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Lacquer polish, deodorants, color cosmetics and fragrances anathema because they contain 'harmful' acid-alkali. In fact, all modern cosmetics before they go on sale, subject to strict dermatological control, and for pregnant women are just as safe as all other consumers. Problem may be only exacerbate the sense of smell: aroma of your favorite toilet water or hair spray instead of pleasant sensations will cause nausea. Visit a beauty salon, in which specific odors are always a lot, also becomes problematic. But on the other hand, nobody stops you to pick a neutral smelling cosmetics, and engage in a self or causing experts to your home. Myth number 4.

About sex have to forget all nine months and even more in the book of the xviii century 'On Russian folk obstetrics' describes the custom, according to which the 'husband pregnant just before the birth commits intercourse with her, pointing the way baby. " In those days, doctors believed that after prenatal sex easier disclosed cervix, and the weakness of labor almost does not happen. Incidentally, the doctors of the xxi century this method obsolete not think so. Moreover, they argue: sex during pregnancy not only is not contraindicated, but, in contrast, has a beneficial effect on the organism of mother and baby. But, of course, if there are no contraindications. Sex is not recommended during the first two and the last months of pregnancy: it is in these times of increased risk of preterm delivery. In addition, restrictions apply on those days when should was menstruating happen if it were not for pregnancy. At this time, the risk of miscarriage increases slightly, as a woman's body used to the cyclical changes and emptying of the uterus.

The rest of the receiving the pleasure of intimacy no one forbids it. In addition, most women in this period for the first time a truly awakened sexual desire, and it was during pregnancy, many experiencing first orgasm of life. There are inverse statistics: 35% female libido during pregnancy decreases or disappears altogether. Such a change in sexuality and unpleasant affects the woman herself and her husband, but fear not: the libido is completely restored some time after birth. Myth number 5. Pregnant women eat the dirtiest This myth is only partially truthful. During pregnancy, the taste preferences of women do sometimes get strange shapes. The point is hormonal changes. It was hormones affect the taste buds are female, forcing her to seek new sensations. There is also a theory that the signals from the body, according to what a woman is missing and what should be discarded. For example, if a future mother, before coffee drinkers liter, now sickened by one of its smell, it is quite possible, so the body wants to insure the mother and baby from toxins. Appeared irresistible urge to Fruit? Most likely, you do not have enough carbohydrates. Well, if you want ice cream crazy, it's probably a signal of lack of dairy products. Also do not forget that during pregnancy the body changes occur changing flora of the stomach and intestines, sometimes there is heartburn and nausea. That is why the mom-and starts to drink kefir hitherto unloved or 'contrary' milk. A passion for the Cretaceous, clay and other 'building materials' often talk about possible diseases, such as the anemia.


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