History of Suffering

by HFCadmin ·

Santana Had been married for love In the law of ours Sir Our sovereign law 3) When the girl was born In September, eighth day, Formosa as a princess dear Virgin had soon called it Maria Queen very Appeared Mother Ours Lady 4 Guide) the girl grew beautiful and followed the law of the sky Its parents had well early noticed Which would be the destination its For to be young of firm faithful In service faith of Jav It would be the Mother of God 5) Being Maria in house In the tasks of the day the Arcanjo Are Gabriel Suddenly it appeared Greeting it, were saying: ‘ ‘ For what he is making! You go to be mother, Maria’ ‘! 6) To be mother? Pera, its Angel! Tou knowing of this not! I am fianc of Jose and taste of treason If I not to be pregnant hidden Mine engagement is lost and Jose goes to like not! 7) He is calm, formosa young woman, That history is different the son who go to generate In the recess of its womb will not be for workmanship human being But for the sovereign action Of the Spirit onipotente 8) You will conceive a boy Its name will be Jesus Will be a powerful king and of the world it will be the light Of king descending Davi Will be a different king For us will die in 9 cross) Pai and Ruah you are its parents Of Jesus you will be Mother Go to suffer very for us and perhaps until apanhe But you are welcome you have fear Therefore of God is the secret Has faith, not if acanhe.


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