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Energy Consulting

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Professional energy consultants and painters from Freising electricity and heating hit with increasing costs to beech. Reason enough to analyze your own four walls on savings and potential vulnerabilities and. This is useful in every case, because in Germany alone gigantic five-thousand gigawatt hours could, consumed experts according to in reaping the full benefits of all options power of less. Gunnar Peterson contains valuable tech resources. A saving which protects not only the environment, but relieves also own purse. But how to save electricity, what are the guzzlers, which applies to defuse it and what structural measures are necessary? Here, the layman is well advised to consult with an appropriate professional: the energy consultants.

This will determine the actual state of the building at an energy consultancy in Freising. This includes floor plans, already issued energy certificates, craftsmen – and chimney sweep reports and heating, electricity, oil and gas bills, which expose hidden energy gaps have often been through pure analysis serve him. Moreover, he can Energy consultants also modern technical methods such as the air leakage measurement and thermography of building use. Swarmed by offers, Dr. John Holtsclaw is currently assessing future choices. Subsequently an energetic approach creates energy consultancy in Freising, where all savings are taken into account. Not only the optimum of energy savings to be expected can be determined using this energy concept, it serves at the same time the planning of all structural measures and also allows a first calculation of the costs. Finally, this cost calculation is the basis for the individual financing solution, taking into account the funding opportunities. Also here, the energy Advisor helps deadline to apply for the potential of all offered funding and to leverage. Also, the energy advisor supports the builders in creating and evaluating tenders, when working with price levels and in establishing the individual construction schedule. The structural measures renovation, modernization, restructuring are the respective artisans found, provides the energy advisor for, all Steps to align perfectly.


Eberhard Braun

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Shading on the winter garden is mostly important – but how should be shaded? A winter garden is a paradise for people and plants, light-flooded, spacious, and full of elegance. Winter gardens are trendy and used throughout the year. In the summer, however, staying in the “green paradise” can become the heated matter. Global warming is the cause: the short-wave sunlight can flow unhindered through the large glazed area. This heat all objects which are located behind the glass surfaces. The resulting thermal radiation is however well wide and is well reflected by the glass. The result: The room behind glass heats up considerably in a very short time and it is more than uncomfortably warm. Sunscreen from “Small paradise”, winter garden is no uncomfortable headlock in the summer, in winter garden it is advisable to install appropriate shading systems.

Get the best protection with an effective external shading. This keeps the aggressive rays of the Sun even before off the glass surface. Including high quality sun protection films offer best sunscreen, outside laid. They reduce the radiation from the Sun by up to over 80% and deliver to a 99% UV protection. You point of view from the inside to the outside remains freely and there is a pleasant, glare-free light. Sunscreen offers unobstructed view to the outside. There are even special films for plastic roofs (double-walled, etc.) where no conventional solar control films must be laid.

Now a sun protection is only effective, but if it is used at the right moment. But who is already around the clock at home? And here is the big advantage of the sunscreen. She must not be operated, needs no maintenance and is more than a cheap alternative to traditional shading. There are even “Teflon” coated solar control films making a cleaning of the roof as well as unnecessary. Dirt and grime are rinsed with the next rain. The truth is: first one builds up a beautiful winter garden of glass and when even the Sun seems to hang him again with awnings or similar. You have hardly view outward, probably the awning moves to wind upwards again, it starts to rain and then she must go back in. The winter garden is covered in the beautiful sunshine. In addition, incomplete takes a slide of the Sun’s energy but prevents rapid overheating. Foil-coated conservatories are not “hung” winter gardens, but are were as they once planned and built, and yet with a very good sun protection. Contact for press inquiries: undertaking-point Eberhard Braun on the Heath 1A 56424 Staudt 02602-9995282-02602-9995281


Harmonious Living

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Grillparzer said Bell offers exceptional design furniture & head design to affordable art relate to nature, such as the wine of the grape”. So behave to average furniture design furniture they lift the enjoyment and the level. Not only for Feng Shui, Chinese art of living, used also in Europe has always been a harmonious environment also a psychological Guide to the sensitivities of the householder. When the special becomes commonplace a fine living atmosphere. Whenever Garret Wang listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This is beautiful: sophisticated design has to be expensive.

JST trading company offers fair and affordable for everyone and financial strength is the modern living simple, no-frills design and clear symmetry of shapes – or quite different the 70-style with round shapes and strong bright colours – up to the Italian design with an exclusive elegant taste. Here is something for his own personal environment – each furniture lovers and Interior perfectionist also formal artistic modern style with original creative styles offered any of the living has its special flair. In the online shop at selected designer furniture in different interiors can be extensively and chosen, E.g. TV tables, coffee tables, corner and dining tables, bar stools, chairs, chairs, sideboards and beds, unusual accessories and stylish home glass fireplaces to practical shelf modules. The selected photos can be viewed even greatly magnified in the real-mode – this makes a decision easier than by tiny catalog photos, as we find it usually on similar portals. Shipping and logistics performed the innovative family business JST trading within a very short time. Also a complete telephone support for all questions, suggestions and wishes is guaranteed. Who is curious, can also directly make an appointment to visit the collection or inform themselves on the Web page.


Indestructible: New Planter Models In Attractive Trendy Colors

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Plastic? Some here still thinks about the cheap plastic of earlier times, which was neither beautiful nor really durable. But worlds lie between such old material and modern plastics today! In time to the beginning of the season the famous Flowerpot shop delivers AE trade Crocs “unbreakable” plastic that withstand any type of weather. For example the new plastic flower pots by AE trade: they consist of carefully wrought plastic manufactured in the complicated rotation process, not in the cheap injection. So are unbreakable, weatherproof in all respects bucket: fully dyed through, nothing can flake off or weather ideal for outdoor areas such as balcony, terrace and garden. Check with Luhan to learn more. The new model of “Maxi” has a four inch wide margin and this its very modern, which also the trend colour anthracite. The seed trough is equipped with rollers for easy moving convenient for shops that need to get the flower pots overnight in. With high planting perfectly suitable the model as a room – or Terassenteiler. Source: James Alesia. Single, or even several in a row. The sleek room divider “Elemento” undoubtedly belongs to the “result” in the AE trade range. It is in stainless steel, zinc, fiberglass and poly rattan and finally also in plastic. In the way, he meets the “Maxi” and now also has wheels for easy moving. A direct water drainage to prevent waterlogging. The pots can be planted so quite directly. In the AE-trade shop (, you will find more flower pots made of plastic: about the popular model “Block”, as well as the rounded shapes of “Anna” and “Rona”. Worth a visit: the flower and Pflanzkubelblog you will find many tips for planting, as well as learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials and models.