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The Child

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Talk with the candidate on various topics, with descriptions of prompting the smallest detail, so you can spot the contradiction in the words of a man, and this may indicative of deception. This manner of interviewing candidates to help you and get to know the style of work, behavior and character traits. Ask her what she looks serials, during their show, this will help you determine whether a person is reliable, good faith is related to the work. These ingenious tricks and your attention during the interview will help you learn about a person much more, and even what he used to not talk to answers to direct questions. But remember, keep the conversation carefully, sown distrust and suspicion to their curiosity. Ask questions easily, though decided to just ask to gossip. All questions must be set, like as, among other things.

How does the letter Any letter of recommendation nurse or governess consists of two parts: the formal and informal. In the formal part of the letter of recommendation indicated: initials (last name, first name) specialist, date of birth or full age, the data of the passport, residence or place of actual residence, the period of work in the family, gender and child's age, race duties. Informal part of the recommendation is a description of the expert: describes the quality of personality, attitude, manner to build a relationship with the child and other family members. An important point – this is an indication of the reasons departure from the previous place of work. In the final part of the letter former employers may recommend a nanny or governess as a good professional to work in another family that is very well characterized by a person with professional side. In this part, the employer can emphasize, highlight professional and personal qualities that are considered most valuable. As a rule, emotional advice most valuable, as they tell the candidate more fully as a person and as a professional. Reliable recommendation ends the contact information the previous employer, indicating full name and phone, which will further discuss candidate.

If you are satisfied If you're completely satisfied conversation with a nanny and a good recommendation, yet insure. Do yourself a copy of the documents nannies, after checking the passport, employment records, diploma education, medical certificates. Great help in this matter could become an independent qualified specialist, able to suggest and advise in the selection of nurses: assistance under the force of our agency have a nanny. We hope that our tips will help you find a good, decent professional who will be an excellent nanny for your child.


German Shepherd Training

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Now a lot of breeds of dogs, and everyone can choose a breed for everyone. The most versatile, popular and popular breed in the world is a German shepherd. German Shepherd refers to the dogs. It can be not just a pet, a good and loyal friend, and she trusted complicated an important and responsible job: border security, investigative service. German Shepherd wonderful and loyal guards, guide, rescue workers, ie the scope of the breed German Shepherds are almost limitless. And here you have created yourself chetveronogo other.

Immediately the question arises how and where to educate your friend or maybe yourself to do training? Dog training is very important point that you want to go serious, because a dog that did not pass training, will create problems for you. Dog training can be trusted to professionals who are in any nursery. There you can choose the course of training that you need: a basic course, general course of training, the rate for urban dogs, protective-sentry service or an individual course. German Shepherd – one of those breeds that are perfectly manageable. To teach German shepherd and a lot to train a dog should, in accordance with the intended future field of activity.


Cuisine Talk

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Today, every aspiring chef knows how to prepare dumplings, but few know that the very name of this dish sounds different. Living in the Urals, and who introduced this dish to Russian cooking, called it not "dumplings", and "drops-nurse." "Pel" – means "ear", "nurses" – the dough. Cooks What country first figured to combine meat and dough in such an original way – it is not known, but similar to ravioli dishes there are many culinary traditions. For example, in Chinese cuisine has a dish jiao zi, which is being prepared on the basis of pork and Chinese cabbage with ginger, sesame oil and red wine. In Central Asia, a dish similar to dumplings called "chuchvara", and the Caucasus – "Dyushbara.

In Italian cuisine analog dumplings are made ravioli and tortellini in Jewish cuisine – stronger. In Central Asia, the Caucasus and in Korea, slices of meat wrapped in dough, was referred to as posture, manta rays, zinkali, , Mandu. Classic "pelnyani" prescription Ural cuisine prepared with three types of test: 45% beef, 35% of mutton and 20% – of pork, with few peppers and onions, sometimes added chopped fresh herbs, fresh cabbage, shredded radishes – with meat stuffing vegetables is not brewed in a ball and not the shell breaks out of the test. According to legend, three kinds of meat dumplings recipe used no accident – the dish, the chef is sacrificing all kinds of home animals. In Tatar cuisine dumplings are made with lamb. In modern Russian cuisine dumplings are made from a mixture of beef and pork.

Ravioli shell has a special role – it should be as thin to the bulk of food was meat. This is due to the way of life: the peoples of the Urals, for example, were engaged in fishing game, so the meat was in excess, but flour was not enough, it was expensive and spent sparingly. If you move away from Classics, then as a filling, you can use venison, elk, or goose, turkey. There are recipes ravioli, which include the fish, lard, potatoes, cabbage. In ancient Uralic recipes mentioned eggs grouse, bustards and quails. Importantly, to keep the principle of preparation: dumplings should be stored frozen for a long time, and be prepared – in minutes immediately before use.