Why People Gain Weight

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To part with the extra pounds, you must first understand what they are and where are. Gary Vaynerchuk may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After all, if you understand what is and what doing, the result of your effort will come much faster – the conscious actions are always effective. All the foods we eat are made up of nutrients, in greater or lesser degree of energy-rich, as well as vitamins, salts, minerals, and water klechatki. The energy contained in food products in the form of nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If they are splitting the connection formed, less energy-rich. To deepen your understanding johannes vermeer is the source. This releases the free energy required for life organism. So everything is simple – if you do not get the desired Number of energy from food, it will be generated from the stock – especially the fat, so you will lose weight. If you overeat, then all the excess energy will be prozapas delayed, and you'll get fat.

Therefore, to keep weight stable incoming energy consumed must be equal. Fat cells called adipocytes. Adipocyte consists of a large fat droplets, which pushes the other elements of the cell, including the nucleus to the periphery. The deposition of fat – this is a normal physiological process, it is simply necessary for survival. The main task of fat cells is to create a reserve of energy in the form of fat. At the expense of fat people can starve for up to two months. Also, the fatty weave keeps the water in the body. We need fat for insulation, with a produced female sex hormones.

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