Traffic Accidents

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Dear Mr Rubalcaba: I still see cars and motorbikes on the road. What you see less is that put tax fines. This summer has the demonstration in the reduction of accidents on the roads. You are now seen more agents and that is preventing. When they lie, that is raising. When a radar in a straight motorway with three lanes, that is raising. When this same is done on a secondary road or a cross is penalize infringements. Seems that you can’t remember any of the claims of our civil guards and you only think of asking that they comply with its obligation, i.e.

that enforce the law but that is called law? He return to hiding behind some hedges with camouflaged car, to thus be able to increase his salary. Or is the law?, the having to be silent with the miserable conditions in which are found. Or the sorry state of some barracks and also vehicles. If you complaint or claim firewood to the guard that has military discipline. Please, Mr. Rubalcaba We are honest and do not touch more noses to a body that has been respected, loved, in some cases, even hated since its founding (by 1844 aprox.), (by the circumstances of the regime, which by the way was close to finalize it) but today, it is one of the bodies and estates more valued and estimated by the Spaniards, above the politicians that these mostly – should be the first to comply with laws and leave wastethat is where we begin to enforce the laws. And let us remember that he was founded as a civilian corps to maintain law and order in villages, where no one dared to intervene.

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