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Food Points

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Plus, on Saturdays and Sundays for a walk along the beach. CAROLINA Diekmann, 29 kg for 10 months from Isabel, "Mistress of Destiny" a diet "10 points" developed by her personal physician, endocrinologist, Guillermo de Azevedo (Guilherme de Azevedo). He is author of "Diet" 10 points ": there is to lose weight – it's easier than do you think ( Dieta nota 10: comer e emagrecer e mais simples do que se imagina ). With this system, Carolina lost weight for the role of Camila in the TV series "Family Ties" and later resorted to it again, when very strong, at 29 kg, recovered after the birth of son's Jose. Based on of sex, height and weight of the patient's calculated his ideal weight.

According to it, set the number of food points that need to consume during the day. If you regularly load themselves physically, the number of food points increases. Score corresponds to about 2 calories, but for some products, this correspondence is changing up or down. Your menu should be balanced so that 20% there were whites, 30% fat and 50% carbohydrates. In the case of Carolina Dieckmann, whose height is 162 cm, her daily diet should be packed in 500 points. There can be anything, anytime, with one condition: to fit in the calculated number of points.

Caroline always left half points allowed for dinner. Of these, backed up 100 points on 30-gram piece of chocolate. When the hunger became unbearable, she ate a granola bar (20 points) and drink a Diet cola. She ate a lot of salads with fresh vegetables and herbs with lavash. The advantages of a diet: a varied menu and the lack of a ban on favorite foods. So, Carolina Dieckmann, who simply can not live without chocolate, had a right night eat a piece of chocolate or a cup of chocolate milk. To do this she had to meet only in points. For example, on a day when she ate a piece of chocolate, rather than to eat three spoonfuls of rice for lunch with two spoonfuls of beans, she took up a spoonful of each serving. Allowed: All. Greens, onions, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli do not have the scores and they can be eaten without restriction. Lover of lettuce Carolina allowed to eat his whole head and not to suffer pangs of conscience. Lack of diets: hunger.