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It Relaxes And It Enjoys!

by HFCadmin ·

It relaxes and it enjoys! It relaxes and it enjoys! If the streets had been made with stone pavements to only support workshops and to take pedestrians to the hospital, relaxes and enjoys! After all, what it would happen if they were passable, tarred, with strolls of deficient pedestrian and prepared pra? Nobody would stumble, cars would not break, etc, etc, etc Unemployment would be the result, relaxes! It relaxes and it enjoys! If the wage does not arrive in the way it month and it does not obtain to amortize the debts, it relaxes, it enjoys! It thinks that the happiness does not come through money, is not in rechonchudas accounts, nor in beach house, mansions, imported cars. It walks the foot, thus the planet is thankful. Money is thing of the devil, is better not to have it and to go sky pro. It relaxes and it enjoys! It relaxes and it enjoys. If they had invented that here it is a safe port, believes. It is better to live in a maquiado hell of oasis that to walk for the darknesses and to murmur between the folds.

It brings alongside its dreams in this port and prays so that it does not come a vagalho and it sinks its hope. It relaxes it enjoys! It relaxes and it enjoys! If the table is empty and if pra is necessary to take off milk of rocks to take the bread of each day pra house, calm. It thinks that without food you never will be one obeso, its pressure will be the 12/8 and its excellent glicemia. Food nor always makes well; it relaxes! It relaxes and it enjoys! If the education, the health, is a chaos, looks for to see the side positive. Pra what! to know and to know, if the more discerning, wilder we seem! Faith still is optimum remedy and thus a lace is prevented of mutilated swelling hospitals and ranks.

It relaxes and it enjoys! It relaxes and it enjoys! If the master wants assiduity, enjoys! If politicians want to buy its vote, relax; if its vacation is perpetual due to job, enjoys; if its money does not obtain nor to buy the necessary one, relaxes; if they want to make it maneuver mass, enjoys; if its life is a renhida fight, relaxes; if you must there, acol, alhures, enjoy; if its son to cry wanting what he cannot, relaxes. He relaxes, he enjoys, he relaxes. He relaxes and he enjoys! Catuaba with egg of codorna takes one, it dreams of Luana Piovani and it makes plans with the prize of the megassena that never goes to earn. It wants what it does not have, loves who cannot thus and summarizing: if fuck!