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Snow Queen Oncology

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So, we have a brand new image of man. The current level of knowledge and high resolution measurement technique allows to identify the different changes in activity of the human body in complex interactions with the environment (the method of vegetative resonance test 'IMEDIS-TEST'). To broaden your perception, visit Julio Diaz. Then what is the 'health'? This condition, when healthy cells of regular geometric shape corresponding to the rule of 'gold' proportions are synchronized in a wave interacting with each other at all levels (cell – organ – organ system – the body) and through its own biological field forms harmoniously interact with other organisms. What is 'harmony inside'? – Balance of feelings and thoughts. We are the environment of each other. Today, doctors of academic medicine acknowledged the resentment 'Snow Queen Oncology'. Negative attitudes towards each other, indifference, envy, hatred – is the wave processes which may lead to vibrational disharmony. A violation of the constancy internal environment leads to a severe chronic disease, devouring humanity today.

The importance of this phenomenon is confirmed by modern molecular biology – epigenetics. The subject of her study are epigenetic marks – chemically active molecules that control the genes and serve as mediators between the environment and the hereditary code. Markers are placed along the double helix of DNA and act as switches – giving effect to the blocking or genetic information. Scientists have discovered that living organisms record the processes of adaptation to the environment in the chromosomes of the descendants and transmit information. A different device to the environment, different ways of life 'includes' and 'off' different genes.

So, on the one hand, we can stop a bad heredity, so strongly affects the destiny of man. On the other hand, science warns that the negative attitude towards each other harms your children and grandchildren. And the old argument that more human forms – heredity or upbringing, it seems absurd. Finish the same article could be phrase, which I found in one of the books on the Kabbalah: "Everything is based on mutual influence. Wherever we go and whatever we do – our thoughts create the reality around. " 22/01/2009


Comfort Furniture In Houses

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Leos love luxury, so that a gold bracelet that emphasizes the brilliance and beauty of your lady, it would be appropriate of gifts in any occasion. Piece of furniture or thing that creates comfort in the house, as surely like a female lion. From unusual gifts to the representative of the sign fit Prezent, sports-related – from bright sneakers subscription to a fitness club. Virgin – Ladies contradictory: they love beauty, but at the same time, practices rather than aesthetes. Virgo – riddles, but "guessed" their secret, of gifts you can never go wrong. This is a girl who presented with a star.

Ie, as a gift fit and certificates that light is named in honor of the ladies, and bouquets bright asters, and romantic walks under the moon. A leading source for info: Anna Wintour. And along with it – and even a small but impressive items for home. Good gift purposeful Virgo will also be practical things: organizer – the manager, voice recorder – journalist. Libra is characterized by the title: even-tempered and intelligent, is not alien to romance a woman, born under this sign, be happy with almost any gift. However, when choosing a present, do not hurt once again all "to weigh". Enjoyable and memorable surprise for a lady will be compatible with your shopping, where you can choose your favorite thing as a gift or trinket. No less vivid impression, and will be on joint recreation – both in nature and in the "stone jungle". From "Present in a box" – actual books.


Diet Advice

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1. His body and keep strictly to the diet, and sleep and rest: do not let him simply because it wants it, as the Apostle commands: "Provision for the flesh does not turn into lust" (Rom. 13, 14). Do not let the rest of the flesh. 2.

Their external relations reducing to the most inevitable. This is the period of training themselves to prayer. After the prayer, in you, will tell you that, without prejudice to it may be added besides. Beware especially feelings, and between them the most-eyes, ears, tongue tie. Without respect for this and do not step forward in prayer. For even more opinions, read materials from supermodel. It can not burn the candle in the wind and rain, so you can not pray at zateplitsya tide of impressions from the outside. 3.

All the free time after the prayer used the reading and meditation. Shall read-mostly those books that is written about prayer and all of the inner spiritual life. Meditate solely on God and divine things, the dispensation of the Incarnation of our salvation, but it is particularly about the sufferings and death of Lord and Saviour. By doing so, to plunge into the sea of divine light. Join this walking the church as soon as you will have the opportunity. Mere presence in the temple will overshadow you praying cloud. What do you get if you stand the entire service in a truly prayerful mood! 4. Know that you can not succeed without a prayer general prosperity of the Christian life. It is necessary that the soul does not lay any sin, not purified by repentance, and if at the time of prayerful work to do something, embarrassing the conscience, be in a hurry to clear confession to could you vozzret boldly unto the Lord. Keeps the heart humble contrition. Do not miss a single upcoming event to do some good or to exercise any kind of location, especially humility, obedience and renunciation of their faith. But it goes without saying that the zeal for the salvation shall burn, and quench it, filling his soul, in all, both small and great, should be the main driving force, the fear of God and unshakable hope. 5. So configured, bothered in making a prayer, praying for: that the prayers finished, then his, then a brief invocation to the Lord, the prayer of Jesus, but without losing anything of what may help in this work, and get the desired one. Let me remind you that says St. Macarius of Egypt: "Will God prayer thy work, and that you sincerely wish success to prayer, and give you a prayer. For know that, although soluble, and achieved by their efforts prayer pleasing to God, but this is the prayer that is infused into the heart and is relentless. It is God's gift, the matter of God's grace. Therefore, praying about everything, do not forget to pray, and prayer. " Venerable Nicodemus of the Holy (64, 205).


In Overall

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Clearly specify the purpose for themselves: let's become the general manager or a ballet soloist. True, if you currently do not dance, then to achieve the glory of a ballet dancer, you may need the next life. This, Of course, a joke, but the place itself high, but not fantastic goal. To a list of your desires, you know exactly give the universe, what you need. Very useful to fix their wishes in writing form. Then we are working on all planes – and the subconscious, and the material.

You are already taking the first step to exercise their desires as well as embody the idea in a visible form. This is a very important step! Besides, when you see firsthand what a everything he wanted, the result seems to you more-reach. You are attracted to your dreams vitality! How to do it? There are several options. Option 1. Make a detailed table for years and subjects. For example, write, what do you want to achieve in your career, personal life, etc.

in five, ten, fifteen years. To admire the graceful pattern of your movement to success. Among other things, this review will give you a panoramic view of the desired events and will clearly understand their goals. Option 2. You can write a list of your most burning desires and keep it within reach. Look at him before going to sleep, wake up, imagine the most optimistic picture. In Overall, fully enter into the image. Option 3. Make a "treasure map".


Satanic Rituals

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"Obvious signs of natural death, no", "strong expansion," "causes of death have not been established – such expressions could be found in newspaper articles dealing with the death of a 70 – 80 years, few people in the peace English county of Sussex. What connection, it would seem, they may have with the device of our Universe? It turns out that the most direct. Friends of Hecate Constable Peter Goldsmith disappeared on Friday June 2, 1972. Six months later, his body found in the woods under a thick layer of fallen leaves. It seemed that the policeman was asleep. As the doctor who conducted the autopsy, death was no less than three months ago. The only thing that casts doubt on the naturalness Death custody order, were the remnants of the metal ring on his left wrist and a half empty bottle with a brown liquid, found behind the corpse.

Analysis showed no presence in it of poisonous substances, but what kind of fluid could not be established. You need to add only one detail, which then escaped the attention of the police: the body was lying in a place where there was a black stream of energy. (The fact that it is, will be discussed further.) Reference: in Sussex, peaceful countryside, from the mid 60's there were a lot of mysterious and terrible incidents. Disappearing dog, often appearing UFO people took possession of the mysterious forces, noted Several cases of unexplained deaths. In addition, discovered the ruins of ancient pagan temples and fresh should be carried out rituals of black magic.