Surgery – Gallbladder Disease And Biliary Tract. Treatments

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Surgery of gallstones is developing quite successfully in recent years. In the first half of the 20th century in Germany began to study the operational methods of treatment. These actions led to the rationale and basic principles of treatment and diagnosis of this section is not a simple surgery. Taking into account the genesis and localization process of stone formation, the aim of surgery in our time in gallstone disease is not limited to removal of the gallbladder. Concluding operation, a surgeon must be quite sure that the common bile duct free pass, that there is no other pathologic entities, no large concretions, or fine particulate matter in the form of grains or scarring of the restrictions. K Tragically, the study of history and clinical disease does not always give the right to say definitively about finding stones in the gallbladder, and certainly can not be said of the common bile duct patency. Thus, sometimes even the existence of a large stone in common bile duct does not appear, neither in the examination of the patient, no history and no symptoms are jaundice, and during the operation suddenly finds calculus. Feeling the common bile duct, is a skilled surgeon finds no reason for surgery and spends holetsistekomiyu, and later a stone not found in the major duodenal papilla, manifested severe attacks. Even more surprise, there are times when a surgeon, cutting the flow, probing it, sees that the probe passes smoothly into the duodenum, and subsequently there is jaundice and during surgical re- interference occurs forgotten gem. In surgery, as well as general medicine, not fully resolved issues, on new stages of development and improvement of knowledge of new equipment, and new drugs, new research methods allow a new perspective to evaluate and review what was already well known. In the surgery of cholelithiasis our predecessors have achieved a lot, but our generation and future followers to do more more.

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