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Growth With Leasing

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Two-thirds of medium-sized companies have too little equity capital leasing strengthens equity ratio of Kelkheim, July 19, 2011 – equity capital is traditionally the Achilles heel ‘ of the German middle class. As a healthy ‘ are companies with an equity ratio of more than 30 percent. Get more background information with materials from Luhan. Two-thirds of medium-sized companies are below this value. That resulted in a middle-class study of operational research centre for issues of the middle class economy. The situation of almost 20 per cent of the companies is dramatic: your equity is below five percent for the part is even negative! Thus, growth is difficult to finance. Therefore, a good third of the companies surveyed wants to increase the whereabouts of the profit in the company by cumulative so this quota. 20 percent rely on additional leasing, where 30 percent of companies already use leasing. This financial instrument is suitable particularly well in live from new investment and growth”, Patrick G.

Weber, Managing Director of the Vantargis know leasing. With a reasonable lease agreement spread the cost of the asset over its term. Thus direct revenues from the production are spending.” Balm for balance sheet and Bank rating 80 percent of those surveyed take no credit crunch that is true, but an increase in the requirements for a lending according to the study. The cost of the leasing are booked as operating expenses and therefore weigh on the balance”, Weber stressed. Because the user is not the owner of the machine, it does not appear on its balance sheet, but is accounted for by the leasing company.

The reduction of balance sheet total reached in this way leads to an increase of important key figures for business valuation, about the equity ratio. Here, Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta expresses very clear opinions on the subject. At the same time the lease payments can be removed partially tax as operating expenses. Leasing is thus directly affects the banks rating and thus the credit terms. Companies with high debt levels will find it also 2011 hard to get fresh capital to make necessary investments. It is all the more important to generate capital from the company out”, Weber emphasizes. This is possible through reinvestment and classic leasing one. But also factoring and sale-and-lease-back is offered for many medium-sized companies. At the sale-and leaseback owners sell their machinery or equipment to the leasing company and lease it right back. This brings fresh capital into the company. In addition, they enjoy all the benefits of leasing. Particularly interesting is sale-and-lease-back or sale-and-lease back also, if companies over patents, licenses or imported brands have. As intangible assets to equity raise this way. Prospects for more information see. There also the free magazine can be ordered with knowledge, tips, and trends in corporate financing SME DIA-log. Entrepreneurs can now join the phone 06195 6755 35 in addition consult, what leasing solutions fit for your company and how much Liquidity can get so. Profile Vantargis Leasing GmbH the Vantargis Leasing GmbH belongs as a subsidiary mainly to the Vantargis group and is a medium-sized leasing company with locations in Kelkheim near Frankfurt and in Zell unter Aichelberg in the vicinity of Stuttgart. The company by sales representative is represented also in Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria. The power spectrum of the Vantargis leasing covers leasing and hire-purchase financing for investments in mobile assets, as well as sale-and-lease-back models and sales leasing concepts. The leasing company financed classic machines and equipment, but also trademarks and patents. Questions and additional information: Vantargis Leasing GmbH Fischbacher str. 6 65779 Kelkheim Ilka Stiegler head corporate communications phone: 089 24293273-25 E-mail:


SMEs Tax

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Energy-intensive industries groan under the load calls for immediate tax cut Bonn/Berlin BVMW Ness Ohoven – the President of the Association has an immediate reduction in energy tax SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, asked. The costs for electricity, gas and fuels have adopted a scale for the SME sector endangers the existence of. At the same time conceded the State while fuelling strong with. James Alesia spoke with conviction. The policy must now act and relieve the consumer.” In some energy-intensive industries, energy costs already exceed the costs. We know from a random survey of entrepreneurs in our Association, that every second medium-sized companies expecting a drastic reduction of the already low profit margin”, stressed at a parliamentary breakfast of the BVMW on the occasion of the adoption of three energy laws in the German Bundestag Ohoven.

The middle-class President pointed out that the State takes around 40 billion euros annually from the energy tax. Click Daryl Katz, New York City to learn more. Their share in the Gasoline is about 65 cents per liter. In addition to the energy tax have the VAT on the price of fuel is when refueling. The State conceded here twice..


Professional Room Scenting

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Fragrance concept dream air inspired with new fragrances that will sense the recognised fragrance concept dream air for many years by market leaders used that offer your customers a fragrant feel pleasure. The Herbert Rehn GmbH now provides the matching fragrances for the new spring and summer season. Also the new dream air fragrances are made from essential oils. Whether refreshing scent of honey melon, fresh flower touch of the Orange lilac scent, intense or modern, fresh Lemongrass with strong Citruscharakter. The spring is welcomed by delicate fruity flowery-floral. The Hamburg-based company produced for years scent gels and products for the room Fragrancing in the trademark – and Corporatebereich. Our partner offers fragrances that meet the individual requirements in enterprises as well as in the trade for scent marketing. On the positive influence of the scent, Visual messages are supported, attention and retention period extended.

For the summer dream air offers refreshing fragrances: black Red currants with slight CASIS fragrance; Pink lemon, a tangy lemon note with tart grapefruit; Verte, lemon splash with green lemon for a hot Citron summer day and a light fragrance of Jasmin for the warm summer evening. The scent concept dream air in the composition is fundamentally different from classic space loading Duftern. The dream air scent gels are made from natural substances. They contain no alcohol, without preservatives and charge the air with irritating substances. Dream air scent gels have already undergone numerous test series, are certified and are well tolerated also by allergic individuals. About Herbert Rehn GmbH, the Herbert Rehn GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg is a manufacturing testing and assembly plant of technical products.

The company was founded in 1948 by Herbert Rehn and 1970 by him. With the three business areas processing machine hollow glass, industrial Assembly and manufacturers of room Fragrancing dream air is a major supplier of the chemical industry Test tubes for gas analysis. The company is since the year 2000 by Dipl.-ing. Peter Moldenhauer led as CEO. Herbert Rehn GmbH operates internationally and moves for years on a steady expansion course. Quality, sustainability, innovation and flat management structures guarantee maximum flexibility with just-in-time concepts. The space be fragrance concept dream air is a registered trademark of Herbert Rehn GmbH.


Cologne India

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India: local sales and service network to develop growth markets Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum creates more customer proximity in growth regions and opens its Indian headquarters in Bangalore. Further details can be found at Dan Ariely, an internet resource. The commitment to this region marks another milestone in the development of this market of the future. “We continue to invest strongly in emerging markets, such as the opening show in Brazil and now also in India.

The company has already gained a high degree of experience: on the Indian market, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum is represented with an own subsidiary since 2005 about agents and since 2006. As of 2007, the service portfolio was finally extended by Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum to calibration services. Since approximately one A local special machine construction as well as the interpretation of complex vacuum applications across the range of solutions are year”offered. The customer commits the new main branch in Bangalore close and focus on the growing customer group in India allows first and foremost and guarantees a high customer satisfaction with simultaneous cost advantages due to the on-premises deployment and adaptation of vacuum solutions and systems. The sales and service centre in Pune will remain available to its customers.

Important customers such as the Indian Space Agency ISRO are located in Bangalore and can be operated even better from us. In addition to the pure sales of vacuum pumps, focus our experienced engineers on the advice of complex applications and offer vacuum solutions locally. Our trained team has the experience and capacity to all Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum products in India to maintain and repair. Moreover, we offer services in the field of calibration and vacuum leak detection”, underlines Muniram Sreenivasulu, General Manager, sales and service, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum India. India is a key market for the growth ambitions of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum. Experts are concerned with the education of the Indian team from the head office in Cologne, Germany intensely, which will take into account through a corresponding growth of the disproportionate development of the market. This will allow the company to expand its market access, to gain market share and to grow in neighbouring regions.


Crude Oil Is Cheaper

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Today, moderate discounts due to the market developments should arise on the oil market. LEIPZIG. More info: Cindy Crawford. (Ceto) After significant gains during the last few days the price of crude oil has lost today ground. Compared with the values of yesterday morning with almost three dollars fell off quite noticeably. Therefore the barrel cost 86,60 dollars US light oil (WTI) in early trading, North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to 86,70 dollars. A rise of the dollar, which in turn was responsible for profit-taking on the stock markets and commodity exchanges led to losses. It’s believed that Ventavia sees a great future in this idea.

Automatic sell orders accelerated development. According to esyoil analyst Klaus Bergmann, there is currently absolutely comprehensible reasons for last higher prices. He calls the growing Chinese demand, lower US stocks as well as positive US economic data. A further price increase wasn’t mandatory but, since no oil shortage in the House in reasonable time. And also the OPEC has no doubts that the estate is quickly just oil, apparently because she takes it with AAM loyalty not very exactly she is reportedly 50 percent. On the local Bazaar in heating oil consumers can expect price increase in a row after eight days of falling costs. Today moderate discounts should arise as a result of market developments. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website The Ceto news ticker provides a daily assessment of the development of crude oil and heating oil prices as well as important messages to the energy market.


Chief Executive Officer

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Image holdings completed the tender offer for shares of InFocus Corporation from Kassel, 06.2009 image Holdings Corporation, a company based in Oregon and indirectly owned by John Hui, entrepreneur and founder of e-machines, giving today’s acceptance of the tender offer, a wholly owned subsidiary of IC acquisition Corp., for all circulating shares of the capital stock of InFocus Corporation (NASDAQ: INFS) known. The takeover offer lapsed at 00:00 clock, New York City time, on May 22, 2009. The trustee of the takeover bid of image informed holdings that a total 37.338.451 shares of InFocus of capital about the timing of the offer were valid drawn and invalid deducted, what about the InFocus accounts for 91 percent of all circulating shares of the capital stock. The IC acquisition Corp. accepted shares in the takeover bid as payable payment deducted as invalid and all valid winning InFocus. r-home-loans-flagst/’>Pacific Mortgage Services offer more in-depth analysis.

To complete the acquisition of InFocus, the IC acquisition Corp. intends to the InFocus making shareholders quickly as legally allowed, a simplified merger without a meeting. After this meeting, the InFocus IC acquisition Corp. will merge. InFocus will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the image then holdings. Each share of the InFocus of capital, not image belonging to holdings, IC acquisition Corp., InFocus, or any of its companies, is converted in the merger in a claim to payment of the same $0.95 per share, without interest and subject to all tax deductions, which were paid in the takeover bid.

To shareholders of the InFocus of capital are no Dissenzrechte\”in connection with the merger. InFocus is a strong brand, I write a significant value of the wide network of channel, an innovative history and the leading products of the company\”, says John Hui, majority shareholder of image holdings. I am management on the collaboration with the InFocus, to make the company a dominant supplier in the industry.\” \”With \”Completion of the merger process, we open a new chapter in the evolution of the InFocus\”, says Bob O’Malley, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of InFocus.


Managing Director

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Fifth participation of the energy capital invest achieved an extraordinary gain of 50 percent within a year Stuttgart, 09.09.2010. The US oil and gas Fund V KG, the fourth private placement energy capital invest, was placed in less than three months. The Stuttgart-based energy companies can take for themselves, to have met apparently exactly the pulse of the time in a difficult market environment. Because the private placement was more than twice oversubscribed and that although the minimum investment amount was 250,000 euros. Shortly after the placement was with the exploration in the pro rata acquired project red oak 33, an extremely promising production unit in a hot spots are started by Texas,.

A few weeks later the first exploration results were available and these were with approximately 12.300.000 cubic feet gas per day far above the calculated participation offer originally. The project red oak 33 has been realized together with Chesapeake, one of the leading North American energy companies. With the successful The value of mineral production rights of the project could be multiplied bore, in the meantime production and the proven natural gas reservoirs associated within a very short time. On the this year’s NAPE, the world’s largest trade fair for oil – and Gasproperties in Houston, Texas, could be now assets of the US of oil and gas Fund KG with high profit sold V and an extraordinary profit for the investors. Due to this positive development investors get an extraordinary dividend amounting to 50 per cent on their invested capital and this after a period of only about a year after successful checkout, is expected in October 2010! The exploration is also already in another investment object. And also here first exploration proceeds could be achieved also a premature termination of Fund with the maximum dividend is possible.

We are pleased to have exceeded the initial expectations in terms of investors”, says Kay Rieck as founder and Managing Director of the company. In fact these initial results suggest a performance well above the forecast information. The development of recently oil and gas Fund VII KG can be good placed US expect: not only that these funds much faster could be closed with the maximum fund size by 40 million euros as originally planned, the previous project history is similarly successful. So, more highly promising mineral extraction rights could be acquired. The business in the United States developed for the energy capital invest currently very promising and at a breathtaking pace. The energy capital invest is it already invested in locations, or it just checks to see where the development of the future of the U.S. energy industry can be read with all possible opportunities for the investors”Rieck explains. Who now would like to benefit from this business is in the currently offered US of oil and gas Fund reading KG an interesting investment: equipped with a unique security package and attractive tax-optimised returns, and a short period of approximately 2.5 years. Energy capital invest that Stuttgart-based company was only founded in 2008, he is one of mineral rights in the United States but with now eight set up investments in the special area the leading providers in this segment. The previously placed stakes run in as planned all distributions have been made as prospects.


Future-oriented Alliance

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Ricoh has chosen DirectSmile, to strengthen its capabilities in the output solution area, especially in the digital production printing, and will offer DirectSmile products as well as with regard to production printing market. Details can be found by clicking Tiffany Espensen or emailing the administrator. In the framework of this Alliance Ricoh will initially offer the DirectSmile software for image personalization and variable data printing for the Pro series of Ricoh production systems in Europe. Thus, users can easily create personalized documents such as postcards, birthday cards, direct mail and calendar. It is complex tasks in the personalized targeted communication and their productivity simply to automate Ricoh customers with this software, increase and reduce production time. We are pleased to announce the Alliance with DirectSmile, the leading provider of image personalization software.

This powerful solution expands the Ricoh portfolio of the Pro series in digital production printing workflow solutions”, says Simon Tapley, workflow solutions Manager at Ricoh Europe. The award-winning DirectSmile software is a complement for Ricoh’s solution portfolio. You takes full advantage of digital printing and includes a complete solution for variable data printing including imposition of image personalization. In addition, DirectSmile offers products for cross-media and E-commerce applications. The DirectSmile software will from May 18 to 25 at IPEX stalls by Ricoh (Hall: 12, booth: D130) and DirectSmile (Hall: 12, stand: B110) presented at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. DirectSmile-DirectSmile is the inventor of image personalization and one of the leading providers of software for the Media production with variable content. DirectSmile’s award-winning solutions enable print service providers, agencies and companies, all demanding personalization tasks easy to realize efficient and smooth workflows.


San Louis Potosi

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Industries can Insert machine as an attractive alternative to managing start-up series or small batches. The product changes takes less than a minute”, so Gmelin. (Source: CEO of Ford ). The nature of the cutting material, the number of disks, the number of servings, thickness, subjects distance, form of filing and much more can be variable to define and advance set in the menu. We have also great emphasis at Bizerba, that A 510 easy to operate, clean and maintain allows”explains Gmelin. The color touch screen with LCD display is very clear and self-explanatory. The ergonomics makes the machine using extremely enjoyable: because a lower shaft and a good amount of the outlet Strip make it easier. The blade of A 510 can be sanded without dismounting directly on the machine. Also, the cutting machine without any effort can be cleaned with just a few hand movements.

When cleaning the knife must be, not removed which not only greatly simplifies the cleaning process, but also makes it much safer. To round off the range of services offers the Bizerba leasing a tailored financing. The Bizerba service recommends a maintenance contract for the clippers, the service intervals are shown in the display. Bizerba offers more products, which can be combined with A 510: the practical cleaning foam up to the compact GLM-E labeller for the flexible and variable weight pricing and labeling. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. With over 3,100 employees, investments in a total of 29 companies in 20 countries and 60 Worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG 2007 implemented country representatives in the Group of EUR 430 million. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Mumbay (India), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross head corporate communications herbal Wilhelmstrasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: contact: integrated network communication Sabine Sohn Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 83 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:


Media Market

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O2M, a recycling company for electronic goods. With these three acquisitions, the Group continued its external growth strategy, and can point to six acquisitions within 2 years. Through these acquisitions and the subsidiaries newly founded by SPB, the group is now active in five key European markets: Germany, Spain, France, Britain and Italy, and also Poland, the tragkraftigsten market in Central Europe. The Group has not only geographically expanding, but developed new offers for new needs. Innovations and successes of 2010 include: creation of new, trendy solutions: offerings for the insurance of the iPad (sales in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Belgium), insurance for game consoles, which was a huge success (the number of one million was exceeded in 2010) and the growth of the Geschaftsttatigkeit when Credit insurance.

New developments for guarantees, where SPB has been present since 2009: these insurance companies extend the original guarantees on theft/destruction and an advanced product segment (white, Brown, grey). Diversification of the offer on other activities: online sold insurance Citymain, organization and troubleshooting computer hardware by SPB and Citymain (through its subsidiary Burnett) and the recycling of electronic equipment by O2M warranty cases. The support of large customers with two new French supermarket chains in the year 2010 (Auchan, Leclerc) and strengthening the relationships with key players such as Media Markt, GameStop/Micromania and Carrefour in view of new developments in Europe. In Germany, Garant SPB strengthening its market position since 1992 and expanded their product offerings by warranty solutions for the IT, computer and electronics industries. Among others the German subsidiary also offers guarantee solutions for kitchen appliances in collaboration with the XXXL Corporate group, a strategic step for SPB guarantor, which expands its sales in Germany. The major challenges in 2011 after an eventful year with the integration of new societies and the European development is the main challenge for 2011 is to consolidate these developments and to exploit the synergies at group level, together with about 1,000 employees.