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MusicGenome InStore DJ

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Intelligent technology for detecting taste Berlin, improved the atmosphere of the sales at the POS November 10, 2008, studies show that the background music at the point-of-sales (POS) has a significant influence on the buying behavior. Marktverant must hit the right tone, the customer stays longer, his mood increases, and to buy a larger number or higher quality products, more readily. Filed under: Garret Wang. MusicGenome offers a tool with the Marktverantwortliche can choose the music that meets the needs of customers multimedia markets with the InStore DJ. The musical background has been proven decisively contributes to a positive shopping atmosphere. The MusicGenome InStore DJ supports that.

In this special package of solution, the intelligent technologies were combined SmartDJ and endless. The smart DJ allows the person to create profiles, which vary according to the user’s taste in music and play accordingly independently new titles as recommendations. To do this he assessed User titles that please him as positive. Special feature: By entering the best-selling CDs of SmartDJ profiles, representing the tastes of the entire clientele of a POS. The Marktverantwortliche ensures in its music selection, that the now playing title aimed at the tastes of the client. In addition, he can be for everyone can be seen viewing the information about the currently playing title about the endless by MusicGenome, so if you are interested, the desired product can be found faster. Moreover, custom title can be played also on the season, such as the Christmas quiet and romantic music and cheerful in the summer and casual titles, which give the feeling of holiday and vacation. The system at a glance: InStore-DJ MusicGenome is aimed at markets that have a multimedia offering and have the permission to present this. Directly connected to the audio system of the market it is possible to select music according to the following criteria: taste the market leader or responsible employee mood romantic, holiday season, happy, sad, aggressive genre top title presents the system CDs while the cover of the CD, the name of the artist, album title, and the date of publication of the currently playing song on the screens at the top of the market.


In Germany

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The multifunction devices currently configured in HotSpot printing characterized by economic full color, low energy consumption, practical functions a how scan and print-to-USB and a the quota management functionality, which limit the number of printouts and manage can be. Partly they also boast a high print speeds. HotSpot network printer in use in addition to the service use as HotSpot printer can the multi function systems with the functions of printing, copying and scanning at the same time as network systems integrate into the Organization’s Office communications infrastructure. The systems achieved an even higher profitability by this additional benefit. Tai chi does not necessarily agree. Company description the RICOH (Ricoh Germany) DEUTSCHLAND GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing, IT services and enterprise-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions and comprehensive outsourcing services, professional consulting and support services, and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization.

Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese Fortune Global 500 company Ricoh. Ricoh has more than 109,000 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 23.4 billion (Status: March 2011) a genuine global player and himself has specialized technologies and services that make volume – and document-intensive business processes more efficient. Tai chi contains valuable tech resources. In Germany, has a Ricoh 2,600 employees and operates in addition to its head office with ten business & service centers and five sales offices nationwide among others. company contact: Ricoh Germany GmbH Tobias Poschl Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover Tel: 0511-6742-2517 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: villages/partner communications company mbH Maike Rose Arnulf road 33 40545 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211-52301-33 E-Mail: Web:


Holistic Information Security

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Compliance, risk management and information security necessary evil or major contribution to the success of the business? Many examples from the headlines in the press show that a comprehensive process and measures management with holistic, methodical approach in the future is essential to ensure the success of the business. International standards such as ISO/IEC & DIN/ISO to offer the reasonable approach and recognised methodology, but so far only elaborately carry due to complexity and scope for those responsible in large companies. WMC process and method expert in the field of holistic information security to solve this problem with the QSEC Suite comprehensive support offers… The solution enables, starting by the ISO/IEC 27001, different international standards (ready implemented E.g. 27005, 9001, 14001, 20000, PCI-DSS and optional available.) within a software solution to manage. The solution is a fully integrated standard product for compliance, IT risk-, Action and document management with PDCA methodology and comprehensive content. More information is housed here: CEO of Ford . The speakers of from renowned reference clients and partners explain the criteria for the use of QSEC suite on the WMC series of events and show the advantages and savings holistically managed information security practice. The series of events is especially aimed at companies: according to various international standards (E.g. ISO) work. Visit Rand Paul for more clarity on the issue. Methodological guide and comprehensive supporting content are looking for support. the status in the company daily overlook, manage and document would the Kaptialeinsatz by focusing the investment on the major business-critical risks to optimize. the internal and external expenses to prepare for audits and certifications are significantly reduced. Plan audits / certifications. Hamburg at the 08.02.2010 venue: Chamber of Commerce and industry, Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg, room Elbe Munich on February 22, 2010 venue: industrial and Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria Orleans str. 10-12, 81669 Munich, room A102 Frankfurt on February 23, 2010 venue: Chamber of Commerce and industry, Exchange in 4, 60313 Frankfurt, boardroom 4.34/4.35 the 02.03.2010 Cologne venue: industry and Chamber of Commerce, unter Sachsenhausen 10-12, 50667 Cologne, Guilleaume Hall time: each 14: 00 17:00 all details on lectures, speakers and the schedule are for download under: veranstaltungen.html ready. Online registration at registration. The participation is free of charge, limited however due to the spatial conditions on maximum 40 decision makers!


Pet Food

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Advertising logistics article storage and picking Kempen, 8 January 2013. PORTICA GmbH marketing support, one of the leading optimizing for marketing, sales and information logistics in Germany, has for the German pet food Cremer GmbH & co. KG (DTC) set up a B2B-shop for ordering of promotional materials of any kind. Since December 2012 PORTICA takes over the entire advertising logistics article storage and picking as a full-service provider to the shipping. In the first step, all sales and support staff of Dusseldorf compound suppliers have access to the closed Web shop. Especially the flexibility of PORTICA, to incorporate the special needs of DTC in the conception of the shop, was relevant to the decision for the company. This related to a function of imitation so a way to the identity theft which allows Super administrators to login as an employee on whose account and to make orders for them.

It occurs in the B2B area “focus on efficiency on”, explains Norbert Haab, PRINCE 2 certified head of professional services at PORTICA. For many salespeople from DTC it means a considerable relief, if they can quickly place an order between two dates using the call.” Then a super administrator for the appropriate employee makes the order in the system. The imitation, the employee has donated full transparency, because all notifications and information will be sent to him. Budgets are charged correctly, so that no subsequent complications. In terms of speed also the new quick order form advantageous, which has integrated PORTICA also at the request of DTC in the Web shop.

Short products can in the order form here immediately be entered and collected in the shopping cart. The budget model of the PORTICA shops, the solution is based on, has been developed for DTC. Here, special budgets are now for a Christmas order and personal budgets to the Available.



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Analysis rated 16 providers of solutions for B2B integration Frankfurt am Main, December 07, 2010 – Forrester research positions Axway in his market analysis “the Forrester Wave: comprehensive integration solutions, Q4 2010” as a leader. In his analysis, Forrester Research evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of technologies from Axway, and 15 other providers of complete solutions for B2B integration (CIS, comprehensive integration solution). According to the report is the business interaction networks company Axway for years a leading provider of B2B integration solutions with managed file transfer support. Then, Axway has many years of experience in the field of application integration. The company’s new, expanded product portfolio includes high-performance modeling, application development, integration server and process integration capabilities BPMN-based (business process modeling notation). Forrester finds that more and more organisations in tackling their most complex integration problems on CIS solutions fall back. These offer significant advantages and provide, for example, for a better integration of internal applications, a smoother transfer of important business files as well as a more effective B2B and MFT data exchange. In turn, these mission-critical initiatives bring a variety of integration problems with it, especially in the areas of safety, transfer efficiency and visibility of the content processing.

To facilitate the control of data flows the customers, Axway end-to-end integration solutions provides for a complex data exchange within the company and with external partners, suppliers and customers. Their visibility -, policy management and community management features enable complex integration problems. A salient feature of the company’s integration solutions is to support the integration at the file level, associated with the processing of large file content. It requires a powerful and scalable environment. Based on the synchrony platform with which Integration technology allows to manage the processing of data and software from anywhere and in any format, monitor, and secure. Regardless of the complexity and the volume of data put the robust Axway end-to-end integration solutions to establish global companies in the location, dynamic connections with customers and partners.