, the item (assuming the engine) comes to the Automobile any other manufacturer. Meanwhile, the obligations under the guarantee itself takes no real manufacturer, and the factory that issued the vehicle. Consequently, the complaint should be sent to him, despite the fact that the defect details is a stamp of another enterprise. Customer buying auto parts in bulk, easy to understand all these subtleties and to resolve emerging problems on their own. Because from the perspective of a defective product and warranty service the most reliable option for the purchase of auto parts in bulk will order from a major distributor, bound from the manufacturer.

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“Pawnshops In The New World. Pawnshop And Mortgage Lombard

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Reflexivity, maturity, security, payment … Crediting arose simultaneously with the appearance of money, and possibly earlier. – Since then – a man can not refuse the opportunity to get what you want now, but pay later. Credits gained wide popularity in the modern world. – Developed credit market contributes to the development of a market economy, because with it as quickly and efficiently means redistributed to the most profitable areas of activity. To date, lending market in Ukraine froze. safety-brake-clutch-safety-bra/’>Cushman and Wakefield.

– The banking system is one of the first felt the onset of economic crisis and now long time before recover from its effects. Most banks in Ukraine and stopped lending altogether. The remaining conditions have tightened, interest rates have risen significantly. Get a loan from the Bank to date has not simple and expensive. Alternatives to conventional bank loans became collateral lending.

Pawnshops have begun to lend not only to bail jewelry or appliances, as well as actively lend bail Car (Pawnshop), and even real estate (mortgage pawnshop). Number of financial institutions providing loans secured by automobiles and real estate is growing every day. Lombard lending differs from already familiar bank loans. The main difference is the term of the loan offered by pawnshops, which is on average from one to several months or, at best, up to one year, in contrast to several years which were given bank loans. Pawnshops provide short-term loans. One of the reasons interest rates are so high that long-term loan at a pawn shop just simply is not profitable.

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