The End

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How could we then be afraid of non-existence?. Whatever, there is a fear that we declared when we think about death, there is something there that frightens us, us worries and that is undisputed. What is it? Some argue that it is a fear of the unknown, but then it does not correspond to a fear of death. In this case we have the suspicion that in fact we do not die, that there are other unknown life that could bring us suffering. Those who say that death is nothing more than a change of State founded his fear in the way in which we will be judged by the creator.

We always hear that the sinner will suffer terrible punishments after death. Seen this way, understood as end of being death does not exist. It is only through another stage of life, a change of State, a move to the eternal mansion, so it is possible that we could then live an experience of suffering. We then discard the fear of death and replace it with a fear of suffering that we could experience in the afterlife or in this life before travel to the other. For those who conceive death as the end of existence, the time when humans disappears as such and then there is nothing else, the fear is founded curiously in the same element: the suffering. The difference is that this suffering is not lived post-mortem; live before death and can be associated with concern for loved ones, suffering prior to death as a result of an illness, an accident, etc.

It should also then that conclude that the fear is not death but suffering. It would not be a fear of death itself since to terminate the individual who fears he will cease to exist and there would be nobody that could suffer. The fear then is never a fear of death. It is a fear to experience some kind of suffering, either in this or in another life (for those who believe in it) or before you die (for those who do not believe in the afterlife). In conclusion, if you are a believer not will never die. If you believe in death you can forget it because it is never going to live. Death does not occur to anyone. Only life, happens to us so far that already isn’t us more. Comment and write me to.

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