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Psychological Wellness

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It is generally believed that anxiety is something bad or unpleasant Is this necessarily so? Anxiety is also necessary. It has a protective function. It warns us of danger, in that sense, protects us. The problem is when you feel, because normally performs its role quietly. Swarmed by offers, actress is currently assessing future choices. And when you feel it.

What do we feel? How do you feel anxiety? The word anxiety comes from angina, narrowing, which refers to the tightness you feel at times these patients. There are two ways to express the anguish: one is the classic attack of anxiety with tachycardia (heart rate), tachypnea (also speeds up the breath), there may be tremors of hands and feet, profuse sweating, or numbness of the perioral hands, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of imminent death or feeling of going crazy.

The second way would be a heartache without anxiety, that is, instead of feeling anxiety, the equivalent of anxiety attack is presented as a symptom in the body, so asthma attack, may be an equivalent of anxiety attack, an attack of bulimia, binge eating where the patient can also be an anxiety attack. Dizziness, when they are discarded otologic or neurological causes can be too. Vertigo is one of the most frequent reasons for consultations in the emergency. And if you rule out neurological causes and dizziness associated with diseases of the ear, dizziness, there are many where it is difficult to identify the cause. Some of them are certainly possible anxiety, dizziness panic attack, have some different characteristics from other causes of dizziness.


Bulimia And Crisis Of Middle Age

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Bulimia is translated from the Greek – bovine hunger. Ie hunger, which is impossible to resist. Others who may share this opinion include Cindy Crawford. Bouts of bulimia are usually accompanied by general weakness, pain in the epigastric region and the absolute inability to manage their actions. A man in a fit of bulimia can eat so much food, which in the normal state if they wanted to use it can not. Bulimia – a mental disorder, which is based on two conflicting feelings: on the one hand, a constant concern with food, on the other – the fear to get better. Therefore, after a bout with bulimia binge begins to suffer feelings of guilt, feels self-loathing for deed, trying to arouse herself vomit to get rid of calories absorbed. Jim Hackett is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But the sense of 'a hungry stomach' leads to the next, even more overeating.

The circle closes. Such a 'vicious circle' causes bulimika feel powerless, "pushed into a trap." Trying to counter this, patients with bulimia nervosa, have resorted to various tricks for weight loss: use of diuretics and laxatives, adding to the new bulimia problems with the kidneys and intestines. Until now it was assumed that bulimia and anorexia – ills inherent in the main party of puberty (teenage) children. But in the last 7 years the victims of such food disorders are increasingly women aged 30 to 45 years. Scientists explain this phenomenon is the crisis of middle age. It is on these years there is more than just divorce, and later re-marriage, conflict with older children. Many women begin to experience self-doubt and dissatisfaction, including their appearance, such as being overweight. Often, dissatisfaction grows into a stronger sense – in self-hatred. Namely, that emotion, experts believe, is the precondition for the development of bulimia and anorexia. To not bring themselves to this state or to cope with the disease if it has already developed, you need to learn to accept and love yourself.



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Tell me, you know how to smile? At first glance, strange question. Indeed, who can not smile? Then ask the question this way: you know how to smile at strangers? Or friends? Or even those who do you like? Do you often smile, or your face as gloomy as the majority of your countrymen? Look around. You can see many smiling faces? Life is what you do not want to smile – you might say. Yes, life is not easy, rightly so. And what about what comes first: the good life or a smile, you can bet. A smile means openness, kindness, empathy, acceptance, harmony, tranquility, lack of aggression, kindness and warmth. When two people are smiling, they convey it to each other. Read more here: supermodel. Two strangers eyes met in the crowd and smiled at each other.

So common in many countries where the smile is a manifestation of politeness. Checked several times. It is necessary to stay at a glance someone to you and always smile. And in response, too, must be smiling. But it is not always easy to do this is because there is no habit. We do not accepted. Wrong to understand, and indeed, looks strangely smiling man dark and gloomy among the crowd.

Still need to learn to smile, you need to overcome myself, because a smile – is a catalyst for good humor and good cheer and optimism – it is a necessary condition for success. To all else, smile healthy. Smile – it's primarily a brain process that begins with the excitation of the front zone of the hypothalamus.


In Overall

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Clearly specify the purpose for themselves: let's become the general manager or a ballet soloist. True, if you currently do not dance, then to achieve the glory of a ballet dancer, you may need the next life. This, Of course, a joke, but the place itself high, but not fantastic goal. To a list of your desires, you know exactly give the universe, what you need. Very useful to fix their wishes in writing form. Then we are working on all planes – and the subconscious, and the material.

You are already taking the first step to exercise their desires as well as embody the idea in a visible form. This is a very important step! Besides, when you see firsthand what a everything he wanted, the result seems to you more-reach. You are attracted to your dreams vitality! How to do it? There are several options. Option 1. Make a detailed table for years and subjects. For example, write, what do you want to achieve in your career, personal life, etc.

in five, ten, fifteen years. To admire the graceful pattern of your movement to success. Among other things, this review will give you a panoramic view of the desired events and will clearly understand their goals. Option 2. You can write a list of your most burning desires and keep it within reach. Look at him before going to sleep, wake up, imagine the most optimistic picture. In Overall, fully enter into the image. Option 3. Make a "treasure map".


Group Research

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Being thus, the research was carried through in an only group of alimentary re-education due to desistance of others two groups. The PARTICIPANT GROUP the participant group of the research is of the quarter Coast and Hisses, of the city of Joinville, SC. The coordinator of this, readily after the first contact demonstrated to great interest in the accomplishment of the research, emphasizing the importance of psychology in the process of alimentary re-education the five year group is formed the fence, being co-ordinated for a professional who does not have formation in the area of the health. The participants search for the program for free and spontaneous will, generally arrives at the group through some known. It presents as characteristic the fact of being a group of spontaneous formation, is composed for people who if identify for some similar characteristics, as the excess of weight and the difficulty of reduction of the same. One is about an opened group, that according to Ribeiro: ' ' He is that one where the members enter and leave with easiness. A rigid commitment of frequency and permanence does not exist.

These groups function frequently as groups of wait, of reflection, where to the secondary therapeutical effect acontecer&#039 can; '. (RIBEIRO 1999. p.94) the group is only lead by a coordinator, as cited previously it does not have professional formation in the area of the health. The meeting occur weekly and lead on average of 1 the 2 hours of duration. In the first meeting, they are registered measured as height, weight and also requested to the participant which the goal of loss of weight that it desires to reach and through the data height and weight, makes the calculation of the ideal index of corporal mass for each participant. When initiating in the group the paid participant a referring value to its school registration in the program and to each week also charges a tax.


Parkinson Illness

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In recent years, science has understood as never that the Illness of Parkinson goes very beyond the known motor symptoms classically associates to the illness, as the tremor, rigidity and slowness of the movements and postural instability. When an individual arrives to present these motor symptoms, the brain in the truth already presents an advanced state of neuropatolgicas alterations. According to Caldas, (2008, p.12) the first form of depression that if must consider in the illness of Parkinson is the reactive to its illness. The dominant feeling is of revolt. The sick person has the sensation of injustice on the part of the nature for having been chosen to have this illness.

The anxiety dominates the picture, with irritability that intervenes with the relations with the family, and the sleeplessness dominates, over all the beginning of the night. With passing of the time and the balance of the physical symptoms of the illness through the medication, the sick person has trend to adapt itself. Of course, that this aspect must be taken always on-line by account at the moment where the doctor communicates to the sick person its diagnosis. This depressive reaction can extend the aggregate to it familiar, therefore that a chronic illness in a family is also an illness of the social structure that is the family. It has if been to speak of a general form of the depressive pictures but it is not mentioned at great length the symptoms that allow to make the diagnosis.

The depressed sick person closes itself on proper itself making of it a negative image, of this results an incapacity to face the people and the problems, what she limits the social interaco significantly. The sick person prevents the meeting, closes itself in the room and, many times, do not obtain to leave the bed. It of the joy swims, it livens up it to nothing to make any thing and same what before it would give to it pleasure starts to be indifferent.


Smallest Problems

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I have no problems when I tell jokes or use a personal experience from time to time in order to illustrate some argument, or to help normalize behavior, however, talk about personal sexual problems, problems with drugs and the like may blur the line between you and him. Does an experience of sexual abuse therapist for specific (ie, survived or not) role in that the therapist is more effective partner – is at issue. Its effectiveness is determined by his skills. However, some therapists who are themselves survivors, have personal experience of sexual violence and it can help them better understand what you're gone. Another such experience can interfere with and they may be less than helpful for you. Neperezhivshie therapists may be more useful due to their distance from the problem and objectivity.

Not a clear rule as to whether to have a good therapist, who himself survived. Due to the fact that sexual experiences play a big role in your story of abuse – be careful when he shows overly high interest in the 'bloody' details. For example, a description of what happened (if you feel comfortable enough to tell) – is important. Knowing that an attack on you cause an erection and orgasm, can cause a legitimate question in the context of self-flagellation or guilt you may feel a 'joy' part of the abuse. If the questions are beginning to touch the smallest details are similar or to pornography – trust your feelings and let the therapist know that you feel uncomfortable.


Russian Institute of Nutrition

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Institute of Nutrition, has made long, a very definite conclusion. It is said that even if all the people will go to good nutrition, it does not solve the problem. Because we can not make up a very important body parts in our daily activity. Not to mention the fact that the majority of our population, this diet is impossible for many reasons, including the economic ones. Sounds again the question: why? Why such a power does not solve the problem provide the human body all the necessary nutrients? What has changed? Changed products. Changed our habitat, as a backdrop in which we live.

Changed and touched the soil, and those living beings, we eat. All this taken together leads to the fact that the human body, all of its physiological systems have highly strain to obtain certain nutrients. Filling the gaps, extremely important for the life of the organism, products become more and more difficult. Scientists have suggested that saturate these or other products, essential substances. But this did not solve the problem. Then came BAA.

It's like a we need concentrate substances that regulate zheznedeyatelnost entire body. They are not drugs, and never were! BADobavki should be considered only as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. C This can be solgashatsya or not, it can be argued to object, but it has become a reality. To date, dietary supplements were the subject of everyday use. If you compare Western Europe and the United States and Russia for the consumption of dietary supplements population, this comparison is not in favor of the Russians.