The Floor

by HFCadmin ·

Juancho I call to one of its better friendly to the one than it tried like its brother, and it said to him that it gave half to him of the price than the conference cost, and that would place the missing thing. This good, John responded to him, but you pay to me more soon possible, because I must cover a series debts. It trusts that responded cofla. Thus I finish the conversation. Celebrity trainer usually is spot on. The indicated day to attend the serious conference the suitable opportunity to approach the girl and to show all their interest to him.

Nevertheless cofla was asked but as it looks for the occasion to speak to him? Of which it will speak to him if I do not know the subject? Hare that pays attention to my or will be in ridiculous situation? The night like the lightning of a ray, I disappear between the curtains and the cracks of its room, the dream I rush myself with all their fury on Juancho, which won in battle lost the sense. When waking up I watch the clock with such astonishment that shook and thought that it would arrive behind schedule. That I can do? It will reach to bathe to me? Or I do not bathe? But one you who went out the table at night said to him: that delays, levntate and bate or to case you want to arrive smelling at boxer after one lasts fight? Juancho of a jump I throw the blankets and their pillow to the floor. And it was conducted to such rapidity towards the bath that when touching the surface of the floor I slip, and taking the hit on the big toe of the foot. It contained its mouth, but shout stupid woman, by your fault! Suddenly the table at night increase its ridicule, of one to many consecutive ridicules.


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