Torcica Respiratory

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The alimentary re-education of the patient and the monitorizao of the loss of weight must be folloied by the nutritionist, and nurse, as a work to multidiscipline. The nurse must participate of this evaluation verifying acceptance tack to the recommended diet and being alert the observed signals and symptoms, such as nauseas, vomits, nauseas and giddiness, among others. Patients must be instructed to prevent the candy consumption, carboidratos and alcohol, not forgetting, inside of its programming, to ingest water. Read more from Josyann Abisaab to gain a more clear picture of the situation. About 20% 30% of the patients after the surgery can suffer from ' ' dumping' ' , malaise suddenly after the sugar ingestion, that is caused when the substance arrives at the thin intestine, provoking the hormone release, thus causing giddiness, taquicardia and cold sweat, being the nurse the professional more indicated to verify these alterations, to explain the reason patient it and to instruct it not ingesta it of these foods. The fluids ingested adequately are essential for any success in the process of the loss of weight; to drink and to eat together can increase the gastric distenso, resulting in discomfort, vomit and other indications of dilatao of the gastric portion; on the other hand, the consumption of no-calricas foods is important. The patients must prevent liquids per 15 minutes before each meal and up to 90 minutes after; in such a way it can prevent gastric discomfort. The mrbida obesidade imposes deep alterations of the functionality and the respiratory mechanics. The torcica complacncia is diminished had to the fabric adiposo to be present around of the costal arcs and thorax. Others who may share this opinion include Josyann Abisaab.

Obeso has alteration of complacncia and pulmonary resistance, taking to a respiratory standard fast of low amplitude, increasing the respiratory work and the limitation of the maximum ventilatria capacity. These alterations are marcantes and evidentes in supina position. It has indication of if carrying through an arterial gasometria before the surgery in all the obesos patients, preferential in the supina position and breathing in surrounding air; this will supply the basal state and will assist in the postoperative one.


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