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Welcome To The Future: With VERITY Tea

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International tea factory presents the first liquid, immediately drink ready, pure tea concentrate in the world prepared in seconds, it contains the full flavor of freshly brewed teas Fahrdorf, April 2008 elaborate preparation of tea yesterday. VERITY is today! The liquid, immediately drink ready, pure tea concentrate, first, the world is ready in seconds and always. No matter whether in cold or hot water, at home, in the Office or on the road: VERITY can be drunk anytime, anywhere. Just shake, tear open, pour and enjoy. Tea consumption as easy as never before! The tea and brewing traditional teas were usually far too cumbersome for consumers. Dosage and steeping time must be observed exactly because the result is otherwise hardly edible. As a result, Many resort to alternative beverages. That’s over now! The tea treat of the future comes with VERITY.

International tea factory brings the first tea in finished form on the market with ice cold to boiling hot water or the drink can be mixed. VERITY is a reliable companion for all batches bottled in cups. And the preparation is so easy that she always succeed. Allows the complete freedom of individual drinking pleasure VERITY connoisseurs? When, where and how he wants it. The tea concentrate is available in three popular varieties: VERITY 21 finest Ceylon: the classic among the black teas is elegant tart in flavor and perfect for afternoon tea. Sri Lanka gained from hand-picked tea leaves, he gives the caffeine kick. VERITY 30 fruity rose hip: the ripe, wild grown rose hips give this strain the delicious, mild, fruity taste. VERITY 50 pure Rooibos: the needle-like leaves of the Red Bush grow only in the area of the Cederberg mountains of South Africa.

Enter this tea for its exotic freshness. VERITY is 100 percent natural and free of any additives. Gently and carefully manufactured, the liquid concentrate is composed entirely of pure water and exquisite tea. The concentrate contains the pure taste of the tea. Unpleasant bitter substances are filtered out. There is no difference to high-quality, loose tea receives VERITY so this his soft, aromatic taste and a pleasant smell. Daryl Katz, Canada pursues this goal as well. Thus, VERITY is fully in the trend-conscious and modern nutrition. Long preserve aroma and taste, VERITY is vacuum-packed neither light nor air can penetrate. The quality of the concentrate is always at the top level. So protected, VERITY is unrefrigerated and without loss of taste at least one year shelf life. VERITY is manufactured exclusively in Germany and bottled. In addition to strict internal controls check the raw materials and the bottled products by independent institutes such as the prestigious Institute of AGROLAB. Their label confirmed: VERITY is pure enjoyment! For more information, see. Think tank tea factory international the minds behind VERITY sitting in the tea plant International Ltd. Since 2002, the company ( designed the future of tea with. The world of tea by morning is already experienced. The idea of architects in the tea market stand for innovative products and the highest quality. The main products include the EASY TEA fruits, the tea tea master, master tea and herbal teas. Press contact: PR!NT communications consultants Melanie Endelmann goose market 35 20354 Hamburg Tel: 0800 8880 600 E-Mail:


Knight Sports Classy Milk – Noble Is That Classy Tastes!

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New in April: Knight sports classy milk with Arriba cocoa Waldenbuch, in March 2010 delicious treasure from mid April milk and cocoa in its finest form in the new Knights present themselves sports variety: precious milk. 35 percent cocoa inside the square next to plenty of fresh milk from Germany. Powerful beans from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic are the basis and be refined with aromatic noble cocoa beans from Peru and now with Arriba fine cocoa from Ecuador. Variety in taste. More than 600 flavors into the Arriba cocoa: La pepa de oro the Golden pod so called Ecuadorian farmer her sanctuary during the era of cocoa at the beginning of the 19th century. Since then the variety, which grows exclusively in Ecuador, is also appreciated by connoisseurs. Senator From Kentucky contains valuable tech resources. You has a particularly strong and diverse touch and connects with a subtly mild acid, harmonious bitter note.

The long-lasting aroma makes the Arriba cocoa something special: noble and less sweet a high quality treat for any chocolate lover. Sports square provides a hint of vanilla for extra spice in the Knight. As for all varieties, Knight used sport for the new noble whole milk only the very best ingredients from selected vineyards. So, the Swabian family business is a part of its cocoa from the agroforestry project Cacaonica that the Ritter family has launched 20 years ago in the life. With the initiative supports small farmers in the cultivation and marketing of cocoa. Sports classy milk is the Knight from mid-April as 100 gram square for 0.95 euros (EIA) available on the market. founded in 1912, produces the Alfred Ritter GmbH & co.

KG based in the Swabian Waldenbuch today with approximately 800 employees daily 2.5 million panels Ritter Sport chocolate and distributes them in over 90 countries worldwide. The Presidency of the Board of management of the family business is t. Alfred Knight, the grandson of the founder. Company contact: Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG Thomas Seeger Alfred-Ritter-Strasse 25 71111 Waldenbuch Tel.: + 49 (0) 7157 97314 Fax: + 49 (0) 7157 97394 E-Mail: press contact: public: news GmbH Marc Alexander Nieragden ABC-Strasse 4-8 20354 Hamburg, Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 866 888 26 fax: + 49 (0) 40 866 888 10 E-Mail:


Russians Dishes

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Recently in Russia took root cuisine from around the world, which Russians consider exotic. Go to one of these kitchens is true Mexican. Mexican cuisine is as unexpected as the Mexican temperament. In It uses the most incredible combination of products, which gives Mexican dishes a huge variety of flavors. When you see the names of the dishes such as tacos, tostados, burritos, Quesadillas, served in the cafes and restaurants specializing in Mexican cuisine, you find yourself in an atmosphere of exotic and Mexican flavor. It is believed that any recipe Mexican food should always contain chilli peppers. However, this misconception. Mexican vegetable soup, prepared without the addition of hot spices which however does not prevent the exercise in a dish a huge range of flavors.

Mexican dishes are simple in its preparation, and anyone a little "stuffed" his hand will be able to cook them at home. Who have been to restaurants or cafes Mexican cuisine, knows what an integral part of the Mexican table is the tortilla, corn tortilla. In the great recipes number of dishes of Mexican cuisine includes dried beans, are most popular with Mexicans black and pink varieties of beans pinto. Although we have previously noted that not all authentic Mexican cuisine have in their composition chili pepper, it is necessary recognize that the chilli is used in Mexican cuisine is very broad and is its hallmark. A wide selection of chilli peppers, used in authentic Mexican cuisine as well as in sauces, applied to them. Sure to visit the restaurant or cafe, offering Mexican cuisine, and a small piece of this upbeat country forever dwell in your heart.


Tenerife Travel Tips

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Hello, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and said that offers greater variety of offer in terms of leisure for tourists. To visit this island it is advisable to rent a car since the island is not very big and you can visit the most mentioned things in a few days. Things to see? therefore I propose the following: El Teide (with difference Spotlight), el Medano Red Rock, the cliff of los Gigantes, the natural pools in Garachico, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de La Cruz, la playa de las Americas, Orotava guachinches as curiosities I can outline that buildings are very unsightly painted sin ton ni are, with different colorstraffic signals are poorly located and the island has 30 and peak microclimates, i.e. touring a few kilometres by car and the weather picture can completely change. The southern part is the most tourist, which has better climate and the landscape is more dry, staying in Playa de las Americas is a good solution for a tourism of Sun and beach. Instead, the North has a more removed climate, vegetation is abundant and is the area where most of the residents of the island live.

It is a destination that is worthwhile in the end. That Yes, with 2 or 3 intense days is enough to discover this beautiful island. Best regards.


Keeping Food Fresh

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Optimally freeze your food and make you therefore for a longer shelf life foods freeze – it is different types of freezers to food in the frozen state for several weeks, months or years making durable, important to set the correct temperature. Should the temperature at minus 18 degrees Celsius are, so that food for a long time are durable. This temperature should be selected for each freezer. Freezers have a large volume in which the frozen food is kept. If fresh food in the freezer are added, so it should be placed near the bottom, to get faster in the Frost condition. Freezers can be found in different variations and price classes CoolandCook ( freezers…) or Polartwist ( storage cabinets, however, are mostly equipped with a freezer of before, where the fresh food can be frosted faster. It is important that. that the food is sealed and no air cushion inside the freezer bags.

These prevent rapid freezing of food and need more space. Food cool – different types of refrigerators and to store food for a short time, a refrigerator is often sufficient cooling zones. This has different cooling zones. Quickly perishable food should be stored as possible at the bottom. Cold air sinks and pushes the warmer air upward.

Also the rear area of the refrigerator, where the cooling cells are located, is cooler than the front area. Thus, meat and sausages at the bottom should be stored. Medium range from dairy products such as cheese or yogurt. Different types of fruit and vegetables should be in the vegetable compartment space. The top part of the refrigerator has a temperature of about 8 Celsius depending on the setting of the thermostat. Ready meals, preserves or canned foods can be kept here. For high and an American fridge sense can make large space requirements. Information can be found on. Food without mandatory refrigeration / retention measures varieties of fruit must not necessarily be stored in the refrigerator. Especially exotic fruits such as bananas, avocados or Kiwis would spoil faster in the refrigerator and should be stored at room temperature so. So that fruits and vegetables can be stored for more varieties of fruit and vegetables, which excrete ethylene, should be stored separately. These cause a faster process of rotting broccoli or cabbage, because they react very negatively on ethylene. Test capability, whether foods are still good fruit and vegetables should necessarily be discarded after mold, bruises or soft surfaces can be removed with a knife. With sausage, care should be taken that this no color change or different smells up than usual. Dairy products should also immediately after mold growth be removed. Otherwise a small tasting is often sufficient if the food is still edible. Charlie waffles


Britta Kummer

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Fruit so versatile and healthy fruit is tasty, has only a few calories and provides us with the most important vitamins. No wonder fruit plays an important role in the diet. Largely distorted raw fruit, but as many recipes, you can use fruit well into the warm kitchen, as this recipe from the Cookbook of delicious vegetarian without dead animal 77 x pleasure”shows: mustard fruit-vegetable ingredients for 2 persons: 100 g cauliflower 4 champions 1 Zucchini 1 carrot half turnip greens 1 slice of pineapple (canned) 1 Apple of 50 g seedless grapes 2 Tablespoons butter 4 Tablespoons creme fraiche 2 Tablespoons mustard 180 ml vegetable broth curry powder preparation : Wash cauliflower, clean and divide into florets. Champions clean and cut into slices. Wash Zucchini and cut into cubes. Peel carrot and cut into thin slices. Peel Kohlrabi and cut into pens.

Drain the pineapple slice and cut into pieces. Apple Peel, remove seeds and cut into cubes. Wash grapes. Butter in a pot heat. Vegetables and fruits add, sprinkle with curry powder and saute it. Add the vegetable broth and everything covered to cook in 10-15 minutes. With mustard and creme fraiche to taste. See this cookbook even more delicious recipes in conjunction with fruit, such as: do you dare Apple and plum salad, mango soup, fruity lenses so quiet times, to use fruit in the warm kitchen.

You will not be disappointed determined and your taste buds pleased. Book data: Tasty without the dead animal, producing and publishing: books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt authors grief contactor, ISBN: 978-3-8423-7540-6, price: Euro 7.90 E-Book: ISBN: 978-3-8448-2205-2, price: 6.49 company information: Britta Kummer is a writer and author. She writes cookbooks, children and youth -, was born on the 02.10.


Eggplant Restaurant

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I love dining at restaurants during the weekend. I am always with a friend to share a delicious dinner and some drinks afterwards, especially on Saturday. In addition, today, searchable any information over the internet, so if someday I don’t know restaurant choose how I live near Sitges, busco online restaurants in sitges and google gives me a good selection of restaurants. I only choose the restaurant that is most appropriate for my tastes. Last week I went to dinner with a friend at an Italian restaurant in Sitges called Pura Vida. It was an exquisite gastronomic experience.

We ate a carpaccio by head as a starter and a first Italian pasta dish (I asked for a pasta with Eggplant and my friend a few ravioli with boletus sauce) and conclude the dinner with a typical sweet home that left us very satisfied. In addition, after dinner, we sat in the huge local bar used as a cocktail bar and ask a couple of cocktails, whose round again because we liked a lot. We went out of the happy restaurant and continue our night at home of a couple who had organized a party for the anniversary of their wedding. Today, with having an internet connection, you can get information about many restaurants, even for dinner at sitges, which is a town that even has thirty thousand inhabitants according to the 2008 census data. In addition, a table can be booked by internet provided that the chosen restaurant has some reservation system online and that allows us to organize our dinner even more easily. If someone decides to dine in this charming village in the Garraf, recommend search Sitges restaurants in a search engine.



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Once more empty calories It is a misnomer because it sounds as if we were saying that a food has no calories, when in reality we are saying that you consume calories, many of them, but they do not provide nutritional value or satiety. Soda is the perfect example of empty calories, since it contains many calories, but it does nothing to satisfy your hunger, so you need more calories to feel satiated. You must be careful with the so-called zero calorie foods, because they don’t have the same impact as negative calorie foods in your diet. Of course that these foods are low in calories, but represent a big problem, since they have no nutritional value. Therefore, rather than absorb more minerals from these zero calorie foods during digestion, the body must use vitamins and minerals from the storage tanks only to digest these foods. Understand the difference between these foods and those who have negative calories can be the difference between success and fat loss.

Science the Science about negative calories is perhaps the reason for the greater part of the controversy surrounding this idea. Research is scant, however what is proven is that adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet definitely can help you get rid of excess fat. There are many reasons for the why the negative calorie foods help in fat loss, the energy required to process them, and digest is only a small part of the equation. Negative calorie foods as we shall see in a moment, with negative calories foods belong to two of the healthiest groups: fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. It is very possible that if you need to get rid of excess fat, probably also you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. So you should add more of these negative calorie foods to your diet and give you counts for yourself if it is a fact or a fantasy. Fruits: Apples lemons watermelon blueberries Blueberry citrus melons peaches pineapple Papaya raspberries tomatoes handles vegetables and vegetables: asparagus broccoli cabbage cauliflower cucumber turnips spinach Zucchini beans green chili or chili peppers garlic onion celery radishes this is just a small list of foods of negative calories that can help you burn more fat each week. I hope you realize the importance of these foods before discarding them altogether. Add these foods to your diet for a month and look if you don’t look and feel better, then you can speak with authority the next time about negative calories. Give a twist to your life knows the real remedy to lose weight beam click here: recommendations for weight loss.



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For Jung, the act to create symbols is a spontaneous and innate capacity of the human being, and the dreams are the most frequent and universally accessible source for the investigation of the faculty simbolizadota of the man. Without embargo, affirms Martina, in our onricas experiences also we can fulfill irrational, wild desires of sexual nature, does violence to, profligate: exactly Sigmond Freud described as inconcientes the impulses, feelings and desires, that bring about acts whose motivation is rejected by brings back to consciousness. Has happened him to you that? How it has reacted. It considers that for fred, the feelings and impulses appear in the dreams, disguised generally and of symbolic way. Freud supposes, that represses it brings back to consciousness them. However, the dreams can be creative, we do not forget for example, that in 1920. the physiologist Otto Loewi, revealed in a dream the process to him of the chemical transmission of the nervous fluid in the human body. For German chemistry F.A.

Kebul von Stradonitz, found the structure molecular of the aromatic benzene. The archaeologist Hermann Hilprecht, managed to decipher the inscriptions of the old Ball temple, in Nippur, thanks to a dream. The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge extracted of his dreams the inspiration for its poems. It roasted made Edgard Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Mahatma Ghandi, managed to undermine the imperial authority of the English in the Indian in the Twenties, with the aid of a onrica experience: it saw people gathering salt of sands of the sea. Then it initiated a great march to the coastal city of Dandy to gather his own salt.

This way the British power finished that was based on the monopoly of the salt. It never forgets, that in a warning dream for example, diseases can be announced. The beginning of a disease is perceived in so light form, that during the watch, put in the activities of the day.


Fast Weight Loss

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You need to know how to lower fast weight indeed and? , you are tired of diets that do not work to become thin quickly? , comes near an important event in your life and you want to lower fast weight to shine spectacular? , you only have one week to ponerte in form and to reclaim your figure. If anyone of these is your case, finds an effective solution to your problem. How to lower of fast weight it is the objective of the majority of the people with overweight problems, when they are put under a diet to become thin. In spite of which many feel, as to lower of weight it is not a mysterious process. It is simply question to burn more calories of those than they are consumed. Nevertheless, if this outside so simple one, no of us would face overweight problems or equivocal me? To lose weight can become a true martyrdom when we thought that we must make something very drastic to see the results fast diets to lose weight, tablets to become thin, homemade remedies or some of those strange machines of exercises to burn fat that are seen in the commercial ones promising instantaneous results.

The truth about how to lower of weight is the following one: There are small changes every day and slowly (but surely) you will be able to thin those kilos of but of fast way. The key to know as to lower of fast weight and indeed it is in forgetting instantaneous results and determining objectives in the long term. Nevertheless I want ofrecerte some tips that they will help to lower you of fast weight. Instead of to fry, it boils or it cooks its food. It drinks 6 or 8 glasses of water to the day. Outside the meals. It tries to go every day bathroom regularly.

The elimination of remainders is important. It sleeps eight hours since to sleep little it gets fat. The insufficient dream brings about the generation of the hormone that stimulates the appetite and inhibits the one that signals to the brain satiety. It incorporates healthy and healthful meals. It avoids the fast frituras, meals and fats. To weigh itself every day. This stimulates to that it continues or it improves his esferzo to become thin. Not to eat nothing one hour at least before lying down.