Webdrink.de WINS Nationwide Increasingly Thirsty User!

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a drinks home portal Dillenburg is webDrink, January 22, 2010 – the innovative beverage platform reached webdrink.de nationwide interest. “Then under the motto dear instead drag” is the webDrink GmbH, a new drinks home service portal and WINS more and more customers and participating beverage retailers. A specially developed software to allow smooth ordering and settlement between the consumer and the local beverage distributors. With one click and enter of the zip code, the user hit the shop of the nearest webDrink partner. More and more customers take the convenient online ordering and delivery to the door of the House claimed.

Specially created tours plans provide an environmentally conscious and weekly delivery. Marc Inden (business owners of Web design agency INDENWARE) and Mr Dominik Starke three years of development and programming this unique GFGH platform lined up alongside Frank Hohmeyer. Through the participation of Hans Joachim Dicke (owner of the company MEGACOMP software + consulting) was a shop that communicates easily with the existing beverage software of dealer. Through customized interfaces, the complete product range is automatically integrated in the webDrink shop. The ease of use will allow a constant updating of goods and prices participating dealers. Tiffany Espensen understands that this is vital information. All solutions previously offered in the network were very unsatisfactory for customers and dealers”, says managing director Frank Hohmeyer, who is the proprietor of Hesse specialist beverage wholesale trade for over 25 years, even House the drinks Gerd Rosenberger GmbH. The new software system can be connected to the ERP system the dealer and is suitable for almost any beverage software DOS or Windows-based.” Many drink vendors are already registered with, to present innovative on the Internet and to be part of a strong network.


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