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Visit Pregnancy

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Lacquer polish, deodorants, color cosmetics and fragrances anathema because they contain 'harmful' acid-alkali. In fact, all modern cosmetics before they go on sale, subject to strict dermatological control, and for pregnant women are just as safe as all other consumers. Problem may be only exacerbate the sense of smell: aroma of your favorite toilet water or hair spray instead of pleasant sensations will cause nausea. Visit a beauty salon, in which specific odors are always a lot, also becomes problematic. But on the other hand, nobody stops you to pick a neutral smelling cosmetics, and engage in a self or causing experts to your home. Myth number 4.

About sex have to forget all nine months and even more in the book of the xviii century 'On Russian folk obstetrics' describes the custom, according to which the 'husband pregnant just before the birth commits intercourse with her, pointing the way baby. " In those days, doctors believed that after prenatal sex easier disclosed cervix, and the weakness of labor almost does not happen. Incidentally, the doctors of the xxi century this method obsolete not think so. Moreover, they argue: sex during pregnancy not only is not contraindicated, but, in contrast, has a beneficial effect on the organism of mother and baby. But, of course, if there are no contraindications. Sex is not recommended during the first two and the last months of pregnancy: it is in these times of increased risk of preterm delivery. In addition, restrictions apply on those days when should was menstruating happen if it were not for pregnancy. At this time, the risk of miscarriage increases slightly, as a woman's body used to the cyclical changes and emptying of the uterus.

The rest of the receiving the pleasure of intimacy no one forbids it. In addition, most women in this period for the first time a truly awakened sexual desire, and it was during pregnancy, many experiencing first orgasm of life. There are inverse statistics: 35% female libido during pregnancy decreases or disappears altogether. Such a change in sexuality and unpleasant affects the woman herself and her husband, but fear not: the libido is completely restored some time after birth. Myth number 5. Pregnant women eat the dirtiest This myth is only partially truthful. During pregnancy, the taste preferences of women do sometimes get strange shapes. The point is hormonal changes. It was hormones affect the taste buds are female, forcing her to seek new sensations. There is also a theory that the signals from the body, according to what a woman is missing and what should be discarded. For example, if a future mother, before coffee drinkers liter, now sickened by one of its smell, it is quite possible, so the body wants to insure the mother and baby from toxins. Appeared irresistible urge to Fruit? Most likely, you do not have enough carbohydrates. Well, if you want ice cream crazy, it's probably a signal of lack of dairy products. Also do not forget that during pregnancy the body changes occur changing flora of the stomach and intestines, sometimes there is heartburn and nausea. That is why the mom-and starts to drink kefir hitherto unloved or 'contrary' milk. A passion for the Cretaceous, clay and other 'building materials' often talk about possible diseases, such as the anemia.



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Most attention is required to hair after childbirth. The enrichment of oils Skin care and hair care – an excellent way to maintain your beauty. Aromatherapy massage with oil is recommended to help the body to handle the additional load, prevent the development of cellulite, the appearance of stretch marks. In Pregnancy big burden falls on the lower back. Your condition will facilitate the grinding of a mixture of 2 tablespoons of the oil-base and 2 drops of the oils of sandalwood and lavender. Pain may also withdraw a warm bath with 6 drops lavender oil.

During pregnancy the mammary gland increases in volume and require particularly careful treatment. Use gentle massage oil: Add 3 drops of geranium and orange to a tablespoon of sweet butter almonds. Almond oil – an excellent remedy for fissures and sore nipples that arise when breastfeeding. In the last months of pregnancy, women often experience uncomfortable feelings, including those due to sudden fetal movements. During this period, frequent sleep disturbances. Take a relaxing bath with oils of neroli and ylang-ylang. The total number of oil should not exceed 8 drops. To make it easier to fall asleep, put on the edge of the pillowcases 2 drops lavender.

Avoid stretch marks often occur during pregnancy will help your daily gentle massage the abdomen and thighs with a special mixture – 1 tablespoon almond oil, jojoba or wheat germ oil with 3 drops petitgreyna or neroli. Begin a massage from 5 months of pregnancy and continuing after birth, until you return to your original weight. Edema of feet can be reduced by cool foot baths with oil of orange, lemongrass or lemon – add 2 drops directly into the bowl with water. During the rest keep his legs elevated by placing them under a pillow or cushion. During pregnancy, often in the legs blood circulation and swollen veins. Mix 2 tablespoons almond oil with 2 drops of lemongrass, 2 drops of cypress and 2 drops of lavender. This stress relieving blend of gentle movements daily anoint thee with his feet. If the veins visibly act, the best effect can be achieved by geranium oil (note that for pregnant women must be heavily diluted!). Add 4 drops of geranium in 1 tablespoon oil-base and lightly promassiruyte feet from the bottom up. The best remedy for morning sickness is essential mint oil. It can inhale from the bottle, carry aromamedalon or add in small amounts in the bath.


Week 4 of Pregnancy

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Week 4. At the end of this week you wonder where zapropastilis monthly, and you begin to suspect they are pregnant. Your child is on the third day after fertilization, began to produce the hormone hcg (human chorionic gonadotropin). During this week your child a zygote becomes an embryo, and so we call it before the 10th week. At the end of the week your baby is the size of 0,4-1 mm – as a grain of sand. Week 5. Notice the amazing (for those who have not yet had children), fatigue, breasts can become super sensitive. Last week the child consisted of two layers, this week added a third.

Ectoderm becomes the skin, hair, nervous system, tooth enamel. Endoderm will develop in the limbs and digestive tract. Mesoderm becomes a skeleton, muscles, excretory, reproductive and circulatory systems. On the back of the embryo is formed a groove, which is folding, will be nervous tube. Neural tube sequence becomes a chord, spinal cord and nervous system. By the end of the week on both sides of the neural tube formed segments – prototypes of the muscles and bones. It starts with the formation of cardio- vascular system. First of all mesodermal cells flasks appear – in a child, in the yolk sac and in a yellow body. In the chest there is a primitive heart – a tube, at the end of the week blood cells come from the shell yolk sac and are sold through a child by contractions of the heart-tube.


Nutrition And Human Health .

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On materials lists on nutrition of modern man. Nutrition is one of those important environmental factors that from birth until the last moments of life are excited on the human body. Nutrients, transformed in the process of metabolism in the structural elements of cells in our body, fully ensure the physical and mental performance, determine the health and human lifespan. Violations in the diet always lead to some negative consequences. Therefore, rational, appropriate age, profession, health food is regarded as the most important factor prevention of most human diseases. The problem of preserving health and prolonging life has always been and continues to be one of the most important and relevant in biology and medicine problems.

The results of epidemiological surveys and statistical studies of the last two or three decades show a dramatic slowing of progress in increasing life expectancy of industrial developed countries of Europe and a significant increase in the incidence of these diseases that 30-40 years ago, is much rarer than at present. One of the important etiological cause of many types of pathology is a significant change in the structure and quality of nutrition. E. Wynder, for example, believes that at least 50% of cancers in women and 33% in men are due directly to nutritional factors. The population of the countries with the highest prevalence of this type of pathology on average consume 29% more fat, 320% more protein and at least 2 times less fiber (dietary fiber) than the population of the countries where the incidence of cancer of the smallest. .


Diet – NUTRITION Blood Group

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On the division of blood into different groups known not so long ago. At the beginning of the century difference in the properties of different blood groups by Karl Landsteiner discovered – an Austrian scientist and Jan Jansky – Czech doctor. Since then, work on the study of blood does not cease and scholars put forward more and more new hypotheses, including, and the emergence of different blood groups. One of these hypotheses – the emergence of a result of natural selection during the evolution of human development. Then is the oldest and most ancient is the first group of blood, which was with the Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon. After you follow the first and second group of blood, which had the people of later ages – sedentary tribes and the first emigrants in Europe and Asia, respectively.

Well, while the fourth, the youngest group of blood, is the result of mixing of all blood groups. We now turn to the practical application of this hypothesis. What you need to have the holder of a blood group and What sport is preferable for him? The first group of blood. Your main product is meat and fish. You can eat them every day, it is reasonable portion of the loss and fat product. Others including Brookfield Brasil, offer their opinions as well.

Also useful for all products vegetable origin. The exceptions are all kinds of cabbage, which affects the thyroid, and corn, which affects the production of insulin. It is also worth to limit consumption of fruits with high content acid – oranges and tangerines.


Technology Management

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We can not live, for example, without the proteins that make up the structural framework of cells, are the enzymes, hormones, nucleoproteins, fibrin, and many other vital substances. Nevertheless, such a valuable protein product, like meat, only eat if they can prove harmful for the body. Found in meat biogenic amines can enhance the tone of blood vessels and thereby increase blood pressure, and nucleic acids and purine bases – responsible for the development of gout. Excess consumption of other valuable protein product – cheese can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, the diet should be diversified by including in it and containing a milk protein, cottage cheese, fish or meat, and rich in vitamin A by us, but and minerals vegetables, fruits and fats, including vegetable oils, which contain the body needs fatty acids. Not even having any useful substances cellulose (plant fiber), vegetables and fruit, too the body needs, as it promotes the development of digestive juices, increase intestinal peristalsis, thereby regulating its activity and removes from the body excess cholesterol.

Person who is not suffering from diseases of the digestive system is always useful to combine these products: if less valuable vegetable protein bread or cereal supplemented with milk protein, cottage cheese, meat or fish, containing essential amino acids. There are combination products that contribute the most complete digestion of the protein: for example, buckwheat is useful with milk, bread and milk or yogurt, flour products (of course, only those who are not inclined to completeness) are useful with cheese, meat or fish. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition accelerates the aging process – this is the conclusion of scientists of the Institute of Natural Resources of Japan Science and Technology Management. Having studied the life 3 thousand people over the age of 65 years, they have identified a direct relationship between diet and physical activity levels, which was chosen by them as the main indicator of age. Older people believe that the monotonous and low-calorie foods most appropriate to their age. However, studies have shown that in the best shape are people eating varied. Scientists emphasize that the pledge of courage – to maximum variety of daily menus. They are advised not to succumb to a fashionable hobby different diets, of course, if these diets are not prescribed by a doctor.

Incorrectly come some people since childhood without using separate products and dishes from them. Some, for example, do not eat milk, while others – the fish, the third – fruits, etc. In this way they put your body in very adverse conditions, permanently depriving it of essential nutrients. Institute of Nutrition developed values of the physiological needs for nutrients and energy. In accordance with these recommendations, caloric intake adult working population is normalized according to the intensity labor.


Pregnancy and Nutrition

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Torchinova Irina Head Office of gynecological clinic MerMed, a gynecologist and endocrinologist, a doctor of the highest category. tel. (495) 980-72-17 Pregnancy – a test of a woman's health. If the female body all balanced and harmonious, the pregnancy – is the best and most amazing time in my life. During pregnancy a woman's attitude changed and it was at this time, she should receive only positive emotions and warm care of themselves from others close to her. To correct the course of pregnancy should respect the work and rest, nutrition, hygiene. The diet should be individualized, with high calorific, vitamin, easily digestible, rich in complete proteins and minerals.

Eat small meals should be up to 5 – 6 times a day, with the exception of spicy food and alcohol. Eat Right! The ration must include: dairy products, because they contain calcium, fish, meat – a source of protein, fruits and vegetables – sources of vitamins and fiber. Should be avoided: tea, coffee in large quantities, excessive salt intake and sugar – this leads to fluid retention. Give up soft drinks as they contain large amounts of sugar, preservatives, carbon dioxide, which can lead to allergic reactions. Let us recall the winged expression: "The sun, air and water – our best friends" – it is for us could not be more helpful. Pregnant woman should strictly observe hygiene: daily shower and change clothes. Lingerie – cotton, freely, without constraining movements; comfortable shoes without heels (because the uncomfortable shoes can lead to cramping calf muscle, edema of the legs, varicose veins of the lower extremities).