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Prevent Hemorrhoids

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The diet is an important point which should not be neglected for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a serious issue, can be also treated and addressed. That it comes to this phenomenon is due to chance, but rather often the poor diet of those affected. Several studies show that there is a direct relationship between the diet and the hemorrhoids. Therefore should the own nutrition behavior necessarily more respected. A good diet tip against promotes obesity hemorrhoids or against the ailments when hemorrhoids is the healthy diet. Obesity promotes the emergence of suffering, which is why healthy food should be on the menu. Fruit and vegetables, and whole grains (whole wheat, are a sound basis for a rich diet.

Much can already be achieved with small details. Switching from toast on whole wheat toast is thus, for example, a first step to tackle the suffering hemorrhoids. It is important However, that man in the diet focuses on its impact. Fruits and vegetables contain fructose in part, is why appropriate compatibility ensure. Dietary fiber are important fiber is very important in terms of a healthy and balanced diet. These do not only tired, but can actively do something about hemorrhoids.

The fiber can be found not only in fruit and vegetables, but especially whole grains have it in themselves. The daily ratsamen 30 grams of dietary fiber can be achieved already by whole wheat toast or a Vollkornweckerl according to. Also brown rice is an interesting tip. With the amount of fiber of the day can, demand while at the same time, this creates a rich alternative to unhealthy French fries. Variety in the diet food can be fun, despite some limitations. Just the variety is important, thus unilaterally to feed on the human body. Almonds and legumes can an important Represent admixture, which brings great taste with them. At the same time important body substances contained in these foods, which complete the holistic nutrition. This should be avoided with the right diet hemorrhoids can be avoided or addressed. There are foods that should be avoided are but. Hemorrhoids the intestinal mucosa should be tempted as little as possible, which is why, for example, curry or chilli should be avoided as a spice. An alternative to the waiver represents quite in this regard taking dose small quantities. For coffee or sweets, but various food additives such as preservatives and dyes, it is to say the same thing. Watch her own diet for hemorrhoids.


Food And Nutrition

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The Units of Feeding and Nutrio (UAN) are organizations destined to the preparation and supply of quality meals. In the context of the alimentary Security, the UANs needs to present adequate structural and hygienical-sanitary conditions in all the stages of the production chain that involves since the process of acquisition of sorts until the distribution of the ready meal to the comensais. Therefore, this study it had for objective to evaluate the structural and hygienical-sanitary conditions of all the areas of two UAN? s, concessionaires of meals located in the Macap-AP city, which supply to meals the two public hospitals of the City. For in such a way, in the direction to get the index of in agreement or not in agreement item of each establishment a called check-list was used ‘ ‘ Chek-List’ ‘.

The gotten results had disclosed that both the establishments had not presented superior conformity 60%, being classified in GROUP II, (51% 75%) of the adequate item. These data can serve in such a way of base for a proposal of corrective actions in physical structure as in the hygienical-sanitary conditions. Word-key: check-list; Units of Feeding and Nutrition; Infrastructure in services of Feeding. Abstract Units of Food and Nutrition (HFS) ploughs organizations aimed at the preparation and supply of quality food. In the context of food security, the foodservices must present structural conditions and appropriate hygienic and sanitary at all stages of the production since it involves the acquisition of genres you the distribution of ready meal you diners. Therefore, this study aimed you assess the structural conditions and hygienic-sanitary conditions of all areas of FSU’ s two, dealers dining in the City of Macap-AP, which provide meals at two public hospitals in the City.