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Nutritional Value Of Cheese

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Considering that to produce 1 kg of cheese type mussarela, 9 liters of cheese serum are generated, are had that in the year of 2002 they had only been generated about 4,4 million liters of cheese serum (ALMEIDA et al, 2003). Great part of this serum is, in rude form, destined the feeding of the animals. In lesser scale it is used in the dust form, for production of biscuits and milky foods. The limitante factor of this practical is the cost raised in the process of dehydration of the serum, what it limits its common adoption as practical.

Thus, to the side of its importance as nutritional source, the milk serum presents serious problem of ambient pollution, therefore approximately 50% are launched directly in course d? water. Therefore, two aspects characterize the importance of this study. First, as already emphasized, the increasing concern with the polluting load of this effluent one when launched in the rivers says respect. Another aspect mentions the unquestionable paper to it of proteins in the feeding human being and animal, what it makes with that in recent years the interest for alternative sources of protein attainment and its job in the enrichment of nourishing products has grown sufficiently. 3,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL Milk? General aspects Milk is the fluid normally secretado by the females of the mammals for the nutrition of its creates, being considered one of the most complete foods, under the nutritional point of view, providing to innumerable alternatives of industrialization and transformation in derived products. Milk is composed approximately for 87,5% of water and 13% of total solids that suspended or are dissolved in the water (Table 1). However, when used in the processing of cheeses, approximately 85 90% of its volume are removed under the serum form (SERPA, 2005). Table 1: Quantitative composition of the milk of Component cow Limitses of variation (%) Average Value (%) gua85,5? 89,587,5 Solids totais10,5? 14,513,0 Gordura2,5? 6,03,9 Protenas2,9? 5,03,4 Lactose3,6? 5,54,8 Minerais0,6? 0,90,8 Source: AlfLaval (1990) Brazil is a great world-wide milk producer, registering a production esteem in 2007, of 26 billion liters.


The Environment

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Analisandoo environment, everything turns around the survival having a dependence devrios elements, in the case, air that we breathe, the water and among others that they are favorveis attainment of energy in the land, that is essential factors to the life. In the davida teia all the beings are members of on ecological communities one to outrasnuma net of interdependence that it means to nourish, to construct and thus it generates umciclo of necessities of feeding of them you vary species of beings livings creature that compeessa teia. Naformao of this cycle we have several other characteristics that demonstrate muitobem to the use of the great numbers of components gifts nodesenvolvimento of the planet, as the biogeoqumicos cycles that are processosnaturais that recycle elements in different chemical forms of the way ambientepara the organisms. Percorremestes water, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements cycles, joining the component livings creature and not-livings creature of the land. The land that um dynamic system, in evolution, movement and the stockage of its afetatodos materials the physical, chemical and biological processes. A biogeoqumico cycle is omovimento or the cycle of one determined chemical element or elements through daatmosfera, hidrosfera, the lithospere and biosfera of the land. Nessainterao of the cycles the author very argues well on the phenomena of the union eda dependence for accomplishment of each phase, therefore we are humble before anatureza, having a necessity we lend of its existence.

Also a fatoressencial before the dependence, therefore we are part of this cyclical process danatureza. In the argument of the physicist Fritjof Capra, who cites the davida sistmica conception not to see the things as isolated elements, but as integrated vibratory parts, whose characteristics, but important are not in part, but in the way comoestas parts itself relate. Comessas analyzed ideas, we extract some slight knowledge of as the ouprocessos cycles carried through by the environment, always to an interaction of both aspartes, biticos with some factors that the individuals carry through its atividadesde organized way, joint and having the interaction of different levels. In this necessity of organization the man finishes exaggerating in the attainment acclicos defatores, that confuse the factors natural as great gas emissions, generating residues that finish itself accumulating with this increase, always generates losses and disequilibrium, different of the nature that generates cyclical factors, having umaproveitamento of everything. Ohomem has that to search alternatives to diminish its disorganization in half the natural dosprocessos, to produce its residues without affecting the environment, assimproporciona an appropriate interaction in the interactions man and nature. Based in: Atheistic of the life: A new understanding of the systems livings creature.


History of Suffering

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Santana Had been married for love In the law of ours Sir Our sovereign law 3) When the girl was born In September, eighth day, Formosa as a princess dear Virgin had soon called it Maria Queen very Appeared Mother Ours Lady 4 Guide) the girl grew beautiful and followed the law of the sky Its parents had well early noticed Which would be the destination its For to be young of firm faithful In service faith of Jav It would be the Mother of God 5) Being Maria in house In the tasks of the day the Arcanjo Are Gabriel Suddenly it appeared Greeting it, were saying: ‘ ‘ For what he is making! You go to be mother, Maria’ ‘! 6) To be mother? Pera, its Angel! Tou knowing of this not! I am fianc of Jose and taste of treason If I not to be pregnant hidden Mine engagement is lost and Jose goes to like not! 7) He is calm, formosa young woman, That history is different the son who go to generate In the recess of its womb will not be for workmanship human being But for the sovereign action Of the Spirit onipotente 8) You will conceive a boy Its name will be Jesus Will be a powerful king and of the world it will be the light Of king descending Davi Will be a different king For us will die in 9 cross) Pai and Ruah you are its parents Of Jesus you will be Mother Go to suffer very for us and perhaps until apanhe But you are welcome you have fear Therefore of God is the secret Has faith, not if acanhe.


Word Population

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SUMMARY This article approaches the importance of the reutilizao and recycling of the garbage and at the same time shows to the problems caused to the population and the nature for me the exploration of the natural resources used by the man. The easinesses of the modern world, created to take care of demands of a consumista society, unnecessary produce many residues, result of the raised consumption and the great manufacture of dismissable products solid. With the growth of the consumption and the production of artificial materials, the volume of residues becomes bigger and its disposal a problem, therefore the used method more continues being the lixo the open sky leaving the residues displayed to the time, poluindo the ground, the waters and air and taking illnesses to the population. Knowing that the decomposition of these residues is very long and the lack of destination adjusted for the same ones it is a serious problem for the population only exists an only exit, that is the application of the 3 the ecological rule of R? s: to reduce, to reuse and to recycle. Word-key: residues, lixes, environment, to reuse, to recycle ABSTRACT This article discusses the importance of reuses and recycling of waste and at the same teams shows the problems caused you people and nature by poor natural resources used by man.

The modern facilities, designed you meet the demands of consumerist society, produce many unnecessary waste, result of high consumption and large production of disposable products. Artificial With the growth of consumption and production of materials, the volume of waste becomes lives available and it problem the most common method remains the landfill open leaving the debris exposed you to weather, polluting the soil, to water and to air and causing disease you the population. Knowing that the decomposition of waste is too long and the lack of suitable target will be them is serious problem will be the population there is only one exit, which is the application of the R&#039 echo-3; s: reduce, reuses and recycle.