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We can not live, for example, without the proteins that make up the structural framework of cells, are the enzymes, hormones, nucleoproteins, fibrin, and many other vital substances. Nevertheless, such a valuable protein product, like meat, only eat if they can prove harmful for the body. Found in meat biogenic amines can enhance the tone of blood vessels and thereby increase blood pressure, and nucleic acids and purine bases – responsible for the development of gout. Excess consumption of other valuable protein product – cheese can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, the diet should be diversified by including in it and containing a milk protein, cottage cheese, fish or meat, and rich in vitamin A by us, but and minerals vegetables, fruits and fats, including vegetable oils, which contain the body needs fatty acids. Not even having any useful substances cellulose (plant fiber), vegetables and fruit, too the body needs, as it promotes the development of digestive juices, increase intestinal peristalsis, thereby regulating its activity and removes from the body excess cholesterol.

Person who is not suffering from diseases of the digestive system is always useful to combine these products: if less valuable vegetable protein bread or cereal supplemented with milk protein, cottage cheese, meat or fish, containing essential amino acids. There are combination products that contribute the most complete digestion of the protein: for example, buckwheat is useful with milk, bread and milk or yogurt, flour products (of course, only those who are not inclined to completeness) are useful with cheese, meat or fish. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition accelerates the aging process – this is the conclusion of scientists of the Institute of Natural Resources of Japan Science and Technology Management. Having studied the life 3 thousand people over the age of 65 years, they have identified a direct relationship between diet and physical activity levels, which was chosen by them as the main indicator of age. Older people believe that the monotonous and low-calorie foods most appropriate to their age. However, studies have shown that in the best shape are people eating varied. Scientists emphasize that the pledge of courage – to maximum variety of daily menus. They are advised not to succumb to a fashionable hobby different diets, of course, if these diets are not prescribed by a doctor.

Incorrectly come some people since childhood without using separate products and dishes from them. Some, for example, do not eat milk, while others – the fish, the third – fruits, etc. In this way they put your body in very adverse conditions, permanently depriving it of essential nutrients. Institute of Nutrition developed values of the physiological needs for nutrients and energy. In accordance with these recommendations, caloric intake adult working population is normalized according to the intensity labor.


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