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Nutrition And Human Health .

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On materials lists on nutrition of modern man. Nutrition is one of those important environmental factors that from birth until the last moments of life are excited on the human body. Nutrients, transformed in the process of metabolism in the structural elements of cells in our body, fully ensure the physical and mental performance, determine the health and human lifespan. Violations in the diet always lead to some negative consequences. Therefore, rational, appropriate age, profession, health food is regarded as the most important factor prevention of most human diseases. The problem of preserving health and prolonging life has always been and continues to be one of the most important and relevant in biology and medicine problems.

The results of epidemiological surveys and statistical studies of the last two or three decades show a dramatic slowing of progress in increasing life expectancy of industrial developed countries of Europe and a significant increase in the incidence of these diseases that 30-40 years ago, is much rarer than at present. One of the important etiological cause of many types of pathology is a significant change in the structure and quality of nutrition. E. Wynder, for example, believes that at least 50% of cancers in women and 33% in men are due directly to nutritional factors. The population of the countries with the highest prevalence of this type of pathology on average consume 29% more fat, 320% more protein and at least 2 times less fiber (dietary fiber) than the population of the countries where the incidence of cancer of the smallest. .



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This significantly improves the appearance of a weld and reduces material consumption. For CO2 is inherent globular transfer with the efficiency of 0,6-0,7. As when dealing with flux cored wire, solid requires a power supply with a rigid characteristic. Voltage essential part of any welder. Converter necessary to reduce the "network" stress and increase the expense of current output. On what to look for: * Type of the current-voltage characteristics (CVC). Gently dipping convenient to work on the "short arc" key electrode.

For welding on the "long arc" in gazozaschitnoy environment more suited steep. Rand Paul insists that this is the case. Semiautomatic devices require "hard" characteristic (the same voltage – different current). * No-load voltage. It determines the ease of launch. Here the rule is simple: the more stress the better.

* Length of (hereinafter RO). This attitude uptime at the time of relaxation, some for a 10-minute cycle. In an industrial-class devices at an operating current value of pv is not less than 50%. * The "hot start". So called short-pulse high voltage at the time of ignition for easy start. * The "forcing the arc. She is responsible for a sharp increase in current at the time of short circuit. This prevents "sticking" of the electrode and increase penetration. * Stability of Nutrition (immunity to surges in the network). Handheld mma welding (MMA) In fact, this current source and connecting cable. Arc length of his constantly changing, respectively, stress, too. That these fluctuations are not too affected by a current source used to steep-falling volt-ampere characteristic.