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Mari Angels

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Approaching the date magical for children, three kings day always has been the day of the illusion par excellence for the majority of children, see their faces as they discover the gifts priceless, but we know that Yes, it costs money, that is why this year instead of resorting to the usual gifts of toys, we have chosen to give to the children of the family things that are useful to themhis parents, our friends and brothers, surely so appreciate us. The nephews are still small, which even we could benefit from multiple bids offers the Cuc, also had the experience of having worked with them when born our niece Mari Angels and on that occasion made a list of birth which we did very well to the family, could remember what gifts did each and having a delivery and Assembly service. The list offers us was an opportunity to give multiple add-ins which in principle were not strictly necessary, but at the moment they could be the gift that was completing any small need, since the safety seat approved to a simple toiletry bag, solar, furniture protectors at a very good price, had trouble deciding. I consulted with my sister who was what was most needed and the list was very wide, at the end we were what most would solve it was a comfortable, the volume of clothes grew and was becoming more complicated to have site where to save it. I spoke with my brothers and told them the idea, they also seemed, in some ways, took them the concern of having to find, everyone agreed that I would charge me gift and we agreed a budget. I was looking at the web page of the Cuc different models of comfortable who had, the kind of lacquered, colors, types of knobs, in the end there was a very large range of options, at the end I had to go back to consult with my sister, what measures could have the furniture? A week earlier had all resolved, finally opted for a comfortable two doors with panels of fiber and lacquered in white, with a very large internal distribution; my niece doesn’t even know but surely coexist with this comfortable many years..


Pregnancy Bleeding

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Spontaneous miscarriage – this is an extremely serious complication of pregnancy, which occurs in the early stages pregnancy and usually begins with the bleeding. Bleeding, indicating incipient abortion, may be small and painless. However, it does not stop after a short time, but continues increase in the intensity and the accompanying discomfort. Spontaneous miscarriage occurs in several stages: threatening miscarriage, started a miscarriage, abortion in progress, incomplete and full of spontaneous miscarriage. Difference between these stages is just the intensity of bleeding and the presence of pain. When threatened miscarriage bleeding from the genital tract pregnant are extremely scarce in nature, the pain usually absent or manifested aching sensations in the abdomen.

Uterus at the same time has not yet changed, and with the active and timely treatment can save the pregnancy. Started miscarriage is characterized by slow bleeding cramping pain character. The cervix at this stage of miscarriage may already be slightly shortened, while the outer mouth slightly opened. Status of women in this case remains satisfactory and, if properly administered treatment may continuation of the pregnancy. If omitted, and this time, it is almost impossible to maintain pregnancy, and in addition, severe bleeding during abortion in progress calls for urgent hospitalization in which performed curettage of the uterine cavity, with compensation of blood loss, depending on its size and status of women. Spotting for incomplete abortion are significant, are usually dark-red color, they can notice clots. Bleeding accompanied by labor-pains in the abdomen.

Emergency care is scraping the uterus, removing remnants of fetal eggs; compensation of blood loss, depending on its volume and condition of the woman. If there was a complete miscarriage, the bleeding there, because fertilized egg is completely separated from the uterus. The only thing to do in this case the doctor is to scraping the cavity uterus to there remained a part of ovum. Spontaneous abortions, as sadly, are fairly common cause of uterine bleeding during pregnancy. Another reason bleeding during pregnancy may be ectopic pregnancy, ie a situation in which the fertilized egg is not fixed in the body of the uterus, and tubes or cervix. Unobserved time ectopic pregnancy can lead to rupture of the cervix and even death. Therefore, at the first sign of sickness (bleeding from the genital organs, combined with subjective signs of pregnancy: toxicosis, engorgement of the mammary glands, etc.) should immediately contact a doctor. However, note that bleeding, indicative of an ectopic pregnancy occurs when a woman does not know about the pregnancy at all. So that the bleeding pregnancy, this situation can be attributed quite arbitrarily. Based on inspection, testing and ultrasound diagnosis of a doctor immediately determine whether there is inflammation, which could cause bleeding as the pregnancy proceeds, there is a threat miscarriage. With proper and timely treatment of many complications are avoided, our doctors are always trying to preserve the pregnancy, even at very early dates.


Fast Weight Loss

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You need to know how to lower fast weight indeed and? , you are tired of diets that do not work to become thin quickly? , comes near an important event in your life and you want to lower fast weight to shine spectacular? , you only have one week to ponerte in form and to reclaim your figure. If anyone of these is your case, finds an effective solution to your problem. How to lower of fast weight it is the objective of the majority of the people with overweight problems, when they are put under a diet to become thin. In spite of which many feel, as to lower of weight it is not a mysterious process. It is simply question to burn more calories of those than they are consumed. Nevertheless, if this outside so simple one, no of us would face overweight problems or equivocal me? To lose weight can become a true martyrdom when we thought that we must make something very drastic to see the results fast diets to lose weight, tablets to become thin, homemade remedies or some of those strange machines of exercises to burn fat that are seen in the commercial ones promising instantaneous results.

The truth about how to lower of weight is the following one: There are small changes every day and slowly (but surely) you will be able to thin those kilos of but of fast way. The key to know as to lower of fast weight and indeed it is in forgetting instantaneous results and determining objectives in the long term. Nevertheless I want ofrecerte some tips that they will help to lower you of fast weight. Instead of to fry, it boils or it cooks its food. It drinks 6 or 8 glasses of water to the day. Outside the meals. It tries to go every day bathroom regularly.

The elimination of remainders is important. It sleeps eight hours since to sleep little it gets fat. The insufficient dream brings about the generation of the hormone that stimulates the appetite and inhibits the one that signals to the brain satiety. It incorporates healthy and healthful meals. It avoids the fast frituras, meals and fats. To weigh itself every day. This stimulates to that it continues or it improves his esferzo to become thin. Not to eat nothing one hour at least before lying down.


Baby Toys

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The house had a child For any family, of course, this whole event. And then it starts a stir. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and, of course, dad ran on to the shops in search of "all the basic necessities for newly-made mother and little tot: diapers, undershirts, sterilisers, bottles, etc.-other-stuff. Then, when the commotion died down a bit, and all family members are slowly starting to get used to his new role, "Advanced" parents numerous journals about early development, taken as a "great deal": the development of their young offspring. Naturally, the house appeared rattles, mobile over the crib, books, baby, in home classical music, adapted for the kids, mom learns manic nursery rhymes and studying techniques of Glenn Doman, Montessori, Game Nikitin, Zaitseva cubes, blocks Denysha in a word, reigned in the house idyll. Time passes, children's room opens new toys, too, developing (logical pyramid, designers, mosaic) and not very much. Mom, look into all development programs, resigned to the fact that the regular classes all "necessary" procedures is not possible, exhausting and often simply not suitable for her child, that child development centers – sometimes just a pleasant pastime for her baby and free time for her.

And concerns have often others – it's time to garden, work and a time has come to do. The child waited deserved rest (before training school). Here is when parents begin to lean toward the view that a child has "too many toys, starting upset that he's not playing "useful toys," and that "he generally does not need anything other than rampant rage or watching cartoons.



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In recent years, and it can not but rejoice, entered the market Russian manufacturers of children's winter clothing and are able to compete in this segment – Orby, Little Man, etc. In the second segment represented by children's clothing at lower prices. This children's clothing Polish and Chinese manufacturers, manufacturers from Germany, Russia, etc. Temperature conditions in the garment is less and ranges from minus 15 to minus 20 degrees, depending on the manufacturer. However, in the opinion of parents, in this winter clothes children rarely freeze.

Ask yourself one question – how long you will stay on a walk with your child of frost at above -15 oz If you are looking for top children's clothes for spring and autumn in the children's clothes, designed for spring and autumn, it is important to permit the air, or as they say in common, "breathe." In these clothes baby will not overheat, and it is known the basic rule when dealing with colds. Overheating first provocateur disease, which is why a very critical attitude and to the amount of clothes, dress under the cloak. Range of brands on the demi-season nursery clothing is very high. Manufacturers of Canada and Finland – Kerry, Gusti protect our children from wind and water, making the waterproof and windproof clothing. Orby – as always, goes into the new season with a new collection. Jackets, kits and suits from this manufacturer please everyone.

But do not lag behind them Italian, Polish, Russian brands, letting each season nice and trendy models. If you are looking for clothes for newborns to newly parents to buy clothes for babies is a pleasure. The choice is huge. Pay special attention to quality children's clothing. Do not buy too many clothes, baby out of it very quickly grow. Take care that would the kid was not hot. And just enjoy this beautiful and difficult period in the life of both parents – time flies very quickly. If you are looking for elegant or everyday children's clothes as glad when a child is dressed beautiful. Compliments, tempered in the address of your offspring, always our pride and his parents. In this hard work – a beautiful selection of everyday children's clothes, you will help brands such as: MotionWear – collection of clothing beautiful, interesting, bright, colorful. We hope that our information has helped you a bit to orient in a huge range of children's clothing. We wish you a successful shopping


Kindergarten Tips

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Toys in the nursery – Down with the disorder. Any mother knows that to keep in order nursery is harder than the apartment as a whole. After unsuccessful attempts to accustom the child to put toys in place give up. When you realize that enter the room becomes simply dangerous (coming sometime in the box of bricks, cars, barrettes?) begins regular cleaning, which, though not for long enough. I envy the parents who are not familiar with this pattern, but I've never had a chance to personally meet those lucky ones.

While kids are small, everything seems to be simply: "Well that they take it as a child, and the most easier and faster to do everything." Here it is, a common mistake compassionate parents – we miss the most precious time. The time when any request for an adult child does with joy when any mother's word is an oracle. Better now spend an extra hour to ensure that lay a few bricks in place than to spend all day examining the "warehouse". And when the time lost, we are looking dejectedly at the floor littered with odds and ends. Upon closer examination it turns out dolls, cars, some badges, soft and plastic toys, and often, things do not classifiable. Inadvertently pose the question: where is and where to put it all? Then you begin to understand, if we adults do not know where to put it, so that it lay on the ground that are already talking about the baby.


The Child

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Talk with the candidate on various topics, with descriptions of prompting the smallest detail, so you can spot the contradiction in the words of a man, and this may indicative of deception. This manner of interviewing candidates to help you and get to know the style of work, behavior and character traits. Ask her what she looks serials, during their show, this will help you determine whether a person is reliable, good faith is related to the work. These ingenious tricks and your attention during the interview will help you learn about a person much more, and even what he used to not talk to answers to direct questions. But remember, keep the conversation carefully, sown distrust and suspicion to their curiosity. Ask questions easily, though decided to just ask to gossip. All questions must be set, like as, among other things.

How does the letter Any letter of recommendation nurse or governess consists of two parts: the formal and informal. In the formal part of the letter of recommendation indicated: initials (last name, first name) specialist, date of birth or full age, the data of the passport, residence or place of actual residence, the period of work in the family, gender and child's age, race duties. Informal part of the recommendation is a description of the expert: describes the quality of personality, attitude, manner to build a relationship with the child and other family members. An important point – this is an indication of the reasons departure from the previous place of work. In the final part of the letter former employers may recommend a nanny or governess as a good professional to work in another family that is very well characterized by a person with professional side. In this part, the employer can emphasize, highlight professional and personal qualities that are considered most valuable. As a rule, emotional advice most valuable, as they tell the candidate more fully as a person and as a professional. Reliable recommendation ends the contact information the previous employer, indicating full name and phone, which will further discuss candidate.

If you are satisfied If you're completely satisfied conversation with a nanny and a good recommendation, yet insure. Do yourself a copy of the documents nannies, after checking the passport, employment records, diploma education, medical certificates. Great help in this matter could become an independent qualified specialist, able to suggest and advise in the selection of nurses: assistance under the force of our agency have a nanny. We hope that our tips will help you find a good, decent professional who will be an excellent nanny for your child.


Difficulty Maturation

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Circulatory disturbances in the cortical zones of any location can leave traces of a lifetime, if the child could not recover on their own. Agree that parents and pediatricians and neonatal difficult to understand that hypoxic changes in the parietal area may respond to the complexities of setting and achieving goals ("goal setting") at certain stages of development. Proven fact that the transferred ischemia in line with striate arteries of the right hemisphere of the brain contributes to a susceptibility to depression, as hardly known to the public. Attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, emotional-volitional disorders, convulsive reaction , incorrect posture, delayed speech development, impaired sleep formula You can go on forever, but it might be better to see a specialist? What is the meaning advice neurologist? Evaluating a complex all the information about pregnancy, stage of labor, ultrasound picture of the infant's brain, the data is an objective examination of the neurologist can not only identify those hidden from conventional views to be trouble in the maturation or the restoration of brain structures, but also predict the difficulty in forming certain functions in the absence of proper treatment. If the prescribed treatment? Treatment of any lesions of the nervous system is most effective in infants under 1 year of age. Up to 2 years of life the brain the child will grow in volume by 2,5 times. Timely appointment of drugs that stabilize the intracranial pressure, improve metabolism in the nerve cell and activate the maturation and the restoration of the affected neurons.


Pregnancy Hardships

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Not every can devote themselves to continuing the fight for their happiness But despite all this, there are brave souls among us who do not go in the wake of public opinion and build their lives as their heart dictates: create a family devote themselves to each other, have children and are very happy. Svetlana in my personal life, everything turned a little differently. It is known that from the outset in every woman laid maternal instinct. And while growing up, she wisely aware that due to movement disorders, it is unlikely it will be possible to experience the feeling of motherhood, the heart continued to hope for a miracle. For a long time, she is jealous of the good for all pregnant women, their rapid the future of motherhood. But in the thirty-three years and she will be lucky to experience this feeling. However, by the beginning of her joy was not shared by almost no one: neither parents nor friends, except two or three people. Doctors, immediately, with one voice, insisting on an abortion.

"But how can you go nine months with such a burden? And how to give birth at such a spastic diplegia? What if a child too sick to be born? "- They terrified her. Svetlana excited only at the last occasion. Although she knew that cerebral palsy in most cases is inherited. Decided, against all odds, to keep the baby. Time the Lord gave such happiness means to survive When her pregnancy became noticeable, Svetlana saw that many others, it causes shock.