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The Metaphysical

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In the search of the return of metaphysics we can say that it thinks the being while being. The Metaphysical representation must this vision to the light, that is, what such thought tries as light, it is not in itself same object of analysis: therefore this thought analyzes represents me continuously only the being under the point of view of the being. The same light valley as clarified for the o fact enough to guarantee the transparency to each point of view on the being.

The tree of the philosophy appears of the ground where if it occults to the roots of metaphysics. The ground is, without a doubt, the element in which the root of the tree if develops. The soil is soil for the root, inside it is forgotten for the tree. The philosophy is not recognized in its bedding. In the measure where a thought if puts in march to try its thought looks for to think about the proper truth of the being, instead of only representing the being while being, it abandoned, in certain way, metaphysics. Visa of the part of metaphysics, the thought if dirige in return for the bedding of metaphysics. Metaphysics to remain lower court of the philosophy. In the thought of the truth of the being metaphysics is surpassed.

This ' ' overcoming of metafsica' ' , however, it does not reject metaphysics. While the man remains animal rationalr is animal it metaphysicum. While the man if to understand as animal rational, belongs to metaphysics, in the word of Kant, to the nature of the man.


In Overall

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Clearly specify the purpose for themselves: let's become the general manager or a ballet soloist. True, if you currently do not dance, then to achieve the glory of a ballet dancer, you may need the next life. This, Of course, a joke, but the place itself high, but not fantastic goal. To a list of your desires, you know exactly give the universe, what you need. Very useful to fix their wishes in writing form. Then we are working on all planes – and the subconscious, and the material.

You are already taking the first step to exercise their desires as well as embody the idea in a visible form. This is a very important step! Besides, when you see firsthand what a everything he wanted, the result seems to you more-reach. You are attracted to your dreams vitality! How to do it? There are several options. Option 1. Make a detailed table for years and subjects. For example, write, what do you want to achieve in your career, personal life, etc.

in five, ten, fifteen years. To admire the graceful pattern of your movement to success. Among other things, this review will give you a panoramic view of the desired events and will clearly understand their goals. Option 2. You can write a list of your most burning desires and keep it within reach. Look at him before going to sleep, wake up, imagine the most optimistic picture. In Overall, fully enter into the image. Option 3. Make a "treasure map".