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Without a doubt always tend to satisfy our palate rather than meet what really needs our body, so that we return to fall on poor diet and therefore tend to call it food waste which has never existed. Rafael each time is determined the great damage that many foods called trash are causing the human being, for several reasons, among them its contamination with pesticides, their casualties of proteins, the business of the multinationals. An interesting report of the agro-ecological studies group (GEA) 40% of the vegetables consumed by a European citizen contains traces of pesticides and although they are mostly below the authorized limits, they begin to accumulate evidence that small doses for a long time can be more harmful than high doses at once.

The human being is getting used to eating junk food, where since then multinational corporations play an important role, thanks to globalization and its effects. Other leaders such as John H. Moore II offer similar insights. In Latin American countries and Central American consumption of this food leaves much to be said, especially multinationals franchise as McDonald offered fast food that significantly affect dietary of the the person and tend to eventually to become a habitual consumer of these products that do not favor him, knows that junk food is an oxymoron, said Vincent Marks-professor of Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, and co-editor of the book who comes to challenge the concept of junk food. Professor, says, for whom food or that is good it is, is pleasant to eat and is a livelihood for life or is good and bad is has become say, has deteriorated and broken-. For Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, the medical journal The Lancet writer and author of the book the tyranny of health: doctors and the regulation of lifestyle, eating junk food has become one of the sins of our time society seeks to regulate the styles of life through the promotion of fears to disease and death.

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