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Advertising logistics article storage and picking Kempen, 8 January 2013. PORTICA GmbH marketing support, one of the leading optimizing for marketing, sales and information logistics in Germany, has for the German pet food Cremer GmbH & co. KG (DTC) set up a B2B-shop for ordering of promotional materials of any kind. Since December 2012 PORTICA takes over the entire advertising logistics article storage and picking as a full-service provider to the shipping. In the first step, all sales and support staff of Dusseldorf compound suppliers have access to the closed Web shop. Especially the flexibility of PORTICA, to incorporate the special needs of DTC in the conception of the shop, was relevant to the decision for the company. This related to a function of imitation so a way to the identity theft which allows Super administrators to login as an employee on whose account and to make orders for them.

It occurs in the B2B area “focus on efficiency on”, explains Norbert Haab, PRINCE 2 certified head of professional services at PORTICA. For many salespeople from DTC it means a considerable relief, if they can quickly place an order between two dates using the call.” Then a super administrator for the appropriate employee makes the order in the system. The imitation, the employee has donated full transparency, because all notifications and information will be sent to him. Budgets are charged correctly, so that no subsequent complications. In terms of speed also the new quick order form advantageous, which has integrated PORTICA also at the request of DTC in the Web shop.

Short products can in the order form here immediately be entered and collected in the shopping cart. The budget model of the PORTICA shops, the solution is based on, has been developed for DTC. Here, special budgets are now for a Christmas order and personal budgets to the Available.

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