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Cordoba Products

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At the time of the souvenirs and gifts, Mina Clavero, Cordoba, typical products are always a good choice, produced by the wise and agile hands of craftsmen and tejenderos of the area.On the road of the artisans and the meeting of Tejenderos the admiration that produce each of the objects, for the thorough and professional work which are made is irreproducible. From the simplicity of the delicious traditional food: sweets, liquors, alfajores and outstanding olive oil; to the incomparable pieces of silty black earth, inspired by the black pottery of the Comechingones, passing through a variety of tissues, Indians all the typical products of Mina Clavero, Cordoba, leave it open-mouthed. The comechingones lived in the sierras de Cordoba, in the central region of the Argentina; occupying what today is the area of Calamuchita, San Javier and Los Molinos. The Comechingon term comes from Serrania comi or sierra, chin people and the suffix gon plural of the word people, peoples of the mountains. With the foundation of Cordoba in 1573, he began the slow but inexorable process of extinction as it is order, mestizaje, diseases brought by the white-European battles against the Spaniards, all of which was shrinking their number and influence in the region. Not just to buy them but to appreciate them, a region’s typical products recount the history of a people, their culture, their customs and the changes that have occurred with the passage of time. An unforgettable and recommendable experience.