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The Present Value Of A Proud Camel And A Bad Oath

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Transaction at a mist-grabbing you ernichat, come on now get up soon! Creature you are, some sort – the owner of the camel grumbled, his stubborn behavior and unwillingness to get up from their knees and obey the orders of the Bedouin. – Will behave, and further, I can not vouch for themselves – most likely I'll get rid of you, selling for mere pennies at the local bazaar. You leave me no choice, you do not want to help me work, so I always keep my Promise! (The article was given to this website: ) Even after a severe punishment would not meet the Bedouin camel to go – no wonder that the latter was to peel back the unfortunate animal. Nerves bedouin this time did not stand, and he decided to do so, as once, and said! From his words it was too late to refuse, but I did not want, however, can not help it – I had to make this simple rite of coming to the market. To suffer and repent for the remission once words Badawi. Pennies for that promised to sell the Bedouin camel – just a paltry sum, even for such intolerable animal! However, the time has come to mind one of the saving decision.

For his old and battered cat Badawi rushed home. Phrase, coming from a man after Kosha was planted near the camel, were these: – The people that come, because I sold my pet just something for a fog – a penny, is not it? Do not hesitate come and take away a camel at a fog. Even aloud ashamed to declare this price! Hurry up, until the camel had not yet sold out! The desire to buy a camel, it was a buyer, what response was received: – All right, a camel, I like a fog. Fortunately or unfortunately – you decide, but a camel without a cat, I can not sell, and everything would be fine, so now it is decently – already 99 fogs. Almost until the night pains Badawi about the main subject of the sale and its annexes. A whole crowd of people gathered near the Bedouin.

Accept the conditions of the merchant nobody wanted – people just do not really understand anything he could. Bedouin on emotion, when behind him home was the camel could only visit blonde thought: – I do not departed from his word and sold the animal for a fog, as saying. I kept my oath. It is not my fault that people did not accept my conditions. I have not sinned, so do not even worry about, and, behold, the greedy fellows, retribution will touch required. Another cool article on: How realistic Soviet citizens abroad to drink beer.


Dieter Born

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We are on the way back to the father’s House; We convert on the Rainbow Bridge. We are human figures, individuals who are to identify themselves. As souls, we are begotten from the fusion of spirit and matter. The energy of love from us as souls creates the healing power on Earth, with which we will overcome the duality, the feeling of separateness from God. As souls we do not know the separation that we experience the connection with all that is.

This in the connection means real healing being, free from disease and conflicts. The all-embracing love will lead us to recognize our real task as the soul in this life and live. Where can I find the answer, how do I contact to me as soul? like ask yourself now so many. The answers are varied, because each of us has his individual access to. The book talks in the light of the star child”gives guidance for the possible access paths, the path of equal groups service. We are absolutely aware of groups as a soul. We understand that no man save the world alone but we recognize that we are shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded people capable of bringing our individual abilities and together can change this world in the direction of paradise on Earth, the Kingdom of souls, talents.

If this book supported a single people, the awareness of this possibility so it was written right and published, then it has served its purpose. “Back-cover text of the book: In a refreshing dialogue the StarChild and his soul marked by love and wisdom of God and the world talk”. You are in this case, purely hypothetically of course, overheard by a man at the celestial key hole. The reader is carried different themes such as reincarnation, karma, initiations, the essence of the soul, the second coming of Christ and others during this conversation. The intention is to open the consciousness of the individual oneness with God. This book is not dry, esoteric treatise, for where a soul acts, the Cosmic humor not away. “_ Book data: the StarChild speaks in the light of Klaus-Dieter Born spirit Rainbow publishing ISBN: 978-3-940700-05-6-188 pages / 15.50 _ short portrait spirit Rainbow publishing on the question: How did you do this, to set up a publishing house?” the author and Publisher Gudrun Anders smirks: as the Virgin to the child… “.” She worked in the year 2000 as a therapist in private practice and wanted to actually live with their Egyptian partner for a while in Sinai / Egypt. But the universe seemed to think it a little differently. Then a good friend you suggested, finally their own books as book on demand”to bring out. Said than done. Another friend worked on a Publisher website and the spirit Rainbow publishing was born. Suddenly, numerous contacts took place, the requests to bring books by unknown authors on the market became more frequent. Gudrun Anders himself embarked on it and suddenly was Publisher (or Book midwife”, as it has been dubbed recently by an author). Today, more than 175 titles of the spirit of Rainbow Publisher on the book market are available. The spirit Rainbow publishing in Aachen was the first esoteric BoD Verlag and everybody’s excited, whether Gudrun Anders once again comes to Sinai or Publisher remains rather with heart and love to the thing. We believe you will spend only your annual leave there…


Forum Point

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But to it to understand, we, need the best in early childhood, all of them learn. So around welfare succeed sustainably. Because children who grow up with the new, pet-friendly awareness, possibly make the next generation of animal lovers – the beginning of a happy future for humans and animals. Lady Cindy voice, the animal rights activist and author Heike B. Tschirner Rhinelander are cheerful, clearly! Perhaps, Heike B.

Tschirner, best Cologne vintage 1966, is therefore so obviously time happy. But her true happiness comes from their perfect communication with animals. No children’s story, but beautiful truth from the animal welfare: the author of “guinea pigs what makes us happy! understands and speaks meerschweinisch. In the Heike B. Tschirner real life working as a commercial clerk. In your spare time it is foster and mediation help holds seminars on the educational work – housing, nutrition and health topics for Guinea pigs, by Guinea pigs – and all actively engaged in animal welfare. Guinea Pigs what makes us happy! It is available on amazon, ISBN 978-3942802840. 25% Of the proceeds to animal welfare projects are awarded when ordering in the publishing house (see below).

The NOEL-Verlag Oberhausen in the animal welfare the Noel-Verlag Oberhausen is a family operation, which is the promotion of emerging writers of almost all genres at the heart. It does not come as an author in the world. But you can – if one strives one. We want to help! (Copyright quote: Noel-Verlag Oberhausen). The authors received support from a professional editing, a well promoted publication and the opportunity to develop in the literature competitions of the publishing house and to prove. Noel manuscripts of the genre are published by Verlag previously fantasy, mystery, science fiction, crime, humor, children’s and youth literature and animal themes. Animal welfare is supported specifically with the proceeds of the writing competitions. Provides a Publisher’s own pet Forum Point of contact, Exchange and inspiration for writing and the “real life”active or interested in animal welfare. Annette Bankey for: Heike B. Tschirner


Backbone Bibliography

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English-German dictionary for lovers of orchids. In the bilingual reference book by Dr. Geerd Jurgens: Orchid bibliography / orchids bibliography are recorded until end 2011, sorted by keywords and divided the extensive publications of members of orchids Gesellschaft Kurpfalz e.V. Mannheim, including the numerous publications by Dr. Karlheinz SENGHAS. This bibliography is a complete literature composition of members the orchids-Gesellschaft Kurpfalz e.V..

For many orchid lovers, professionals and academics at home and abroad, the new book will be an often used reference. The bibliography to facilitate the work and research especially orchids scientists. The different registers are useful mainly to search for orchids genera, species, – subspecies,-Hybriden and companion plants. The definitions of botanical, maintenance terms (including physical and chemical terms) are useful and make Backbone of the extensively detailed breakdown. Mentioned hybrids of different species of orchids are extra. Tags are attached to the topic of climate the register of sites, locations, regions, countries and continents.

The register of authors, researchers, gardeners, breeders, nurseries, botanical gardens, exhibitions and exchanges, companies and clubs and that the literature mentioned in the text, including the laws focus more of the book. The register of the mentioned animals, of species and nature conservation, the fragrances in flowers, the philatelic including the other tags and the new and Umbeschreibungen are covered by captions. Brief curriculum vitae of the authors of Dr. Geerd Jackson after his agricultural studies in Berlin and his doctoral in casting worked in vineyards, orchards and forest in the country and abroad, developing and advisory Geerd Jurgens in the development and application of plant nutrition and nursing agricultural crops.



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One must let the healing not only the doctors. Hurray We’re still alive! Two Saarland authors have cured themselves! Two Saarland authors reunited after 30 years at the book fair and realized that they have a lot in common: they have are not given up! One must let the healing not only doctors, man must work even in itself, tell Mrs Sylvia Poth, an expert on the unconscious and also author and wife Jutta Schutz, studied the psychology and is also a writer. “Sylvia Poth (born 1956), on an umbilical vein thrombosis” suffers, was abandoned by the physicians 47 years ago. Alone with her strong will and by force, energy and discipline she is still alive. Ms Poth is an expert in the subconscious of people today, she studied this topic over 20 years themselves. See also press release: doctors are not gods. So long, doctors separate the body from the spirit and the soul, there will be many sick people. Many doctors have always still not understood that a sick person needs also mental support, say both authors.

“As the end of July 2007, Jutta Schutz diagnosis diabetes two” was made, has not found out the author with this disease and found another way, without becoming healthy again medication. It is the form of nutrition LOGI, a low-carbohydrate diet. Until today the most diabetics see disbelief woman contactor, if she reported by this form of nutrition. Still incredulous woman contactor looks but if doctors have yet no idea of this LOGI form of nutrition. Here, you can apply this LOGI not only against diabetes but also in migraines, rheumatism and gout. Unfortunately Ms contactor noted today that no alternative is mentioned in the training for diabetics. LOGI is not discussed.

Woman contactor has been living for a year after LOGI and has no more diabetes. Dr. Heilmeyer (internist) gave me my last concerns because the LOGI form of nutrition from the clinic uberruh taken, which took a lot of time for my questions, although I was not a patient of his. I was totally surprised that there are still such doctors “, enthuses Ms contactor and wife Poth responds: based on our medical records, it is to prove that you can go a long way, to heal itself.” My remote spleen is fully grown after and works normally. “Both authors are new projects with the theme: health” planned and they hope, with new books next year on the book fair-new readers win again. Mrs Sylvia Poth: wife Jutta Schutz: