Ambulance Tales

by HFCadmin ·

A few years ago, you were in an old ambulance with a serum with Natalie and Karin, traveling next to you Minones Rosa nurse. Already in Chiclayo (Guadalupe had left after the fatal accident of June 4, 1989) – told the nurse that you got restless, agitated, shouting to increase leakage. She told you that there was no serum and gradually you left off. L lady desperate to see you took her dying hands and I beg you .. DOCTOR RESIST RESIST! and boy did it. So this told in an old article that I wrote and re-read it. Pope, at that time you faced death in the crash itself, your thigh and fractured your arm (after you armed them with platinum) and nobody noticed, you lost the spleen and the rudder was introduced in your belly pierced liver, pancreas and colon, as recorded in your medical history, then came back to see the face of death in the ICU, three strikes and endured many complications, five months later he was back in operation and taking account, not those painful moments were not Pilarcita or Yo .. Today 17 years later in a very sad night, returning from the University I found out what I was going, I was sad and crying, I asked God for justification for what happened ..

"I curse? "Inevitable? Then talk with you, you did it normal, as always, gave me encouragement, told me everything would be fine and to continue living my youth without any stress and I've tried, time has passed and the moment of truth has arrived, at the moment are already thousands of miles of Peru, these only with Karin (now converted into a doctor) here are very sad thinking about how can be pope? These in the days before surgery of the highest quality, complex, difficult. These new face to face with death, I know you will be studying how to overcome it again, you know her dad in your life, in many operations you've won. Papa Do not be overcome, Please. We need you, love you and come to my mind these words from years ago to tell RESISTE RESISTE PAPA ..! do not go, do not leave us. You will never die! (Like your friend said when Giorgio died) we need your affection, your playfulness, your energy, your knowledge .. all potatoes. I would say many things but I do not go, I can only kneel before God and Mary and beg to give you the strength and faith to withstand the difficult surgery you get into these days and tell them to help this good man with a big heart, who always liked to help people to always wait for you dear Papa again undefeated and won and no matter what happens you know that we'll always want by your side I learned to cope with the problems of life with stoicism .. Sorry for the tears I shed on the bounce, is that I am still a teenager .. Hasta Siempre Pope.


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