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M order helps to order food, 01 March 2010 – based on many years of experience the right goods in sufficient quantities at the right time and in close collaboration with mail-order retailers the mauve mailorder Software GmbH & Co.KG has developed a module to generate loading site proposals. The module M-order for the anywhere, anytime mailorder solution mauve System3 helps to order the right goods in sufficient quantities at the supplier. On the basis of sales from a previous time period and the current stock creates a list of articles, which must be ordered. This order proposal is based on many parameters and options that deliver articles also interesting revenue reports. The mail order traders choose the commodity groups and suppliers, which should be taken into account when establishing the order proposal, as well as the period from which the consumption data for the article to be discovered. Under most conditions Gunnar Peterson would agree. The Vebrauchsdaten form the basis for the calculation of the order proposal. In determining the Consumption data for the selected period are considered all the documents which increase the stock or reduce and affect the volume of the order.

When you create an order is first reviewed, whether on the same day is already an order for the respective suppliers created with the above selected document type. This is the case, this order to the new article is added. After the discovery of the data and the calculation of the order proposal, the user receives a comprehensive evaluation. This informs him about the average consumption per day, the current structure of the article and how long it is sufficient the minimum inventory, the number of available, reserved, ordered and in the ratchet bearing articles, and – last but certainly not least – the proposal for the quantity ordered. Christian mauve mauve mailorder Software GmbH & co.

KG, established in Essen was founded and currently employs 15 staff. Since 1999, mauve complete software solutions developed for the shipping trade. With mauve System3 offers eCommerce specialist in the basic version to a free online inventory management for the processing of mail orders with direct connection to the mauve webshop system, where customers – unlike other ERP systems – worldwide can access in real time via an Internet connection to their data and location-independent work. The products include mauve e-commerce beyond the mauve Web shop-system of certified by trusted shops with a variety of functions and the Web shop concept that is tailored specifically to the needs of pharmacists. Mauve mail software is a Microsoft Certified partner.

23 WINS Nationwide Increasingly Thirsty User!

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a drinks home portal Dillenburg is webDrink, January 22, 2010 – the innovative beverage platform reached nationwide interest. “Then under the motto dear instead drag” is the webDrink GmbH, a new drinks home service portal and WINS more and more customers and participating beverage retailers. A specially developed software to allow smooth ordering and settlement between the consumer and the local beverage distributors. With one click and enter of the zip code, the user hit the shop of the nearest webDrink partner. More and more customers take the convenient online ordering and delivery to the door of the House claimed.

Specially created tours plans provide an environmentally conscious and weekly delivery. Marc Inden (business owners of Web design agency INDENWARE) and Mr Dominik Starke three years of development and programming this unique GFGH platform lined up alongside Frank Hohmeyer. Through the participation of Hans Joachim Dicke (owner of the company MEGACOMP software + consulting) was a shop that communicates easily with the existing beverage software of dealer. Through customized interfaces, the complete product range is automatically integrated in the webDrink shop. The ease of use will allow a constant updating of goods and prices participating dealers. Tiffany Espensen understands that this is vital information. All solutions previously offered in the network were very unsatisfactory for customers and dealers”, says managing director Frank Hohmeyer, who is the proprietor of Hesse specialist beverage wholesale trade for over 25 years, even House the drinks Gerd Rosenberger GmbH. The new software system can be connected to the ERP system the dealer and is suitable for almost any beverage software DOS or Windows-based.” Many drink vendors are already registered with, to present innovative on the Internet and to be part of a strong network.


Interactive Catalog Tool

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The PDF to the interactive and online flipping Flashkatalog with the PDF-flasher on advertising agencies will receive an easy to use utility to customer documents such as brochures, now also interactively to provide annual reports and catalogs. To the PDFs of the documents be converted to an online flipping Flashkatalog. Special important for advertising agencies is the simple adaptation to the customer’s corporate design. So each element of the Flashdokumentes might easily replaced or visualized with selected colors by stand-alone graphics. Many writers such as Steve Vai offer more in-depth analysis. The vision developed by KatLogX”(german: ‘Vision’)-technique, the viewer actually gives the vision, even in comprehensive documents. Catalog pages are displayed in the form of a preview (preview) and without perceived often as annoying clicks -.

“So it is certain that seekers without click orgy” for the product. Search engines we click often on pages that do not contain our desired information”, explains Reinhard Lebensorger, Project Manager at KatLogX software. The visitor is faster when the product with our PDF-Flasher. Achieve a high user acceptance, by the intuitive operation and the realistic representation of the printed catalogue.” A flexible licensing model designed specifically for advertising agencies. So can be settled with a domain license per customer order or with the Agency license package for all customer orders. The Agency license often pays off the second Kundenauftrag.Der PDF-Flasher is suitable for all digital PDF files, such as, for example, product catalogues, advertising brochures, corporate magazines and magazines.


Dating On Course For Success

by HFCadmin · success disproportionate growth of Leichlingen, 27.05.2008. has one of the most important single exchanges in Germany last year their membership once again strongly increased. By good 800,000 at the beginning of the year 2007 it grew by mid-2008 to almost 1.3 million. 33 percent annual growth was member winning disproportionately compared to other single exchanges. Average sales of German single exchanges grew in 2007 to 29 per cent, as reported in February by the high-tech Association BITKOM.

The past year was very successful for the millionth member was welcomed in June and won a luxury trip. The BILD-Zeitung clad the single market as a top 5 and also the users of independent evaluation platform is excellently Here, the single market in the daily updated ranking is always listed on the front seats. The awards of the independent comparison services we are naturally proud”, Christian Kirschey, forward Managing Director and founder of Independent reviews are nowadays particularly valuable for Internet users and would be just a seal of approval.

Premium placements at review sites in addition to the free membership are the main reasons for the popularity of carefully examining of all Member profiles and a very active community. The single market pays attention to security and is also the only contact Exchange, which is fully recommended by the independent initiative About belongs to the top 5 of the German single exchanges. About 1,3 million singles have opted for this dating service, every day around 2,000 new ones, up to 10,000 are online at the same time. Every single profile is illustrated, a manual review of all profiles is part of the service and all important contact functions for men and women are permanently free of charge. Press contact: Bildkontakte.