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Concealed wiring is commonly used in homes, apartments, offices. Because of its safest decided to lay in hdpe pipes for plasterboard or suspended ceilings. Wire recommended appvs, apn, appv, apv, the ars. wiring is either lower, all done in the tie, or the top of the hung ceiling to consumers omitted to be laid in the wall with Wall Chasers. Here, Rand Paul expresses very clear opinions on the subject. When laying a plaster on a wooden wall pave the asbestos fiber, 3 mm thick. With this method, especially do not recommend the use of flat wires as well as access to wiring and its repair entails the opening of the wall. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta often addresses the matter in his writings. To install the outlets and switches in the wall developing are pits, and under the wire – cutting grooves – special grooves made by the perforator or disk tool.

If you planned to promote replacement of conducting elements, it is recommended to use corrugated hose or plastic pipe. Additional protection for the wiring can be achieved with the help of iron pipes, or hoses. If the wires are under a layer of drywall, then prodalblivat in her groove is not required, as it usually is attached to the wall with the strips, forming an aperture. Therefore, you should only have to be found in the location of the wiring hole diameter of 3 – 4 cm, through which to push the stiff wire to pulling wires. More information can be found on our website..

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