The Tents At The Oktoberfest

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In the Oktoberfest Festival tents it celebrates is the most each year more than five million people come to Munich to revive old traditions and to redefine the concept of the folk festival. In recent decades, the organizers have taken measures to preserve the spirit of the Festival. An average beer consumption of 1 litre per person is very quick to excesses. In any case, the Oktoberfest is still a feast for all. To experience it in all its glory, you should select the right place at the right time. Each tent has its unique character.

The shooters tent, where traditional melodies can be heard, is a favorite of Munich. The first shooters tent was erected in 1926. The Festival Hall to be seen today was built in 1961 and was renovated in the year 2004. Even though the shooters tent aired little comfort in its early days, it enjoys today great popularity. If you want to lose themselves in the crowd, you reserve a table in the Hofbrau – tent, almost 10,000 people offers. Here, you are reminded of the Hofbrauhaus, a popular tourist attraction in Munich and learn Bavarian tradition firsthand. On the Tuesdays especially families with children are welcome in the Hofbrau marquee, where afternoon 600 places will be held.

The Hippodrome is one of the most demanding tents of Oktoberfest. There they meet many celebrities and the best-dressed beer fans of the whole festival. Traditional Bavarian specialities are offered in addition to the champagne level. If you have no reservation, should be like in all marquees – early enough there. The Hippodrome is for more Oktoberfest visitors and those who want to have some distance from the Oktoberfest tumult. A further focal point for celebrities at the Oktoberfest is the beetle tent. Served if the beetle tent until 1: 00 visitors of the other tents are already on the way home. However, it is almost impossible to get a place in the evening in the beetle tent for the ordinary Oktoberfest visitors. The traditional Oktoberfest tapping takes place every year in the Scots mutton Festival Hall. Among young people the Schottenhamel is, due to its international flair and rock concerts. The first Scots mutton Festival Hall was formed already in the year 1867 by Michael Scotish Ameir, as a restaurant for 50 guests. For assistance, try visiting Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. The Scots mutton tent was already very popular at the beginning of the 20th century when students, who then moved their lectures there. Book your table at the official site of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival a few months in advance. Upon arrival you will find your name and table number on the list attached to the entrance. They share the table with ten people. This is an excellent opportunity to socialize. However, if you want to avoid the tourist onslaught rather or can plan in advance, not visit the Oktoberfest the best weekends. Then the whole nave for reservations will indeed kept in the marquees. Munich’s hotels are usually fully booked to the Oktoberfest. We recommend you to book a month in advance and select hotels near Theresienwiesen (event), so that you won’t miss anything from the Oktoberfest. Karoline Sanam

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