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Implantology Brings A Flawless Smile

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Farzana Griebenow informed teeth are the pride of a people. This aesthetic, white and straight teeth are ideal to make a positive first impression. Many reasons can lead to the loss of teeth. David Rothberg wanted to know more. Dental implants provide a new quality of life and a nice smile then. Informed about the possibilities of modern dentistry Dr. med. Dr. med.

Dent. Farzana Griebenow from Dortmund, Germany. For optimal dental prosthesis – implants, teeth represent an important good in old age. Not only for a beautiful look, but also for a good debate and function. Inserted implants come the natural state of the teeth on the next and are just as functional as natural teeth and visually by natural teeth almost indistinguishable. With appropriate care, they are even long lasting. Also, the use of implants eliminates a removable dentures, which is often considered a nuisance. Planting of dental implants The term implantology comes from the Latin and stands for plant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, usually made of titanium, which is inserted into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root. The implant provides a secure base for high quality and aesthetic restorations. This can be a tooth, a bridge or even a prosthesis. Implant restorations not only visually look like natural teeth, they feel like. In comparison to traditional forms of treatment they offer also considerably more safety and comfort. Individually, a comprehensive consulting is the basis for a successful insertion of an implant. The compatibility and stability of the implant is only given if the implant systems on the patient’s needs are matched. For more information about the field of implantology, Dr. Dr. Griebenow from Dortmund stands as an expert in aesthetic facial surgery available. Press Contact Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Farzana Griebenow Bantog travel 13 44135 Dortmund Tel.: 02 31 – 5 86 03 67 or 02 31 – 5 86 03 68 fax: 02 31 – 5 86 03 69 E-Mail: Internet:


Affordable, Painless Dental Implants

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We… return your smile! Brochure informs patients about painless, affordable dental implants dental implants are considered over EUR 40,000 a long and painful process with costs far for a full denture. But it is also different. A new brochure to inform a painless and affordable procedure completes the treatment usually within 14 days. … we you your smile will return is the title of a 24-page info about dental implants, the ab for 3.80 EUR over the bookstore and (ISBN 978-39 37 70 883 6) is available. A lengthy, expensive and very painful procedure with costs is considered to be dental implants to well over EUR 40,000 for a full denture. Over 500 dentists in Germany alone prove that it is but another way.

The MIMI method with one-piece champions implants is a virtually pain-free procedures with only a single brief intervention instead of several heavy, often studenlanger jaw operations. Therefore, it is also significantly cheaper than implantation procedures with multi-part implants so costs, for example, a single dental implant only about 1400,-equity incl. Crown! and a full prosthesis for a pine costs no more than about 8000,-equity GKV patients. Champions implants compacting be placed especially design by her in the jaw is now resilient and implantation has been completed normally within 14 days. Learn more about the revolutionary method of MIMI, champions implants and the address of a Champions dentist in your area, visit the website or via the Info-Hotline 0 700 64 64 46 36 (12 cents / minute from German landlines). Andreas A. Reil / Mediabook International Ltd.


Prevent Hemorrhoids

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The diet is an important point which should not be neglected for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a serious issue, can be also treated and addressed. That it comes to this phenomenon is due to chance, but rather often the poor diet of those affected. Several studies show that there is a direct relationship between the diet and the hemorrhoids. Therefore should the own nutrition behavior necessarily more respected. A good diet tip against promotes obesity hemorrhoids or against the ailments when hemorrhoids is the healthy diet. Obesity promotes the emergence of suffering, which is why healthy food should be on the menu. Fruit and vegetables, and whole grains (whole wheat, are a sound basis for a rich diet.

Much can already be achieved with small details. Switching from toast on whole wheat toast is thus, for example, a first step to tackle the suffering hemorrhoids. It is important However, that man in the diet focuses on its impact. Fruits and vegetables contain fructose in part, is why appropriate compatibility ensure. Dietary fiber are important fiber is very important in terms of a healthy and balanced diet. These do not only tired, but can actively do something about hemorrhoids.

The fiber can be found not only in fruit and vegetables, but especially whole grains have it in themselves. The daily ratsamen 30 grams of dietary fiber can be achieved already by whole wheat toast or a Vollkornweckerl according to. Also brown rice is an interesting tip. With the amount of fiber of the day can, demand while at the same time, this creates a rich alternative to unhealthy French fries. Variety in the diet food can be fun, despite some limitations. Just the variety is important, thus unilaterally to feed on the human body. Almonds and legumes can an important Represent admixture, which brings great taste with them. At the same time important body substances contained in these foods, which complete the holistic nutrition. This should be avoided with the right diet hemorrhoids can be avoided or addressed. There are foods that should be avoided are but. Hemorrhoids the intestinal mucosa should be tempted as little as possible, which is why, for example, curry or chilli should be avoided as a spice. An alternative to the waiver represents quite in this regard taking dose small quantities. For coffee or sweets, but various food additives such as preservatives and dyes, it is to say the same thing. Watch her own diet for hemorrhoids.


Navitum Pharma

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Now, it is impossible to cram this total 2, 3 g natural materials in a single tablet. It would be much too large and no one could swallow them more. So, the required daily dose on several smaller tablets must be distributed. This also has the advantage that the each convenient morning and evening taken can be half day dose, with the battered joints on the day the necessary surgery on cartilage protective distributed the offered additional benefits. ArtVitum tablets follow this principle of the split dose. ArtVitum by Navitum Pharma is one of the products offered in pharmacies and health centres with GlucosaminHCl and chondroitin sulfate, recommended taking 2 tablets from morning and evening the necessary optimal daily dose of GlucosaminHCl and Chondroitin sulfate is reached. Thus, the results obtained in the intensive research studies for protecting cartilage and reduce pain can be transferred to ArtVitum.

Artvitum complies with advanced scientific findings and is offered for the nutritional treatment of degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis of the knee joint. The small tablets are free from sugar, lactose, gluten, and dyes. Artvitum (PZN 4604249) is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies, medically supervised health centres and directly at the company to 29.50 for a month. Due to its special composition and documented dosing, ArtVitum is not interchangeable with other, seemingly similar products. Every pharmacy can order ArtVitum in the cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0241465) and 6-month Pack (PZN 0241471) without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma shipping for customers. Can also contact customers directly to the company. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:


The Healthiest Oils Are Quickly Perishable

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Highly purified linseed oil in OmVitum is a capsule long durable unfortunately it is so. Healthy vegetable oils with a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids are easily perishable. This is due to the valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. You be destroyed rapidly by light and oxygen but also by reactive radicals, resulting in the extrusion process. The oil is rancid, first of all, it has lost its positive properties for the health. This is especially true for the linseed oil, which has the highest proportion of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids of all vegetable oils. It must be cleaned especially to make it more durable sensitive linseed oil.

Sole protection helps not far from light and storage in the refrigerator. OmVitum capsules contained linseed oil is highly purified in a special process and long-lasting. Unsaturated fatty acids are healthy. The so-called double bonds a fatty acid contains more, so the it is unsaturated, it is all the more healthier also. That’s why the herbal Omga-3 fatty acid ALA is with their 3 Double bonds also so healthy. However, the double bonds are also the Achilles heel of the molecule. Here is the attack of UV radiation from the light and reactive oxygen.

The result is the same in both cases. The double bonds have been destroyed and with them the positive properties of the Omega-3 fatty acid. This can be prevented only through protection and special cleaning of the oil. This is done with the linseed oil contained in OmVitum capsules. OmVitum is a natural combination of healthy unsaturated fatty acids from pure vegetable linseed oil in also in vegetable capsules. Contain the essential omega-3 fatty acid, to approx. 60% 18-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In an innovative and gentle process be removed while preserving the essential components, all bitter and unwanted components of linseed oil. This highly purified linseed oil is protected in the special pure vegetable capsules against oxidative damage and thus significantly more durable than raw linseed oil.


Financing Solution

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Strategic partnership between CSI lifecycle leasing and ERGO, innovative IT project financing solution manages computer systems for hospitals and public institutions customers the ERGO computersysteme GmbH have in the future, you can flexibly finance their IT projects. As certified partner of CSI lifecycle Leasing GmbH, one of the largest manufacturers and independent IT leasing provider worldwide, IT offers ERGO so as the first service provider nationwide solutions in combination with IT leasing healthcare. Just on medical facilities, the cost and pressure increasing permanently. To provide the patient continue to best possible services, many houses opt for collaborations and mergers. Against this background the company has computersysteme GmbH from eating ERGO in the last 20 years as a competent supplier of consulting services as well as solution partner for complex IT projects in the health sector and in the diakonisch / established charitable environment. We are very glad to be able to offer a flexible solution in the future also for the concern of finance urgently needed projects. In addition to the challenge of bringing together different structures, to create a common workflow and last but not least to build a consolidated basis for all IT systems, our customers want consistent, fixed costs – ideally for all areas. Leasing as a financing solution is new in health care and we are proud to be the first service provider in our official partner of CSI Leasing GmbH.” The CSI partner program focuses on IT solutions partner offering hardware, software and solutions to their own customers or as a vendor on behalf of.

Together, CSI and partner companies define innovative strategies, CSI provides intensive training the partner and provides staff and materials to achieve common goals. This result significantly shorter distribution channels at at the same time an extended range. The partner benefits through direct access brokerage service as well as by a better customer retention. The benefits for end customers is clear: instantly higher liquidity, financial planning security and a considerably reduced effort for all steps of the project. About CSI Leasing GmbH, CSI is a worldwide manufacturer and bank-independent company successfully specializing lease for forty years on IT. With over 700 employees worldwide the company serves customers of all sizes in more than 30 countries around the world.

The CSI parent company headquartered in St. Louis is the largest privately owned IT leasing companies in the United States. About ERGO computersysteme GmbH now two decades has ERGO computersysteme GmbH from Essen as a competent supplier of consulting services as well as solution partner for complex IT projects in the health sector and in the diakonisch / established charitable environment. Thanks to extensive project experience, ERGO has excellent knowledge of the workflows in hospitals and the ever-changing requirements in the health care industry.