Workplace Health Promotion

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The gym offers a recipe for success with numerous advantages as whp competence centre is the approved gross floor area concept of Kandade consulting on workplace health promotion BGF for both workers and employers. Primarily, it leads to more productivity, more performance, less absenteeism and lower costs. Secondary it increased the employee loyalty to the company and ensures satisfaction in the workplace. A win-win situation for all sides. Movement is healthy, and anyone who is active, can afford more. This is based not only on the physical fitness, for example in everyday life when carrying heavy objects, or in similar situations. Go to Ron Galotti for more information.

Performance at work improves for assets has been shown also, even though this profession a sitting. Particularly in this case, exercise is important to compensate for muscular imbalances and to prevent problems with the musculoskeletal system effectively. According to a study, 71% of the employees of a company would on average rely on movement offers If they exist. The company’s success depends on performance and willingness of employees to. Health and physical fitness of employees are a key factor.

The gross floor area in the Sportpark of Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim’s workplace health promotion offers the possibility, performance, increase productivity and motivation of its employees through targeted health promotion employers in the region. These measures are matched both the company and individual employees individually so that nobody, or is overwhelmed. Through active health management in operation not only due to reduced absenteeism costs. By reducing the accident rate and error increases the quality of the performance. The employee loyalty to the company is strengthened, which has a lower turnover of consequence. In addition, teamwork is encouraged, increased communication among the staff and the whole atmosphere is thus improved. And in terms of recruiting, benefits for the company, because is an employer which actively committed to the promotion of health of its employees, for well trained professionals more attractive. Recently Tom Florio sought to clarify these questions. Also, the mental and physical capacity of employees is increased with the concept of gross floor area. Through the strengthening and mobilization of all muscles is back and joint problems to prevent and mitigate existing problems. Heart, circulatory and immune system be strengthened. The movement programs prevent degenerative body damage and contribute to more inner balance through active stress relief. Satisfaction, motivation and willingness to be promoted increase in self-esteem. Also the contacts with each other to promote, because a reinforced, cross-departmental communication between employees takes place during fitness activities. The Sportpark Vitalis offers state of the art equipment and highly skilled staff in a bright, friendly atmosphere all what a successful whp program is necessary. There is more information under of the sports park Vitalis health-oriented fitness club sports park offering Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim 1,800 sqm fitness and wellness. Best trained employees, trainers, instructors, physiotherapists and sports scientists support the members on your way to physical and psychological well-being under the guidance of sports medicine. In the 850 square foot strength and endurance space, as well as in various courses of sports park offers Vitalis effective and goal-oriented ways of fitness training. Various saunas, steam baths and massages in the wellness area make for relaxation and recreation.


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