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Roman Empire

by HFCadmin ·

People are all bored with surprising speed. More recently they have lavished enthusiasm for modern materials, but today there is a great longing for a natural, natural, pristine … Already no one should demonstrate the advantage of this tree in front of various films and veneers. With the mosaic is somewhat more complicated. Word of mosaic and stained glass of many confused, calling up images of palaces, cathedrals and other magnificent buildings, comes to mind Roman Empire, with its wall mosaics, which used smalt the brightest colors and gilding. Remains of this lush decorating came to us and allow to distinguish the clumsy images of famous Roman athletes. Rough simplified interpretation of figures and hard evidence paints a sharp decline of artistic taste. For more information see Ventavia. Everything indicates that in the history of the Roman state reopened one of the the darkest pages of saturated political repression, threatening to push art into the background and slow down their development for many years.

As yet sometimes limited our view of things! Stone is one of the oldest finishing materials, precious gift handed to Nature prehistoric builders. For thousands of years before they were built of white marble palaces, furnished our their homes, a man called to the aid of a stone. And almost immediately opened a fantastic variety of this material. Thousands of shapes, textures, colors allows the master of antiquity to create complex patterns of stone, creating a mosaic, blessed with the future tenants unfading splendor and magnificent interiors. Mosaic, glass mosaic incredibly many faces. In principle, in terms of plain common sense, rational organization of labor and so on, a mosaic – it's a disaster.

Can not understand why do the image is so complicated. Specifically trying not invent a more inappropriate way of expressing the beautiful design, than put it out of individual stones. So what is behind it is some other, mysterious logic. You lose everything, but you win forever. Mosaic unaffected by time. It does not fade. It does not change. It just is. Mosaicists lives in other ways over time. Making a mosaic of a thousand years ago, he creates today's piece that shines just unreal novelty. Making a mosaic of today, he takes the same materials that were taken for a thousand years ago, and collects from them now.