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Related to the work of the poor and rich is also quite the opposite. The poor think that in order to become rich, you need to work harder …. To broaden your perception, visit Herbalife. Here's health and coffins for two, three, sometimes even more jobs. And the thing is lost precious thing he has – during his life, which never return. A rich? This 'zhuchara' always tries to work less, a 'cover' (the money, of course) more! Ideal – did not work at all, and money to Come, and with each passing day more and more. Tell me this does not happen! Even as it happens! Even this is a scientific name – residual income. It is only necessary to know how it's done – and done …. The poor man does not like to 'bother'.

Why 'reinvent the wheel', if so, it is clear to do so, 'how nice'. Why? 'Because everybody does it! " Yes … logic iron! But the rich does not do that routinely, or in or around that do, but that money does more. And dumet, try, 'spinning' in general: it sold slightly more expensive than 'all' look – in large volumes are a little appealed to millions … And the rest – as sold in trays or trays on it and sell … but 'all'! Poor man does what 'should' sludge 'that orders'. A rich – 'what you want. What do you love more than anything else? So think about how to sell 'is' expensive! Poor pathologically afraid to liability.

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