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removed for repair without moistening. Wallpaper for painting remain throughout all of what they promise: a natural attraction, beautiful design, the variety of color and luster. Where the walls are made for healthy living, with rooms radiate comfort and contribute to the excellent state of health. The possibility of staining allows you to combine colors, achieving a unique beauty in any room. When the label is used pva glue or any wallpaper paste for heavy vinyl wallpaper.

When moisture wall surface pasting wallpaper meaningless because they simply disappear. How to determine the moisture: the wall with adhesive tape attached piece of plastic film and if the surface is wet, then on the reverse side of the film formed droplets of condensation. Wallpapering for painting with Measure the desired length (the height of the wall), leaving a margin of 50 mm above and below for final fitting and cut rolls on cloth. Before you cut the wallpaper, it is necessary to pay attention to marking symbols are available on the insert (instructions) embedded in each roll of wallpaper, that is, on Rapport! Prepare the adhesive according to instructions. Kind of the glue depends on the weight and density of the wallpaper. The heavier the wallpaper, the thicker should be the glue.

For structural wallpaper for painting requires glue, a pack which is written: 'Glue heavy vinyl wallpaper 'or' structural adhesive for wallpaper for painting '. In principle you can use glue for heavier wallpaper, if you consider purchased a margin of safety? appropriate. The mixed adhesive should be leave for 30 minutes to swell. When applied structural Wallpaper that we offer in your catalog, the adhesive should be applied to the wall, rather than wallpaper. Dry segment Wallpaper imposed on the treated surface and the adhesive with roller (can be another tool, but in any case it should not scratch the vinyl cover) and press to remove air bubbles. When a small square room pasting the walls start from the window, and at large – from the most large element of the room. Check out the bonding is necessary in the place where the intersection of the two surfaces will be the least visible: over the door in the corner behind the fireplace, away from the window, where curtains conceal the joints or in a corner, where it will be high furniture. Subsequent cuts of glued joint to joint. For a beautiful interface foamed vinyl wallpaper method 'double slit'. For cutting with overlapping use a sharp knife and metal ruler. It should be hard to squeeze a ruler, cut the thickness of two layers of wallpaper, then remove the scrap, raise the corner of the cloth and slowly remove the remaining cut piece from the wall. This method is used on all sites that not fit to kontsa.Pri pasting room wallpaper should avoid extreme heat or drafts. Best wallpaper dry at room temperature, while the seams are not at odds. Painting wallpaper can begin only after full drying. Under normal circumstances, wallpaper dry 24-36 hours. If, before hanging wallpaper color from the inside, you'll get white relief on a colored background, as the front surface of a thick vinyl coating remain white and the non-woven base impregnated with paint, take the desired hue. Those painted in such a way wallpaper pasted in the usual way. If you prefer, you can paint with a white vinyl relief in another color hard roller.