PR Power Modular

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“New offer for IT recruitment agency despite the currently good market situation experts see risky cliffs for startups in the project brokerage because it a service is where the customer not necessarily immediately recognizes the USP compared to the competitors in our business, it is very hard to exist permanently in this market and in the ranks of the top to rise 10”, explains Thomas Gotzfried, Chairman of the Board of Goetzfried AG and member of the Executive Committee of the Allgeier group. “And if the waves beat something, the speedboats as the tankers capsize as we know more.” To minimize the risks, requires a proactive corporate communications, which continuously and sustainably explains the USP of the personnel service provider the customer of the project as well as the IT professionals. Many brokers can’t afford but an excellent PR support through specialized agencies IT, without endangering their liquidity”, white Frank Kosching, Department head of IT in the pilot: Projekt GmbH. The Hanoverian Communication experts designed a modular PR service offer, the PR Toolbox for project facilitator and recruiter in the information technologies. The portfolio ranges from the media monitoring of press kits and article service CEO profiling online-relations to the networking. The special feature: Each of the ten tools can be ordered separately and combined with other modules. In this sector we enter with the Toolbox Neuland. We offer tailored PR and public relations a tool box, and each customer can put together his instruments to depending on the budget and corporate strategy even under fair conditions and at full cost transparency”, Kosching magazine has developed the Toolbox based on his experience as the former editor-in-Chief of the IT business magazine Resoom explains..

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