Weight Loss

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Truths and lies about losing weight on this occasion, I wish to clarify some of the myths and beliefs that installed in the society, are gaining adepts no be analysed with logic, its truth when we want to lose weight, we can therefore obtain the opposite result to our of we, if we lack adequate information to avoid weight. Never comas late at night must say this is not true, do not believe this myth, body does not understand hours to lose weight, is equal to eat in the morning, afternoon or evening and this will not affect the effects of the result. The important thing is the quality of what you eat and is recommended not to eat food in abundance 3 hours before you go to bed, since it can cause you indigestion and sleep problems. Products miraculous never further from reality apparatus for doing exercises, we see on T.V, or other means, where promise a flat stomach and a perfect body in a short time; the magic pills, are another example of a quick fix for weight loss, that in addition to not meet with the expectations, they can seriously harm health. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Henry Chao. These advertising models not sculpted figures from one day to another. All appliances to exercise the body, help you, however it will depend on much effort, a rigorous and constant action plan, which in any case guarantee the success. On the other hand, is highly recommended, informational books that can bring you techniques, strategies, new concepts, etc., that will help you adequately choose what better suits you, to avoid weight. To lose weight, stop eating if you think that not eating, you’ll lose weight, are in a serious error, since your body needs food rich in carbohydrates, proteins and good fats, also known as favorable foods that help you if alone to eliminate fat.

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