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SUMMARY This article approaches the importance of the reutilizao and recycling of the garbage and at the same time shows to the problems caused to the population and the nature for me the exploration of the natural resources used by the man. The easinesses of the modern world, created to take care of demands of a consumista society, unnecessary produce many residues, result of the raised consumption and the great manufacture of dismissable products solid. With the growth of the consumption and the production of artificial materials, the volume of residues becomes bigger and its disposal a problem, therefore the used method more continues being the lixo the open sky leaving the residues displayed to the time, poluindo the ground, the waters and air and taking illnesses to the population. Knowing that the decomposition of these residues is very long and the lack of destination adjusted for the same ones it is a serious problem for the population only exists an only exit, that is the application of the 3 the ecological rule of R? s: to reduce, to reuse and to recycle. Word-key: residues, lixes, environment, to reuse, to recycle ABSTRACT This article discusses the importance of reuses and recycling of waste and at the same teams shows the problems caused you people and nature by poor natural resources used by man.

The modern facilities, designed you meet the demands of consumerist society, produce many unnecessary waste, result of high consumption and large production of disposable products. Artificial With the growth of consumption and production of materials, the volume of waste becomes lives available and it problem the most common method remains the landfill open leaving the debris exposed you to weather, polluting the soil, to water and to air and causing disease you the population. Knowing that the decomposition of waste is too long and the lack of suitable target will be them is serious problem will be the population there is only one exit, which is the application of the R&#039 echo-3; s: reduce, reuses and recycle.


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