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There has been so much confusion about the topic of good carbs and bad carbs in recent years wanted to help clarify this confusion for you and put you in a path clearer to fat loss life success and eating healthier. First and foremost, although I am not a believer low of carb (I certainly don’t think that diets very low in carbohydrate are healthy), think that the main reasons that the vast majority of people struggling to lose weight never is that they are refined, processed carbohydrates and envelope-consumindo as pasta, are breads, breads, cereals, rice, rolls, sodas, juices, sweets, biscuits, etc. It is very hard to lose weight if it is envelope-consumindo any of these types of refined processed carbohydrates (even if working out very hard). In addition to causing swings big sugar level in the blood and waves of insulin that stimulate direct storage of fat, eating too many carbohydrates also increase your longs and overall appetite. Even sources of carbohydrate that most people think are healthy are actually calories only excess that contains no really significant nutritional food density and many types of breads and cereals claim to be whole wheat by marketing ready although in reality, the first ingredient in them is refined flour, that just prick your blood sugar level and creates a surge of insulin.

After years of eating excess processed carbohydrates, it becomes harder and harder for insulin to do this work and is still handling all this level of sugar in the blood, and insulin resistance and eventual type 2 diabetes can occur in many people. My opinion on this is that most people who struggle to lose weight would get much better results by following these types of patterns: 1. reduce general grain-based foods in your diet (pasta, cereal, crackers, rice, etc) and focus more than his diet in the range, in meat from grass – fed and eggs free healthy, in raw dairy from grass – fed, and in many whole vegetables.


Red Wine

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Red wine is perhaps one of the kinds of wines that most accolades are earned by people who consume it. Red wine has many features that make it palatable and, in addition, beneficial for health. Therefore, that many people are interested in the consumption of red wine in his diet. Because it has been proven that drinking red wine not only is a pleasure, but drunk in moderation it is also be a beneficial liquid for health. In this article we will show some of the features that make the wine a product so desirable by the palates of today in day. One of the properties that make an excellent drink red wine is that this is a very good digestive agent for the Agency.

Many have observed that there are many people who, perhaps more for taste for health, has the habit of drinking a glass of red wine at the end of dinner. Because this custom turned out to be a very good habit of these people helped in digestion and the body stays healthy by adequate regulation of waste of the digestive system. This is one of those properties of red wine that makes it so appealing. Other characteristics that make the wine a product so enjoyed by so many people in the world is that this is a companion very well with all kinds of meals. In the places in the world where red wine is consumed rather it is used as both hot and cold meals meal Companion. Many of these people feel very comfortable when they accompany your chicken or their salads with a few good drinks red wine, because this wine has the ability to enhance the flavor of certain foods and also compare the taste of certain foods to take I liked most.

He has also spoken of that red wine has beneficial effects for the management of certain aspects of the mind and brain. Indeed, it has been said that if taken in appropriate doses red wine can serve to enhance memory and facilitate the capacity of attention and concentration of people who consume it. One example is the Mediterranean countries where it is consumed so much red wine, because these countries are famous for having a good average of people with very good intellectual capacities within the population. Also has been discussed much of the beneficial properties of red wine into the body and health in general. Extensive studies that show that in populations where most consumed red wine there greater degree of longevity in its inhabitants have become. These studies are not yet definitive but if they show that behind the wine red, when you drink in adequate amounts, can have many beneficial effects for people’s health in general. These are some of the reasons why red wine enjoys so much fame around the world. It is possible, if not abused him, that the consumption of red wine is recommended to help the Agency to have a good state of health, in addition to that drinking a good wine is a great pleasure for the palate.