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Cannot be said that they have been in Istanbul if not visit the Grand Bazaar or Kapali Carsi, as the Turks call it.This covered market is fascinating, with its diversity, with a splendid blend of sights, sounds and smells.It was built during the reign of sultan Mehmet the conqueror in 1461, and grew up in the time that covers a large area of shops and the streets and roofs.He was the operations center during the Ottoman period, and today has nearly 4,400 stores, houses of tea, hamams (baths), mosques, stores and sources.Does if offer?Gorgeous rugs Turkish, clothes fine, handmade tiles and ceramic, copper, brass, leather, ceramics, hand-painted cotton and wool, pipes, jewelry, spices and the list can continue Istanbul has a lot to offer.If you are thinking about visiting this city, then, make sure you don’t miss the Topkapi Palace, the mosque of Soliman, Avenue Istklal, cistern Basilica Church, Bulgarian St.Steven, the Hippodrome, the castle of Yedikule and Galata Tower. Hotels in Istanbul are fabulous and it is very likely that you will not find this type of fine accommodation in any part of the world.The latest fashion in the theme of the hotels in Istanbul is the boutique hotel.This refers to the oldest buildings which have been renovated for independent travellers and small groups. Each city has a legendary hotels and Istanbul do not make an exception.A hotel of Istanbul is very special Pera Palace, where Agatha Christie wrote murder on the Orient Express and international spies, as Mata Hari, met to conspire.There are more hotels in Istanbul is worth mentioning?Of course.Troy hotel is located in Taksim Square, in downtown Beyoglu, perhaps the true unique Bohemian neighbourhood throughout the Muslim Middle.Apricot hotel and side are two hotels of Istanbul splendid travel agencies recommended. What do the hotels in Istanbul?First of all the points of view wonderful of the Blue Mosque, the Golden Horn, Asian coast of Turkey, part old of the city.Hotels in Istanbul has facilities of first class, such as: wellness centers, beauty salons, childcare and TV satellite, air conditioning, business services and a wide variety of traditional dishes.Guests can relax in a hotel in Istanbul a Turkish bath, steam bath or sauna and enjoy activities such as swimming or tennis.Hotels in Istanbul are decorated in Ottoman style, that means Turkish traditional decor with oak furniture and iron beds.There are many fine hotels in Istanbul with interiors of European style, with rooms decorated in soft colours and shiny fabrics.Other hotels in Istanbul have ornamentation handmande ceiling and tables in the lobby, rooms are decorated with dark wood, antique carpets and beautiful fireplaces.Many tourists choose hotels in Istanbul for its covering of pale walls, marble bathrooms and fine cotton sheets. Here, Gunnar Peterson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Therefore, no matter what Istanbul can choose your hotel, you can be sure that is going to be treated like a sultan!Every wish was fulfilled and employees of hotels in Istanbul will be placed on the feet.Well, not exactly at his feet, but will make you feel like royalty.Do not hesitate.Choose Istanbul as your next destination!It is a city full of culture and more than 6,000 years of history come to life at each corner turns.

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